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The Drift 

Butler University 

4600 Sunset Avenue 
Indianapolis, IN 46208 

Volume 95 

Title 1 


Essential v$£ 


As the 1990-1991 school year progressed Butler students 
realized that this school year was one of extreme change. It 
was a year to discover what was essential on campus and 
what was not. 

Out of neccessity some things which had been consid- 
ered essential traditions were altered. The Bulldog mascot 
received a new costume and fur color change from gray to 
brown. The old one, bought in 1985, was retired to storage 
in Irwin Library. Fraternity men had to move the "laking" 
ritual of dunking brothers after getting pinned or engaged, 
to the canal. The risk of electrocution from the new foun- 
tain in the reflecting pool made the event too dangerous. 

Parking in front of Atherton, Residential College, Irwin 
and Jordan was removed to create a Butler Mall. The con- 
troversial project was part of the university's plan to beau- 
tify the campus. Jordan and Irwin also received face lifts as 
part of this project. 

Academically many changes were discussed. The dream 
of creating a school of communications was shot down 
when it was decided that it was not needed on campus. Yet 
when adminstrators announced they were discussing end- 
ing the speech pathology program students protested all 
year long. Protest did not stop the university from dissolv- 
ing the Holcomb Research Institute. 

Socially, Butler had its first ever Spring Sports Spectacu- 
lar, and Resco held it first all- campus event, the Resco 
Road Rally. 

Security on campus was increased with additional light- 
ing and the placement of security phones, which allow a 
student to call the security office in case of an emergency. 

The War in the Middle East and the recession in America 
were topics of hot debate on campus. As some students 


Left: Talking on the phone and 
staying warm are no problem for 
Kelly Henderson, as she cuddles in 
her comforter while conversing. 

Below: Finishing their Geneva 
Stunts act with a flair the Phi Psi's 
and Thetas exhibit the showman- 
ship and excitement which helped 
them capture third place. 



y/ 4> ^ ? . 

Above: Mark Clement, Liliana De- 
siata and Stephanie Rodnick take a 
break from the S.A. All-Nighter to 
pose for the camera. The All- 
Nighter gave students from all the 
houses and residence halls a 
chance to party together. 

Opening 3 

left their studies to fulfill their obligations to the armed 
services, others went on peace marches. The announce- 
ment that tuition would raise again in 1992-1993, even 
though the country was economically depressed, caused 
students to write many letters of protest to the administra- 
tion and the newspaper. 

As these students argued for what they believed was 
right, they were forced to decide what they believed was 
essential. The administrators were also forced to make 
tough decisions for what were the best interests of the 
university. Overall, the school year was a chance for every- 
one to discover what was TOTALLY ESSENTIAL. 


Above: Butler students patiently 
wait in line to sign-up for their 
classes during "No-line Registra- 
tion." Some students camped out 
in Jordan Hall as early as 5:00 am in 
order to assure themselves of get- 
ting the classes they wanted. 

Left: Reserved parking behind Lilly 
Hall was altered slightly when 
pranksters taped their message on 
top of the physical plant parking 
signs. Several times throughout the 
year the physical plant workers 
found their parking spots behind 
the music building reserved for 
composers, music theory book 
writers, and fictional animals. 

Opening 5 

Totally m 


Changes: The Butler Controversy 

"I think having the mall when it is completed will make 
the campus look much better than the parking lots. Even if 
people have to walk further. Those who complain are too 
concerned with their own comfort (such as wanting to walk 
less) than the future of the university, "stated Scott Hatfield. 

Addressing the issue of the new mall as well the other 
changes on campus, many students spoke out and did so 

Collegian after Collegian contained letters to the editor 
constantly something on the changes, "I like the blue 
lights/' "the mud pit?" "what about those not in Resco," 
and etc . . . abunded from public opinion. 

To the delight of many students, Resco was completed so 
that students were able to move in this fall. The cafeteria was 
completely finished and as of February all students with a 
meal plan were able to eat there. In the beginning only 
Resco inhabitants had access to the cafeteria. After an walk 
out from Ross and Schwitzer students, this issue changed. 

While the mall continued to be a controversy, the sched- 
uled completion before Homecoming did not go through 
and many students were upset. However, public opinion 
changed as spring approached, "I think the mall will be 
pretty when the grass grows," stated Kim Rebek. 

While the grass was growing, Butler had blue lights, and 
emergency phones installed across campus as an safety fea- 
ture. A student's location is immediately pinpointed when a 
student calls for help. 

All in all, the changes continue to happen. Generally stu- 
dents approve as these changes are necessary to move But- 
ler to a school of the future. 

6 Changes 

The renovations at Butler were not 
limited to the outside. Monique 
French and John Eletery use the 
new convenience store in the 
basement of Atherton. The store, 
in its first full year of operation, is 
run by the Follet Book Company. 

id 3 

MEN * 

Men Working Above, Men Work- 
ing Below, Men Working — Butler 
students saw many of these signs 
this year as several projects were 
undertaken to improve the cam- 

Changes 7 



This year several changes 
took place at Butler. Not 
only was the mall changed, 
but a fountain was built, 
blue-safety light phones 
were installed across cam- 
pus, Jordan walls were given 
a face lift, and the Tri-Delts 
built a new addition onto 
their house. 

Though not all the 
changes were immediately 
welcomed by all students, 
most grew accustomed to all 
the work that took place. 

"Sure, I was mad when I 
had to see the bulldozer in 

the mall for weeks, but think 
how nice it will look in the 
spring," stated Cindy Hell- 

Tracy Kepschett followed 
with an addition concerning 
the new fountain, "The 
fountain is a nice relaxing 
place to go to get away from 
the business and pressures 
of everyday tensions." 

Change is a must to im- 
prove the quality of life. But- 
ler constantly attempts to 
have this campus become 
the most beautiful one 




Above: In the hopes of providing a 
hotel-like atmosphere the new 
Residential College was completed 
before the start of school. Students 
enjoyed many luxuries such as ele- 
vators, bathroom suites, computer 
rooms, and a cafeteria in the build- 

Right: As the early morning mist 
rises, students are greeted once 
again with a view of the site for the 
controversial new mall. 

8 Outside Changes 

. ' .• 

*►*••?'•' '*£ 

e have a 
to take 
our safety 

At Mar- 
quette, a 
senior was 
shot to 
with a 
shot gun 
over a 
here is a 
case, but 
it's great 
that we 
to prevent 



Below: A new beginning! An aerial view of the 
first weekend of the mall construction project 
shows the asphalt being torn from the ground. 

Above: Renovations of the outside of Jordan Hall 
took place all year long. Several classes had to 
move to different sections of the building to es- 
cape the high level of noise from the machinery. 

Left: "Watch those lakings, frat men!" The old 
custom was to "lake" an active when he got lava- 
liered, pinned, or engaged. However, with the 
addition of the new fountain, and the risk of elec- 
trocution, this tradition had to be moved to the 

Outside Changes 9 

Many of the latest movies are available to be rent- 
ed in the convenience store in Atherton Center. 

"he C-Club 
is a great 
place for 
students to 
gather. The 
that have 
taken place 

opened the 
C-Club up 
and made it 
inviting to 

Lara Brando 

10 Changes 


Inside changes for dorms 

and Atherton 

Butler's landscape was not 
the only thing that changed 
this year. The interiors of 
many buildings also 

One of the biggest 
changes was the completion 
of the Residential College. 
Its doors opened to allow 
full occupancy for the first 
time in the fall. Other fea- 
tures, such as the computer 
room, were also finished. 

Ross and Schwitzer were 
not ignored either. Both 
halls received new bunk 

Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas were 
a welcomed addition to the C- 
Club. The pizzas could be pur- 
chased, or taken in place of supper 
for students with meal plans. Junior 
David Oberting checks out his se- 

Schwitzer also sported 
new furnishings in its lobby, 
recreation room, sunken 
lounge, kitchen and weight 
room. The old bicycle stor- 
age room was transformed 
into a dance/exercise area, 
complete with wall mirrors 
and stretch bars. Residential 
co-ordinator Robin Remich 
felt that, "The changes have 
helped the residents to feel 
better about where they live 
. . . the Schwitzer image has 
gotten better." 

Ross Hall, likewise re- 
ceived new lounge furni- 

ture. A raised floor, brass 
trim and blue booth and 
chair cushions were added 
to the C-Club. The store also 
added Pizza Hut, Dunkin 
Donuts and Columbo Fro- 
zen Yogurt to its list of sup- 

Also in Atherton Center 
the Bookstore was remod- 
eled and the south study 
lounge was refurbished. The 
south study lounge was set 
aside as a place where any 
students could go to study. 

Changes 11 

Stilts come in handy for this con- 
struction worker as he caulks 
around the ceiling in the Field- 
house. The final finishing touches 
to the Fieldhouse's massive re- 
modeling took place in the fall. 

Peer tutoring and study tables in 
many subjects took place in the re- 
furnished south study lounge in 

I Changes 

"he new 
room in 
Schwitzer is 
great and 
well used. 
It's not 
to go to the 
to exercise." 


Residential College, or Resco as it is nicknamed, 
had all of its rooms ready for student and profes- 
sor living quarters for the first time in the fall. 

Changes 13 

Did you know that 1991 is the 

Drift's 100th Anniversary 

In 1891 the first annual 
yearbook was published. It 
was written by seniors in fra- 
ternities. The editor chose 
the name "Drift" as he was 
sitting by the banks of a riv- 
er. He saw leaves and twigs 
floating down stream, finally 
lodging themselves in the 
banks and bends. He be- 
lieved that the "drifts" were 
a symbol of the information 
included in a yearbook. 

The first yearbook is very 
different than this book. It is 
mostly text, with only one 
page out of 108 having pic- 

That first yearbook suf- 
fered with the United States 
through some of the harder 
times of our history. Be- 
tween 1918 and 1920 the 
Drift was not published be- 
cause of World War I. In 
1932 and 1933 publication 
stopped once again because 
of the great Depression. The 
yearbook did not stop publi- 
cation during World War II, 
however in 1943 it greatly 
centered the coverage 
around the war, since Butler 
was a training center for the 
Army and Navy. 

In 1951 the Drift staff 

moved to Atherton Center, 
where the office has re- 
mained for the past 40 years. 

When Butler changed its 
logo and symbol in 1983 the 
yearbook name also 
changed to the Carillon, af- 
ter the bell tower, however 
in 1986 the name was 
changed back to the Drift. 

Over the past 100 years 
the Drift has survived many 
changes, in itself, the cam- 
pus, and the world, yet it still 
remains a totally essential 
part of Butler tradition. 


U T L 

14 Drift 100th Anniversary 


N i V E £ 5 I 

Drift 100th Anniversary 15 


Seniors leave Butler — a Butler which through- 
out their stay has changed drastically and 
keeps improving . . . 

For the senior class, ' 'change" has been the one essen- 
tial factor of their lives here at Butler. Some of this change 
has occurred in the seniors. Some of the campus changes 
witnessed by the senior class include President Bannister 
taking office after President Johnson, the building of the 
Residential College, the renovation of H inkle Fieldhouse, 
the new Holcomb fountain, as well as many other changes 
which are too numerous to put forth. 

The changes in the senior class parallel those in the 
renovation of Jordan Hall. Jordan's renovation has taken 
place since the seniors were freshman (and even before 
that). The changes are still going on and probably will 
continue after the seniors leave, making its renovation a 
slow gradual process. Likewise the seniors have gradually 
changed over the years but still contain attributes that they 
had before coming to Butler. This process has occurred 
over a period of time, allowing the old to be chipped away 
and new attitudes and ideas to take their place. One thing 
that can be said of the senior class is that they are not the 
same individuals now as they were when they first came to 

16 Seniors 

Left: "Peace dudes — " Fifth year After voting took place in Jordan 

Philosophy major Pat Russell sup- Hall, the seniors decided to give 

ports his fellow students during Butler University a marble seal as 

this year's Halloween Hysteria. their gift. 

Above: Mandy Greenburg learns 
the art of Polish folk dancing in the 
Residential College cafeteria. A 
Polish folk dancing troupe per- 
formed for students as part of a 
residential education program. 

Seniors 17 

Senior Greg Weeks tries to smile after coming out of 
a difficult class. 

Anderson, Nicole 

Atkinson, Amy 

Atkins, Kris 

Austin, Kathy 

.^,4 V 

Ardizzone, Angle 

Baer, Juli 


Allanson, Mark 

Armstrong, Tina Marie 

Ball, Raymond 

'^^^fc ^^ 

Barton, Vereen 

Bates, Andrea 

Beeson, Kathryn 

Benge, Leslie 

Berry, Phillip 

18 Seniors 

MCC Player of the Year Darin Archbold prepares to 
receive a pass against Evansville. The two teams com 
bined to set a Field House record with 264 points 

Bohr, Daina 

Bolin. Ken 

Borders, Norman 

Boucuvalas, Maria 

Bower, Scott 

Boyce, Kathleen 

Braden, Carol 

Brooks, Amy 

Brooks, Susan 

Burkey, Laura 

Burkhart, Annette 

Cain, James 

Campbell, Lynette 

Seniors 19 

Carlton, Jodi 

Charles, Shashi 

Colson, Lance 



Q 1 

\A \ 

Carroll, Joseph 

Carter, Michelle 

Caton, April 

Chase, Douglas 

Christiansen, Beth 

Clark, Carolyn 

4^a Jm 9n 

\ IS 


Colvin, Paul 

Conway, Robert 

Cooke, Jill 


Creighton, David 

Crosby, Jodie 

Darnell, Brian 

Davenport, Craig 

20 Seniors 

Chambliss, Stacey 

Clements, Lori 

Coulson, Joelle 

de Kanter, Elizabeth 

DeLisle, Theresa 

DiPalma, Marley 

Deutsch, Lisa 

Disney, Angela 

.. ~l i, 

Pollens, Melissa Drapalik, Julie 

W*s* -JjF 

DeWitt, Jason 


Diuish, William 

Dunn, William 

Dickerson, Denise 




Dodds, Caryn 

Durham, Brian 

Dillner, Eric 


Dodson, Deanna 

Easton, Misty 

El-kukhun, Lina 

Ellis, Ronald 

Emens, Julie 

Emerick, Kimberly 

Seniors 21 

Euler, Karen 

Evans, Susan 

Fairbank, Deanna 

Falk, LeaAnn 

Farr, Raymond 

Ferise, Todd 

Fillenwarth, Diane 

Filter, Leslie 

Fisher, Jennifer 


Fitzgerald, Kara 

Forgione, Charlene 

Foxworthy, Michelle 

French, Monique 

Frey, Sue 

Gaynon, Paul 

22 Seniors 

Cantos, Stephanie 

Gast, Keith 

Gerline, Jan 

Gestgeland, Matthew 

Gorman, Gail 

Graff, Angela 

Graves, David 

Graves, Kandis 

Griffin, John Barton 

Grooms, Marcia 

Guptail, Rebecca 

Hall, Katrina 

Hamblen, Joan 

Hamilton, Lara 

Hatcher, Diana 

Haw, Steven 

Head, Gary 

Helft, Carrie 

Helmuth, Kristina 

Hendricks, Kendall 

Seniors 23 

Place kicker Tim Witmer splits the uprights in 
Butler's shutout of Valparaiso in the annual 
Homecoming game 

John Kress stops to show off for the camera before 
going to the computer lab. 

Hewitt, Helen 

Hill-Adkins, Jonna 

{J « ■ T ) 

Hoffman, Jocelyn 

Holloway, Bonnie 

Housefield, Jennifer 


Housefield, John 

Hillman, Judi 

Hook, Dawn 

Huber, Laura 

Huber, Lisa 


Hufford, Brad Hughes, Nancy 

24 Seniors 

Hume, Brian 

lllingworth, Kimberly 

Inge, Stephen 

Jacko, Susie 

Johnson, DeMarco 

Johnson, Harriot 

Kilps, Rachelle 

*M *M ilft 

Jones, Jarrod 

Jones, Matthew 

Karaffa, John 

Karunas, Michael 

Kaufman, Deanna Kelly, Jeanne Laurette 

Kelly, Susan 

Kennedy, Kelleen 

Kerin, Scott 

King, Karen 

Kirts, Becki 

Kiolbass, Ronald 

Kohlhagen, Kelly 

Seniors 25 

Kolbus, Carol 

Kooreman, Harold 

Kooreman, Jack 

Korn, Jenice 

Kramer, Debbie 

Kratzer, Julie Anne 

Kress, John 

Kuechenberg, Elaina 

Kurchinka, Laura 

Lacy, Brenda 

Lamb, Monica 

Lang, Jon 

Lashly, Scott 

Law, Cynthia 

Lazowski, Linda 

Lewis, Kimberly 

Lillard, Michelle 

Locknar, Sarah 

26 Seniors 

Loehrke, Angela 

Loh, Najwa 

Loisch, Karin • 

Long, Alison 

MiiftMsa m 

Long, Karynn 

Lowell, Robert 

Maddox, Donna 

Maertz, Ann 

Magliola, Annette 

Maloney, Brenna 

Manley, Kristen 

Manwaring, Dayne 

Markisohn, Teresa Marshall, Anne Marie Martin, Constance 

Martorano, Christopher 

Mayhill, Joni 

Mayhill, Julie 

McCarty, Vincent 

McCord, Paul 

Seniors 27 

McCoy, Jill 

Menzie, Melissa 


McDonald, Michelle 

McGinnis, Kathleen 

McGraw, Shannon 

Miller, Michele 


28 Seniors 

Merrill, Betsy 

Meyer, Barbara 

Miller, Krista 

Minassian, Laura 

Mings, Scott 

Minor, Andy 

McGriff, Pamela 

Miller, Meg 


Molina, Deanna 

Moll, Lori 

Momper, Susan 

Moran, Maureen 

Morse, Holly 

Myers, April 

Neper, David 

Nicoson, Kimberly 

Nine, Theodore 

Norris, Daniel 

Nuckols, Holly 

Nunemaker, Kristen Nussbaum, Jynene 

Nye, Jr., Richard 

O'Brien, Erin 

Oeffinger, Kristin 

Olin, Laura 

Orban, Charles 

Orlandi, Jenise 

Ormiston, Lisa 

Overpeck, Eric 

Seniors 29 



Pajunar, Amy 

Palmatier, Suzie 

Parker, Kristi 

Patel, Jaimini 

Paul, Jane 

Penny, Anne 

Pfaffenberger, Julie 

Phillips, Jennifer 

Phillips, Michele 

Pianto, Jerry 

Pierce, Bryana 

Podmore, Emily 

Poi, Laura 

Polman, Mary 

Pope, Denise 

Ramsey, Michelle 

Ray, Lori 

Rayls, Katrina 

Reece, Thomas 

Reedy, David 

30 Seniors 

Reidel, Randy 

Reidy, Johanna K. 

Reller, Amy 

Renz, Christine 

Rice, Perry 

Robinson, Patricia 

Rode, Chris 

Rodgers, Jennifer 

Roehling, Michael 

Rogers, Kathleen 

Rowlen, Beth 

Rushnok, Rebecca 

Rushton, Ronda 

Sanders, Laura 

Sandlin, Amy 

Seniors 31 

Saraogi, Mudit 

Sattazhan, Marc 

Schofield, Crystal 

Schroeder, Lori 

Schuckman, Beth 

Scott, Julie 

Seal, Mary 

Seibert, Katrina 

Servais, Carol 

Shaefer, Sandra 


Shomber, Kevin 

Simmons, Ralston 

Speicher, Melissa 

Spiher, Nancy 

Stafford, Jennifer 

i c~^ 



Stanley, Amy 

Stante, Julie 

Steinman, Wendy Stein-Simmonds, Brenda Jo Stevenson, Darren 

32 Seniors 

Stiller, Tereasa 

Stock, Neal 

Stone, Robert 

Stoops, Suzanne 

Stout, Tamara 

Stowers, Melvin 

Streight, Lisa 

Stubbs, Kate 

Suh, Leslie 

Szabo, Dawn 

Szydlowski, Janet 

Taylor III, Lawrence 

Thais, Brenda 

Thomas, Aimee 

Thomas, Kristina 

Thompson, Kerry 

Thurow, Faith 

Tichenor, Elizabeth 

Tilton, Dee 

Seniors 33 

Wagner, Dawn 

Wahl, Stephanie 

Walker, Kelli 

Walker, Michele 

Wallace, Patricia 

Walsh, Linda 

Walsh, Terri 

Walther, John 

Wand, Cynthia 

Ward, Christy 

Wargo, Mark 

Warren, Gayle 

Washington, Raquel 

Weeks, Gregory 

Westmeyer, Tracey 

34 Seniors 

Wheeler, Kristin 

Wilms, Todd 

Whorwell, Kimberly Wilcher, Michaele 

Williams, Alice 


v -i 

Wince, Yvonne 

Willig, Daniel 

Wollert, Edwin 

Wyatt, Kathy 

Young, Suzanne 

Mandy Greenburg and Brad Plunckett learn the art of Polish folk dancing. 





There is more to student life than just studying — a fact 
Butler students found out very quickly! Each weekend, 
Greek housing units as well as the Residence Halls spon- 
sored all-campus events. 

In the fall, students were scared by the Phi Delts and 
Thetas during the Haunted House, a part of the annual 
Halloween Hysteria. While the Lambda Chi's provided great 
fall fun to the campus during their Watermelon Bust. 

Geneva Stunts brought all the budding stars from their 
homes as each pair composed of housing unit members and 
commuters attempted to win the first place trophy. 

While at Hinkle and away, Butler students supported the 
extraordinary efforts of both the men and women's basket- 
ball teams. 

Spring Sing arrived as well as Alpha Chi Omega's Frisbee 
Fling, Phi Psi 500 reeved up students, while people got 
psyched for the Lamda Chi Alpha Teeter-Totter- A-Thon. 
This year the Alpha Phi's sponsored their first Bounce for 
Beats. The Pi Phi's Ran for Life and the Phi Delts had their 
4th Annual Greg Party. Resco Road Rally appeared for the 
first time, and it was another year in the Rat Race for Ross 

All in all, the year was jam packed with activities. Butler 
students made their weekend minutes count as much as 
their weekdays. Who had time to go home — or to classes? 


36 Student Life Divider 

Left: "Weed!! Let me tell you"! 
Freshman Pat Casey prepares to 
share his wealth of knowledge with 
his new college friends. 

Above: Smile! A rare moment in 
Butler statistics is caught on film. 3 
girls with 1 guy opposed to the ru- 
mored 5 to 1 ratio! Where are 
those college recruits when we 
need them? 

Top: Where's the leftovers? Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha's "Fletch" looks for 
some extra food at the Halloween 
Hysteria doesn't seem to have 
much luck! Better luck next time 
Fletch! — Maybe try the Water- 
melon Bust! 

Student Life Divider 37 

Coach "Bart" celebrates 
Homecoming victory 

Butler beats Valparaiso 37 to 

Homecoming at Butler 
held dual meanings for Bob 
Bartolomeo, for not only did 
he celebrate a return to his 
Alma Matter, but also a foot- 
ball victory of 37 to against 
Valparaiso, his first year as 
head coach for the team. 

Bartolomeo started at But- 
ler in '73 and received his 
B.S. in education in '77. He 
continued his studies at But- 
ler as a graduate assistant un- 
til he received his Masters 
degree in '79. 

Bartolomeo found coach- 
ing at B.U. to be "exciting", 

"challenging", and an "hon- 
or". "Everyone who plays 
has aspirations and hopes to 
coach where he played. But- 
ler is a unique place. We do 
a great job of combining ac- 
ademics and athletics. (Ath- 
letics) . . . teaches self-desci- 
pline, teaches you to do 
things you don't like to do." 
He also stated however, 
that it was "definitely differ- 
ent" being a coach now in- 
stead of a player. "You are 
the one making the deci- 
sions. It is frustrating seeing 
what should be done." 

38 Homecoming 

Rows of "B's" on the team's hel- 
mets shine across the bowl as the 
Bulldogs get ready for their pre- 
game ritual before running onto 
the field, the mass huddle and 

Homecoming Queen Jennifer Staf- 
ford, of Kappa Alpha Theta, beams 
with joy after accepting her crown. 
She was escourted by David Rig- 

Bartolomeo also thought 
the homecoming activities 
had "gotten 100% better" 
since he was a student. "Stu- 
dents are more involved, the 
whole students approach is 
better, very positive." He es- 
pecially enjoyed the fire- 
works and pep rally. 

Coach Bartolomeo 

summed up his feelings to- 
ward homecoming by say- 
ing, "Every game is impor- 
tant, but this one had 
something special." 

Butler's offensive line clears the 
way for their teammate to break 
through the line with the ball in his 
arms for a first down. Butler 
trounced Valparaiso 37 to 0. 

Coach Bob Bartolomeo alumna of 
Butler, watches his team with an- 
ticipation. "Every game is impor- 
tant," he stated, "but this one 
(homecoming), had something 
special." This was his first year as 
head coach. 

Band Member Amy Schmitt stands 
at attention, waiting to play the 
"War Song" as the team comes on 
the field at pre-game. This was the 
last game for the band's old uni- 
forms, seen here. They changed 
into their new uniforms for half- 

Bulldogs congratulate each other 
with hugs and pats on the back af- 
ter a successful field goal against 
Valparaiso. Butler beat Valparaiso 
37 to 0. 

Homecoming 39 

"We are here to pump you up!" 
exclaims Hanz and Franz, Phi Psi 
Pledges Chris Johas and Ron Po- 
vinelli. Phi Psi's took first place 
with their "pumped up" act. 

"When you — watch the bulldogs, 
have a — splash of spirit — " paro- 
dies the Alpha Chi pledge class to 
the "Flintstone" theme song after 
their game of Family Feud. 

Above:"Lost? Come to the island 
of Butler where the girls are pretty 
and the guys are great!" The Kappa 
pledge class finished their act with 
an uplifting homecoming song. 

Right: "Bomp! Wrong answer!" 
Delt pledge Dan Baldwin bares his 
chest once again in response to a 
wrong answer. Delts played their 
own original game of Family Feud. 

40 Freshman Skits 

Pumped up Phi Psi's 
pilfer prize 

Freshmen skits gives an ethusiastic prelude to 

Excitement filled the air as 
people filled Clowes Hall on 
October 12 for the annual 
Freshmen skits. Papers rus- 
tled and whispers were 
heard until the curtain went 
up for the first act. 

Eleven housing units parti- 
ciptated this year with acts. 
Each skit had to follow this 
year's Homecoming theme 
which was "A Splash of Spir- 

The women of Kappa Al- 
pha Theta showed their spir- 
it by dancing onto the stage 
and into the hearts of the 
audience to the tune of, "Do 
You Love Me?" 

The women of Alpha Chi 
Omega had their own ver- 
sion of Family Feud, while 
the women of Kappa Kappa 
Gamma sailed the S.S. But- 

The women of Pi Beta Phi 
had a church chat session as 
well as the men of Phi Kappa 

Alpha Phi's pledge class 
showed their spirit with 
"Splish, Splash I was Taking a 
Bath." The men of Tau Kap- 
pa Epsilon had a good show- 
ing with their freshmen at 
Butler's skits. 

The women of Delta Delta 
Delta showed life in the sea 

with their own live mer- 
maid. The Lambda Chi 
pledge class had the curtain 
closed on their act, because 
they went over the time lim- 

The evening ended with 
Phi Kappa Psi winning first 
followed by the Alpha Phi's 
in second place and the Del- 
ta Delta Delta's in third. 

"Preparing for freshmen 
skits was hectic and frustrat- 
ing," stated freshmen Alpha 
Chi pledge Cindy Hellman, 
"but overall we had fun and 
it was a great experience." 

Above: "Do you love me?" Thetas 
pose one last time before the cur- 
tain came down on their act. 

Left: "Perhaps . . . Satan?" ques- 
tions Phi Psi Pledge Church Lady 
(Kevin Peiver) of Geoffrey Bannis- 
ter (Jeff Greene) in an attempt to 
determine the reason for the mall 
still being under construction. 

Freshman Skits 41 

Row one: Teri Sue Moulds, Kris- 
tina Forgin, Wendy Hamm, Christi 
Penn, Deanna Scott, Julie Leedy, 
Becky Holland, Lindi Pozsgai. Row 
two: David Rodgers (Graduate As- 
sistant) Patty Wallace, Tracey Dirig, 
Andrea Jones, Kenny Prescot, Amy 
Bryant, Teresa Snodgrass, Eric 

Deutsch, Jeff Greene, Mandy 
Thomas, Nikki Michel, David Rit- 
terskamp, Telegra King, Rian Crisp, 
Erica Egolf, Cassey Pexey, Lisa 
Deutsch, Kathleen Rogers, Amy 
Schmitt, David McCullough (Di- 
rector). Row three: Lydia Fink, Hei- 
di Gilbert, Kathy Muhleman, Steve 

Haw, Joni Ferneua, Sue Kelly, Ma- 
son Hallowell, Randy Reidel, Brett 
Nicely, John Jones, Juli Baer, Randy 
Bower, Nate Kruse, Brett Cohen, 
Eddie O'Neill, Anne Thorvic, Mike 
Morrison, Troy Webdell, Robert 
Campbell, Jana Farr, Glynda Day. 
Row four: Mark Pickett, Dale Pres- 

ton (drum major) Mel Stowers, Ke- 
vin Snyder, Alesha Word, Leslie 
Reynolds, Kathy Slater, Chelle 
King, Stephanie Rodnick, Jennifer 
Cassida, Robin Perry, Dick Dryer, 
LaSalle Rhymes, Richard Poor. 

I * ; * I ei/ ii / I I w» 'Mdi- — I . .. w .- Am ** ^ - w A 

■ I Vjk/ w. - I O^ Jk ,Hi- -MmM< rnm^ - a Am A% M 

Director David McCullough in- 
spires the band during one of the 
marching band's many afternoon 
practices. This year was his first at 
Butler University. 

Drum major Dale Preston leads the 
marching band, flag corps, and 
Half-time Honeys with style and 
precision during a half time perfor- 

42 Marching Band 

New Director for a New Beat 

The marching band 

Get ready for a good time 
when the Butler University 
Marching Band (B.U.M.B.) 
takes the field at fall football 
games or breaks the silence 
of time-outs at winter bas- 
ketball games. Led by drum 
major Dale Preston, the al- 
most 75 member group 
claims that it was the one 
hour PE credit that first 
lured them into joining, but 
it soon became more than 
just a class — it became a 
family. A family that, accord- 
ing to freshman Teresa 
Snodgrass, was "always out 
for fun." 

This year's theme for the 
band seemed to be "out 
with the old and in with the 
new" with all of the changes 
that went on. David McCul- 
lough took over as director 
bringing many fresh ideas. 
Out on the field, crowds 
may have noticed a new 
group performing with the 
band — a flag corps joined 
the Half-time Honeys in 
adding excitement and flair 
to all of the band's exhibi- 
tions. New uniforms de- 
signed by Mr. Hochkoppel 
were the talk of returning 
members as well as helping 

to present a pleasing ap- 
pearance to the crowds. 

With approximately eight 
hours of practice each week, 
marching band takes dedica- 
tion that not all college stu- 
dents possess. Not only did 
the band perform pre-game, 
post-game, and seven differ- 
ent half-time shows, but 
they also performed at 
Homecoming, an Indianapo- 
lis Ice Hockey game, and the 
opening of a new Toyota 
plant downtown. The trum- 
pet section also performed 
at the dedication of the 
fountain here on campus. 
The season ended with a 
banquet at Robertson Hall. 

Raising the spirts of a 
crowd isn't always easy, as 
any band member can tell 
you, but this year's marching 
band, with all of their hard 
work and dedication, did an 
excellent job. 

During one of the marching band's 
regular pre-game warm-ups, David 
Ritterskamp seems to be wishing 
that he had two more handsl He 
sports one of the band's new uni- 

Marching Band 43 

JCFA presents Oklahoma! 

Production combines the talents of students from 

many departments 

Under the direction of 
Bernard Wurger, the The- 
atre Department presented 
Rodgers and Hammerstein's 
Oklahoma! the first two 
weekends in October. The 
show was presented in Lilly 
Theatre 160, with some un- 
usual challenges. 

Oklahoma! was chosen 
because a former dance in- 
structor with the Jordan 
College of Fine Arts, Betty 
Gour was a dancer, and later 
ballet mistress, in the origi- 
nal National Company of 
Oklahoma! tor twelve years. 
Miss Gour remembered 
most of the original chore- 
ography by Agnes DeMille, 
which Michelle Jarvis adapt- 
ed to fit the JCFA produc- 


One of the unique prob- 
lems in adapting the chore- 
ography was that the pro- 
duction was performed in 
the round. This was a chal- 
lenge for not only the danc- 
ers, but also the actors. Lilly 
160 productions are usually 
done with the proscenium 

Another unique challenge 
was putting the show to- 
gether in one month. Musi- 
cal director Michael Hayden 
taught the cast the music in 
about one week, which in- 
cluded such pieces as "Oh, 
What a Beautiful Morning," 
"The Farmer and the Cow- 
man," and the title song, 

44 Oklahoma 

Weary of the traveling salesman's 
tricks, stern Aunt Eller (Alice Wil- 
liams) tells the womanizing Ali Ha- 
kim (Noah Simon) to get lost, in the 
musical Oklahoma! 

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning", 
sings Sam Van Ness, performing 
the character Curley McClain, as 
he starts the musical in tune with 
the first song. 

Cast members as well as 
facutly agreed the best ac- 
complished challenge was 
combining all the JCFA de- 
partments to put on this 
show. The cast contained 
students and faculty from 
the dance, music, theatre, 
and radio — television de- 

The cast included: Sam 
Van Ness as Curley McClain, 
Lisa Ormiston as Laurie Wil- 
liams, Alice Williams as Aunt 
Eller Murphy, Christopher 
Richard as Jud Fry, Anne 
Penny as Ado Annie Carnes, 
Eric Dillner as Will Parker, 
and Noah Simon as Ali Ha- 

Young women and their escorts 
bring basket lunches to be auc- 
tioned off for charity in the The- 
ater Department's presentation of 

Aunt Eller, played by Alice Wil- 
liams, tries to consol her niece, 
Laurey, played by Lisa Ormiston, 
when she is having problems de- 
ciding which man she should go 
with to the dance. 

Curly, (Sam Van Ness), tries to con- 
vince Laurey, (Lisa Ormiston) to 
take a ride with him to the barn 
dance by singing "The Surrey with 
the Fringe on the Top." 

Oklahoma 45 


Fire does not stop show 


Fire, caused by an electri- 
cal short in the Christmas 
tree lights, did not stop the 
Butler Ballet from present- 
ing their annual Christmas 
favorite, The Nutcracker. 

During the first act of the 
Thursday night performance 
smoke started to fill the 
stage when a short occured 
in the lights of a Christmas 
tree background. The tree, 
which was raised from the 
floor for the show, was 

Large picture: Mother Ginger per- 
formed by Amanda Newbill waves 
one last good-bye as her legs 
(lames Smith) kick one last time. 
Katie Schelle and Courtney Witter 
give the crowd one last smile. 

Right: Alice Williams, Casey Her- 
nandez and Rick Radfcliffe are fro- 
zen in time in their Arabian dance. 
The Arabian dance is one the of 
dances to entertain Clara for saving 
the Nutecracker Prince. 

quickly lowered. Under the 
stage the problem was fixed, 
while the dancers above did 
not skip a single beat. The 
tree was repaired in time for 
the performance the next 
day. All other shows were 
presented without incident 
to sold-out audiences in 
Clowes Hall. 

The ballet company re- 
ceived help from several 
university ensembles in or- 
der to present the show. 

The Butler University Sym- 
phony Orchestra performed 
the Tchaikovsky score; a ma- 
jor undertaking which in the 
past had been performed by 
the Indianapolis Symphony. 
Children from the Jordan 
College Academy of Dance, 
Butler Gymnastics, and the 
Indianapolis Children's 
Choir lended their talents to 
the Christmas tradition. 


Gail Cox and Luis Caro perform a 
flamboyant dance in the traditional 
Spanish tradition. 

Nutcracker 47 

Geneva Stunts 

Entertainment with Style 

liiiiiit's Saturday Night 
Live! With your hosts, Tara 
Todd and Greg Lineweaver! 
— Well, almost! It was a Sat- 
urday night, but not a T.V. 
show. It was Geneva Stunts 

Reaching deep into the 
recesses of their mind, the 
directors from each housing 
unit, created a fantasy show 
based upon popular T.V. 
shows, movies, and car- 

The women of Schwitzer 
Hall and the men of Lambda 
Chi Alpha exhibited a rather 
macabre sense of humor 
with their rendition of "Its' a 
Wonderful Death," which 
won them a first place tro- 

The Men and Women 
Commuters and Members 
of Residential College 
placed second overall with 

"Life is but a Dream . . . 
Boat!" While the women of 
Kappa Alpha Theta and the 
Men of Phi Kappa Psi fol- 
lowed a close third with 
"Scooby-Doo Takes the 

The women of Pi Beta Phi 
and the men of Delta Tau 
Delta began the show with 
"A Bulldog Weekend — 
MTV." Traveling to the land 
of fantasy, the women of 
Kappa Kappa Gamma and 
the men of Sigma Chi enter- 
tained Butler students with 
"A Tale of a Genie Bottle 
and Forty-Two Thieves." 

The women of Alpha Chi 
Omega and the men of Sig- 
ma Nu followed with "Birth- 
day in 'Toon Town." While 
the women of Delta Gamma 
and the men of Tau Kappa 
Epsilon performed "You're 
Living a Fairy Tale, Kid!" 

Above: Well Shazam! Shaggy, 
Scooby-Doo and the gang find the 
thiefs of the Grammys in an act 
which won second place. 

Right: Is that? — No, not Phil the 
Barber! In this MTV spot by the Pi 
Phi's and Delts show Phi's new 
style hairdo! 

Before intermission, the 
women of Alpha Phi and 
members of Ross Hall 
showed their interpretation 
of "The Little Mermaid," — 
excuse me, make that — 

The second act began 
with the women of Delta 
Delta Delta and the men of 
Phi Delta Theta and their, "If 
Wishes Came True." Finish- 
ing the evening were the 
three acts which won first, 
second, and third place for 
the evening. 

Though not the much 
adored and admired Satur- 
day Night Live most students 
are familiar with, Geneva 
Stunts 1990 provided Butler 
students with an evening 
filled with fun, laughter, and 
good entertainment. 

48 Geneva Stunts 

Above: Paul Freeman a member of 
Lambda Chi Alpha serenades his 
partner ghost in their parady of the 
"It's A Wonderful Life" movie. The 
Lambda Chi's and Schwitzer Hall 
won first place with their ghostly 

Left: Holding the last note, the 
members of the Residential Col- 
lege and the Commuters pose at 
the end of their act. They won sec- 
ond place. 

Left: I wish . . . well I'm not sure! 
The Sigma Chi's think hard for 3 
wishes which their Kappa genie 
will grant. 

Geneva Stunts 49 

All Campus Fun 

Below: Heave Ho! Throwing water- 
melons for distance is only one of 
the many contests the Lambda Chi 
Alpha house holds during its annu- 
al Melon Bust. 

On October 25 and 26 the 
Phi Delta Theta fraternity 
and the Kappa Alpha Theta 
sorority held the annual Hal- 
loween Hysteria. The main 
attraction was the Phi Delta 
Theta house, which was 
transformed into a haunted 
house for the event. The Phi 
Delts had to close their 
kitchen and eat at the Theta 
house while the haunted 
house was in operation. The 
house drew in a large crowd 

Hysteria a success 

from both the campus and 
the community. The pro- 
ceeds from the event went 
to the philanthropies of the 
Phi Delts and the Thetas; the 
Lou Gehrig's disease and 
CASA respectively. A cos- 
tume contest was held to 
determine a count and 
countess. Diana Layton of 
Alpha Phi was crowned 
countess and Jon Richter of 
Sigma Chi was crowned 

1 ^*l^flf| 

Right: Count John Richter, of Sig- 
ma Chi, and Countess Diana Lay- 
ton, of Alpha Phi show off their 
award winning Tarzan and Jane 
costumes at the Halloween Hyste- 


Lambda Chi Alpha held 
their annual Watermelon 
Bust on September 20. This 
popular All-Campus event 
was Lambda Chi's way to 
have fun and get the campus 
involved. Over one hundred 
watermelons were used for 
the many different contests, 
which included seed spitting 
and watermelon throwing. A 
Queen contest was also 
held, with the winner being 
Adrienne Gits of Ross Hall. 

50 All-Campus Activities 

Left: Pumpkin filling covers Scott 
Sussman's face after his competi- 
tion in the Phi Delta Theta Hallow- 
een Hysteria pie eating contest. 

Above: Decked out in banners 
made by many campus housing 
units, the Lambda Chi Alpha house 
enjoys the calm before the many 
activities of the Melon Bust begin. 

Tom Long and Megan McCleary 
bring a taste of the sixties to the Phi 
Delta Theta Halloween Hysteria 
contest. They represented Ross 
Hall and Phi Beta Pi. 

Ghosts hanging from the Phi Delta 
Theta tree observe the Halloween 
Hysteria with an air of indifference. 
The house's lawn was covered with 
goulish decorations for weeks be- 
fore the event. 

All-Campus Activities 51 

The S A All Nighter 

The Student Assembly All 
Nighter rivaled well with last 
year's success of Mardi Gras 
Night. The All-Nighter took 
place on Friday, January 25, 
beginning at 9:00 at night 
and lasted until 2:00 in the 
morning. The night started 
off slow — perhaps due to 
the late arrival of the sched- 
uled reggae band, Identity. 
Waiting for the band, every- 
one made good use of the 
C-Club's much-welcomed 
yogurt machine, which of- 
fered free pineapple and va- 
nilla yogurt. The atmo- 
sphere of the night was well 
set. People wore blue, yel- 
low, and pink leis; the food 
table was filled with such 
Hawaiian tastes as pineap- 
ples and bananas, and the 
walls were decorated with 
posters of tropical places, 
portholes, and even starfish. 

As more and more people 
filled the C-Club, the noise 
level rose, and it became ob- 
vious that everyone was anx- 
ious for the band to arrive. 
Opening for Identity was a 
comedienne, Diana Alaimo, 
with an open, coarse rou- 

"Can you feel the beat, yo Man!" 
Butler students jam to the reggae 
group Identity at the All Nighter. 

tine. She answered calls of 
"Rosanne" and other heck- 
les with definite gestures 
and a direct challenge to 
join her on stage. Once on 
stage, the hecklers did not 
quite follow her instructions 
and ended up dancing 
around her suggestively. Af- 
ter a few complaints about 
Indiana drivers and insensi- 
tive men, Alaimo said good- 
bye to an appreciative audi- 
ence. Everyone looked 
forward to the band's per- 
formance and greeted Iden- 
tity enthusiastically. The 
members of the band were 
alive and eager to play, and 
the lead singer apologized 
for showing up late before 
shifting into the rhythms of 
reggae music. Soon the 
packed C-Club had people 
dancing throughout it — on 
the main floor, in the back, 
and even in the booths. 
Those who did not dance 
tried to find any seat where 
they could see the band. 
Some pulled chairs up in 
front of the stage, working 
their way in between danc- 
ers, while people who want- 

ed a better view perched 
themselves on top of wall 
and booth dividers. Identity 
received great applause 
from all; the band was defi- 
nitely a success. 

The band's playing and 
the crowd's dancing were 
interrupted briefly for sev- 
eral door prize drawings. 
Small prizes were given 
away such as Track's gift cer- 
tificates, coupons for a tan- 
ning salon, frisbees, and an 
answering machine. Then 
the time for the big drawing 
came — the Spring Break 
trip. One name was called 
after another, but since the 
winner had to be present to 
claim the prize, none of 
them won. Finally, after a 
number of called names (and 
a great deal of frustrated 
cries from their friends), the 
name Michelle Young was 
called — and excited 
screams came from the 
crowd. Michelle Young 
came forward and claimed 
the Spring Break trip. 

52 All-Nighter 


Below: Pineapples, strawberries, 
and cantalope all look appealing to 
Alpha Chi Omega freshman Karen 
Dougherty. The Hawaiian foods at 
the All-Nighter were very popular 
with students. 

Left: Hecklers join comedienne Di- 
ana Alaimo on the stage at the All- 
Nighter. Ms. Alaimo tried to incor- 
porate the teasers into her act by 
having the men perform a chorus 
line dance with her. 

dM» «L •- Wry 

___ . . i 

■>•,. - 1 ^H ..... 



HS'^ii wm 



Identity, a reggae band, energizes 
the students at the All-Nighter with 
their upbeat music. 

Julie Yancich gives Sara Boyd her 
free lei and cup at the Student As- 
sembly All-Nighter. 

All-Nighter 53 

Spring Sports Makes a 


Early in the morning of 
February 23, 1991, a gigantic 
splash could be heard across 
the campus. What could it 
be? It seemed to be coming 
from the illustrious Hinkle 
Field House. The uproar was 
coming from the fact that 
President Geoffrey Bannis- 
ter was being sent off the 
diving board by Mike Mur- 
phy and Matt Webb into the 
cool water of the pool. This 
was their prize for meeting 
Bannister's challenge of 
beating him in three consec- 
utive games of billiards. 

This was just one event 
that occurred at the first all- 
night Spring Sports Spectac- 
ular. Starting at 8:00 pm Fri- 
day night and lasting until 
8:00 am Saturday, the event 
placed housing units against 

one another in tug-of-war, 
an obstacle course, volley- 
ball, inner tube races, and 
indoor soccer to name a few 
of the games. The event was 
sponsored by Student As- 
sembly and several area 
businesses (Domino's Pizza, 
Butler Bookstore, Video 
Towne, etc.). 

For the women of Kappa 
Kappa Gamma it was a tri- 
umphant evening as they 
took overall honors for the 
women. In the men's com- 
petition, the men of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon took the 
number one position. Be- 
sides some possible broken 
nails, bruised knees, and 
pride being shattered, all in 
all it was a Spectacular eve- 

Above: These guys don't take the 
game of soccer lightly, but give it 
their all as they begin to "pound" 
the ball. 

54 Spring Sports 

Left: With nothing but volleyball 
on their mind, Scott Bridge, 
Deborah Keller, and Kari 
Bellinger begin to take their 
stances as the ball heads in their 

Below: Freshman Leslie Dewey 
prepares herself to serve for 
Alpha Phi in the volleyball 

Left: President Geoffrey Bannister 
eyes up a possible shot to once 
again take the spoils of victory 
from another eager combatant. 

Spring Sports 55 

56 Spring Sports Spectacular 

Above: Gloves help protect this 
goalie's hands from the soccer ball 
during the Spring Sports Spectacu- 

Right: During a break in the action 
a soccer player practices his fancy 

Left: President Bannister lines up 
his shot during the billards tourna- 

Above: A volleyball player pre- 
pares to bump the ball after it gets 
past the blocker at the Spring 
Sports Spectacular. 

Left: Everyone watches in anticipa- 
tion to see if the basketball will 
make it into the hoop during the 
Spring Sports Spectacular. 

Spring Sports Spectacular 57 

Far right: Chris Richards sings with 
bravado during the opera work- 
shop production of Oklahoma! 

Right: Director Jackson Wiley leads 
the orchestra through one of its 
many rehearsals. Wiley retired this 
year after a long career at Butler. 

The Butler Chorale practices be- 
fore its tour to Florida. 

58 Butler Music 

Butler Music 

Chorale, Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra 

Dr. Geoffrey Bannister narrates 
The Pied Piper of Hamelin for the 
Symphonic Wind Ensemble's con- 

The Jordan College of 
Fine Arts is home to many 
different musicians' ensem- 
bles. One of these is the But- 
ler Chorale, led by Michael 
Shasberger. This past year 
the choir saw a lot of work 
for a number of perfor- 
mances. The vocalists began 
with an all-day High School 
Festival and a concert that 
same evening. Then in De- 
cember, the Chorale joined 
the Symphonic Wind En- 
semble and the University 
Choir for the "Rejoice!" 
concert at the Cathedral of 
Saints Peter and Paul. 

Second semester, the 
group went on tour to Flori- 
da during spring break. The 
tour included concerts in 
Fort Lauderdale, Orlando 
(Disney World and Epcot 
Center), Tampa and Fort 
Myers. These performances 
took place in various 
churches, hotels and high 
schools. After returning 
home, the Chorale gave the 
tour concert of Mozart's Re- 
quiem at North Methodist 

Another JCFA organiza- 
tion is the Symphonic Wind 
Ensemble, led by William 
Hochkeppel. The group be- 
gan the year with the Octo- 
ber concert "Music for 
Chamber Winds." Their No- 
vember concert "Dreams 
and Fairy Tales" included a 
guest appearance by Presi- 
dent Geoffrey Bannister, 
who narrated The Pied Piper 
of Hamelin. The concert fea- 
tured David Maslanka's A 
Child's Garden of Dreams, 
and the composer himself 
came to Butler and com- 
mented on his piece. Mas- 
lanka's visit included discus- 
cert, "Dreams and Fairy Tales." 
William Hochkeppel directs. 

sions with music theory 
classes and composition stu- 
dents and meals with faculty 
and students, as well as his 
concert appearance. The 
band ended the semester 
with their joint concert with 
the vocalists — "Rejoice! A 
Christmas Festival." 

In February, the Wind En- 
semble performed for the 
area's honored high school 
bands. They went on to ac- 
company the Mid Winter 
Ballet's performance of 
"Lenny." Their spring con- 
cert of the repertoire they 
had planned to play in Eu- 
rope was on April 21, and 
the ensemble finished the 
year by playing at Com- 

The band's performances 
were very successful; how- 
ever, Wind Ensemble had 
one big disappointment. 
Their spring tour to Europe 
was cancelled. It would have 
been impossible to ensure 
the safety of a large group of 
Americans overseas with the 
hostilities the war caused 
around the world; so it was 
decided that the trip would 
have to be postponed. The 
band had planned a series of 
concerts in Germany, Aus- 
tria, and Hungary. 

Other musicians partici- 
pate in JCFA's Symphony 
Orchestra, led by Jackson 
Wiley. The orchestra's first 
concert was in October. 
They performed Gustav 
Mahler's Symphony No. 3 in 
its entirety with the assis- 
tance of the women of the 
University Choir, the India- 
napolis Children's Choir, 
and guest contralto soloist 
Vikki Vibbert. Next, the 
strings of the orchestra per- 

formed at Lafayette Jeffer- 
son High School. November 
30 through December 2, the 
full orchestra accompanied 
Butler Ballet's Nutcracker 
for seven performances in 
Clowes Hall. 

The Symphony Orchestra 
began the second semester 
with the annual Concerto 
Concert. This involved the 
winners of the Concerto 
Contest — Leigh Anne Essig, 
Luke Reese, Shane Saman- 
iego, Moira Smith, and Leah 
Wolfe — performing their 
solos with the orchestra. 
Then they accompanied the 
Mid — Winter Ballet's per- 
formances of The Tender 
Land and "Graduation Ball". 
The orchestra's last perfor- 
mances were in Clowes' 
production of Susannah. 
The opera starred Sharon 
Searles, Michael Shasberger, 
and Steven Stolen — three 
members of JCFA faculty. 

The orchestra had one 
more task this year — find- 
ing a new conductor. Jack- 
son Wiley retired after an 
impressive career. The Janu- 
ary Arts Indiana magazine 
ran an article covering Wi- 
ley's retirement and quoted 
one student as saying, "As 
far as I'm concerned, Jack- 
son Wiley can never be re- 
placed." Though that opin- 
ion was shared by many, the 
conductor had to be re- 
placed, and four applicants 
(narrowed down from a 
great number of interested 
directors) were auditioned 
in February and March. 
While the orchestra wel- 
comed its new leader, it also 
said good-bye to the talent- 
ed and respected Jackson 

Butler Music 59 

The Tender Land 

Message of promise is lasting theme 

Students and faculty from 
the Jordan College of Fine 
Arts Opera Workshop and 
Department of Theatre 
joined together to present 
The Tender Land, an opera 
in three acts. The opera, by 
librettist Horace Everett and 
composer Aaron Copland, 
was performed by two casts 
of singers as well as an en- 
semble of dancers. 

The story from The 
Tender Land, takes us to the 
American Midwest, at a time 
and place where dreams are 

easily born but just as easily 
lost, and where plans and 
promises are lost to reality. 
But through it all is the 
promise of new beginnings 
and hope for tomorrow. In 
short, it takes us to a place 
not unlike our own world. 

Under the stage direction 
of Laurel Goetzinger — the 
musical direction of Michael 
Shasberger, the cast brought 
life to the people of The 
Tender Land and truth to its 
music. With the assistance of 
Larry White, dance was in- 

Above: The Circle of Life is ex- 
pressed through the choreography 
of the dances in The Tender Land. 
The opera gave the audience a 
powerful glimpes into life in rural 

Right: Ma Moss (Najwa Loh) invites 
Mr. Splinters (Jeff Quick) to a party 
later that evening while Beth (Mi- 
chele McConnell) eavesdrops from 
the porch. 

eluded to reflect the charac- 
ters and their relationships. 
With a nation at war and 
the future in doubt, the op- 
era left us with this impor- 
tant message: "The promise 
of ending in right under- 
standing is peace in our own 
hearts and peace with our 
neighbor. The promise of 
living, the promise of grow- 
ing, the promise of ending is 
labor and sharing and lov- 

60 The Tender Land 

Richard Radcliff and Jennifer Bleill 
convey the emotions of The 
Tender Land's characters through 
dance. The choreography was 
written by Butler University pro- 
fessor, Larry White. 

Ma Moss (Najwa Loh) comforts her 
daughter (Amy Shutters) as Laure 
struggles with establishing her 
identity as an adult. 

^ove: Laurie, performed by Gina 
Mien sings of her dreams and wish- 
es for a bright future and better 
ife. The music for The Tender 
land was written by Aaron Cop- 
and, one of America's greatest 
romposers who had died earlier in 
:he school year. 

The Tender Land 61 

A king contestant shows off his 
golfing fashions during the Alpha 
Chi Omega annual Frisbee Fling. 

ResCo holds first All-Campus Event 

Road Rally 

62 Road Rally 

Left: Toy equipment is used to test 
the golfing abilities of students 
during the annual Frisbee Fling, 
sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega. 

Below: Twenty-one students from 
several housing units pile into a car 
to set a record for ResCo's first an- 
nual Road Rally. 

Road Rally 63 


It's Spring Sing '91 


Spring Sing is a time hon- 
ored tradition at Butler that 
needs no introduction. This 
year was the one hundred 
and first anniversary of the 
YMCA sponsored student 

Those who were not there 
missed an upbeat and enter- 
taining performance. The 
night began with a resound- 
ing performance of the Star 
Spangled Banner by the "B' 
Naturals. Sam VanNess and 
Anne Penny, the co-hosts 
for the evening, used their 
talent and personality to 
make the program flow 

Each of the nine acts was 
enthusiastically done. The 
themes of the acts ranged 
from the world of music in 
"Sing Out" to the weather 
in "Weather Or Not to Sing" 

to love in "Medley D'A- 
mour". Arguments as to 
which is "The Better Half" 
among the sexes, traveling in 
"Are We There Yet", and 
what is "Too Hot to Handle" 
were also subjects of acts. 

Disguised as a bunch of 
birdwatchers and chickens, 
the women of Kappa Kappa 
Gamma and the men of 
ResCo. swooped in to take 
First Place and the Musical- 
lity Award back to their 
roosts for their perfor- 
mance, "This Act is 'For the 
Birds'". Second Place overall 
went to the men of Delta 
Tau Delta, commuter wom- 
en, and the women of 
Schwitzer Hall for their 
"Rhythm and Blues". The 
Spirit award, along with 
Third Place in the overall 
competition, for this years's 

"The Better Half" act with students 
dressed up as men on one side and 
women on the other may not have 
won any awards, but got many 
laughs from the audience. 

festivities went to the wom- 
en of Alpha Phi and the men 
of Phi Delta Theta for their 
patriotic medley of songs in 
"Do You Hear The People 

President Geoffrey Ban- 
nister was on hand for the 
event. Other awards given 
were: the Outstanding 
Freshmen Award to Tim 
Sweeney and Renee Tab- 
ben, the Alcohol Awareness 
Award to Lambda Chi Alpha, 
and the Lamp of Wisdom to 
Peer Educators. 

The evening concluded 
with entertainment by the 
Jordon Jazz Singers while 
the judges tallied the final 
scores. Well, that's just a 
small glimpse of this superb 
evening. May the tradition 
live on... 

64 Spring Sing 

Rockin' to the "Rhythm and Blues" 
the women of Schwitzer Hall and 
the men of Delta Tau Delta give 
their all, in their second place per- 

Flying over head, one lonely bird 
looks for his birdwatcher, in the 
men of ResCo and women of Kap- 
pa Kappa Gamma's first place act, 
"This act is 'For the Birds'". 

Spring Sing 65 

Student Organizations 

STUDENT ASSEMBLY: The student government body on campus oversees 
the Council on Presidential Affairs, elects students to Faculty Assembly and 
Board of Trustees Committees, as well as providing lectures, coffeehouses, 
movies, concerts, trips, and sponsoring Homecoming, and other campus 

PEER EDUCATORS/BACCHUS: Volunteer students who attempt to educate 
others concerning alcohol and drug usage to facilitate responsible decision- 
making by students. They were awarded "National Outstanding Chapter 

BLACK STUDENT UNION: BSU's purpose is to provide a support system 
for African-American students and to enhance the minds of all Butler 
University students about African-American culture. 

INTERNATIONAL CLUB: The International Club serves as a forum for both 
International and American students to discuss international issues and to 
celebrate cultural diversity on our campus. 

KAPPA PSI: A fraternity which seeks to inspire in its members a deep and 
lasting pride in the profession of pharmacy, and to actively support all 
projects which will advance the profession of pharmacy. 

RHO CHI: A honor society which promotes scholarship and leadership in 
the pharmaceutical sciences. 


Student Organizations 

BROTHERS & SISTERS IN CHRIST (BASIC): A group of students whose 
Durpose is to share God's love on campus through Bible study, worship, 
ellowship, and telling others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST (CCC): CCC is made up of students who 
share a dynamic personal relationship with God and have found meaning 
and purpose in life through Jesus Christ and in making him known. CCC 
sponsors Bible studies, retreats, conferences, and summer projects both 
here and abroad. 

M £L 

rAU BETA SIGMA: A honorary sorority which seeks to promote the 
existence and welfare of the college band. 

KAPPA KAPPA PSI: A honorary fraternity which seeks to promote the 
university bands and the fellowship of band/music members. 

PHI DELTA CHI: A fraternity whose purpose is to promote pharmacy and 
related sciences through service projects both on the campus and in the 

SIGMA RHO DELTA: The main purpose of Sigma Rho is to serve as a 
resource and help to the entire dance department. The organization also 
tried to further dance in the community and in other universities. 


Student Organizations 

Entrepeneurship Club: This organization is out to promote the 
entrepreneurial spirit of students on campus by providing an outlet for 
their creativity and initiative. 

Marketing Club: A club which seeks to educate Butler's students about 
careers and opportunities in marketing as well as marketing in general. 

Circle K: Circle K, sponsored by Kiwanis Club, is a service organization that Alpha Psi Omega: an honorary made up of theatre majors and minors 
serves Butler University and the Indianapolis area. whose purpose is to stimulate interest in theatre activities on campus. 

Jordan College Of Fine Arts Student Council: JCFA Student Council strives 
to unite the four departments of the Jordan College; Dance, Music, 
Radio/TV, and Theatre. 

68 Student Organizations 

Student Organizations 

Lambda Kappa Sigma: This group seeks to promote the profession of Academy of Students of Pharmacy (ASP): ASP is a professional pharmacy 

pharmacy among women by furthering the happiness and usefulness of it's organization affiliated with both the American Pharmaceutical Association 

members socially, intellectually, and professionally. and the Indiana Pharmaceutical Association. 

Alpha Phi Omega: An organization that serves the campus and community Student Education Association: a new organization, affiliated with ISTA, for 
through service projects initiated and organized by members such as the all future teachers. Its purpose is to develop in prospective educators an 

blood drive. understanding of the teaching profession. 

Sigma Alpha lota: SAI is an honorary women's music fraternity who seeks 
to further the role of women in music. 

Martial Arts Training Club: The Martial Arts Training Club provides 
effective self-defense skills to the Butler student. 


Right: Two dedicated students 
take time on a bright Saturday af- 
ternoon to exercise by jogging up 
and down the steps that lead to the 

Below: Ingrid Rockstrom stops for 
a moment while walking to class to 
smile for the camera. 

70 Candids 

Some of the other residents of 
Butler's campus, swim peacefully 
down the canal through Holcomb 

ResCo's Balcony was a popular 
place to hang banners of all types, 
including this one for the fall Par- 
ents Weekend. 

Candids 71 

Shea Metcalf stays busy in 
Schwitzer's office as she catches up 
on some of the paper work re- 
quired of resident assistants. 

The new university study tables 
gave students the opportunity to 
study subjects with a tutor. 

71 Can d ids 

Drum Major Dale Preston leads the 
Dand in its pre-game show. March- 
ng band kept Dale busy all during 
: ootball season. 

Candids 73 


Being an undergraduate in college is very different from 
those same years in high school. Many consider college to 
be the biggest change in a person's life. But here at Butler, 
there are lots of activities to help make the transition easier. 
Sororities and fraternities, honor and service organizations, 
study tables and professional groups are available to join. 
There are also the YMCA Freshman weekend and freshman 
skits, Geneva Stunts and Spring Sing, the all-campus TKE Fall 
Fest, Lamda Chi Alpha Watermelon Bust, Phi Delta Theta 
Halloween Hysteria, and formats for every occassion imagin- 

It takes a lot to get in the academic mode for all students. 
Now we know why all of the adults kept telling us "college is 
nothing like high school." But study tables and professors 
are always around to help and eventually the ball starts 
rolling. Mid-terms and finals are evident by the number of 
students who sought knowledge in the C-Club into the wee 
hours of the morning — a book in one hand and a cup of 
coca-cola or coffee in the other. 

Students go through alot of changes as undergraduates, 
but we all have to agree that undergrads at Butler are Totally 

74 Album Divider 

4k W 

.eft: "Who will the winner be?" 
wonders the minds of Butler stu- 
dents in Geneva Stunts as well as 
those in the audience, students 
from each housing unit as well as 
commuters participate in the an- 
nual stunts, skits and Spring Sing. 

Left: Blowing their horns to the 
same tune (the Butler War Song) 
both Mike Morrison and Jeff Mar- 
tin show their school spirit as 
members of the band. 

Above: Seeking new heights, But- 
ler students clamor to be the first 
on top of the Phi Delt house. 
Where could one find a better 
view of the festivities down below? 
Halloween Hysteria is one of the 
many all-campus events at Butler. 

Album Divider 75 

Deborah Ball 

Ann Baunel 

Amanda Bayless 

Heidi Bechtold 

Betsy Bognar 

Jennifer Casida 

Tami Coe 

Margaret Cooper 

Leslie Dunlap 

Meghan Harold 

Alpha Chi 

The Alpha Chi's once 
again counted the days 
til Frisbee Golf. Frisbee 
Golf is an all campus 
event the Alpha Chi's 
hold every spring. The 
money raised at the 
event went to their 
philanthropy, The Alpha 
Chi Omega Foundation. 

The Alpha Chi's had 
two queens in the fall. 
Susanna Rains won the 
Ross Hall Rat Race and 
Brooke Oliver won the 
Sigma Chi Derby Days 
crown. The Alpha Chi 
house also won the flag 
football championship. 

Alpha Chi Omega's 

1990 pledges were 
initiated on March 1, 

1991 which was also 
their Hera Day. 

Trying to get a better view of the 

Watermelon Bust, some students 

climb out the windows of the 

Lambda Chi House. 

As they arrive for dinner in Atherton, 

two students give a big smile to the 


76 Alpha Chi Omega 


Alpha Chi 

Sophomore Liz Fort takes a break 
from the rigors of a hard day of 
classes by relaxing in her room. 

Beth Harrington 
Robin Hood 
Jennifer Hushour 
Susan Ingraham 
Erin Long 

Michelle Marocco 
Kaarina Meyer 
Lori Montgomery 
Lori Norris 
Michelle Owen 

Lisa Paugh 
Kathy Pickett 
Jennifer Quinlan 
Susanna Rains 
Kim Reber 

Wendy Rust 
Susan Spruitenburg 
Cina West 
Nancy Wheeler 

Alpha Chi Omega 77 

Keri Bartholomew 

Mindy Bohlander 

Tricia Brannan 

Denise Brumfield 

Kerrie Buhler 

Kirstin Carlstrand 

Kim Dewester 

Leslie Dewey 

Garin Cough 

Julie Gunn 

Sue Ann Haedike 

Lyle Hardin 

Laura Hill 

Laurel Hillquist 

Bobbie Kallner 

Jocelyn Kapsa 

Kelly Kiel 

Diana Layton 

Lillian Lopez 

Mindee Maple 

Alpha Phi 

Those Phis. They started off the year 
with a bang by taking a wonderful pledge 
class. The Phis did not stop there. They 
kicked off the all-campus events with 
Sweepskates and raised $1500 for their 
philantrophy, the American Heart Assoc. 
Their pledges picked up from there and 
proved how great they were by taking 
second place in Freshman Skits, and one 
of them, Diana Layton, winning Phi Delta 
Theta's Halloween Hysteria Queen title. 

Late in the Fall, the Alpha Phis paired up 
with Lambda Chi Alpha for the Pantry 
Raid. They collected even more food than 
last year from neighborhood homes to 
donate to a local food bank. The Phis were 

able to help out the radio station, WZPL, 
by passing out flyers at Colts football 
games. In turn, ZPL helped them out by 
kicking off their annual 36-hour trampo- 
line marathon to raise money for the 
American Heart Assoc. Valentine's Day 
was the perfect time to raise more money 
for our hearts. 

Their three sweethearts, Suzie Palma- 
tier (Sigma Nu), Carmen Notestine(Delta 
Tau Delta), and Tara Todd (Phi Kappa Psi), 
kept busy congratulating the fraternities' 
new initiates. They were excited about 
the Indy 500 as they cheered on their 
Princess, Leslie Crosley! 

78 Alpha Phi 

1st Row — Graduate Advisor: Michelle 
McClure, Aya Assebian, Tara Seawright, 
Rhonda Gordon, Raquel Washington. 
2nd Row — Wendi Thomas, Stephanie 
Crayton, Tanya King, Delicia Green, 
JoAnn Bernard, Tracie Bell, Tiffany Clark, 
Tasha Taylor, Mabel Peters, and Lisa 

Far left:Bottom row — Wendi Thomas, 
Mirielle Bishaw, Aya Assebian. Top row 
— Michele McClure, Stephanie 
Crayton,Catherine Bowman, Easter 
Bunny Rosonia Mcintosh, Nicole Gaines, 
President Raquel Washington, Elesha 
Storey. Easter Egg Hunt for Building 
Blocks Academy. 

Left:AKA 1990 Regional Conference, 
Oakbrook, Illinois Awards Banquet. 
Mirielle Bishaw, Elesha Storey, Gina 
Reed, Tamiko Madden, President Raquel 
Washington, Alica Jones, Lynn Davis. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Although Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kap- 
pa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was chartered at 
what was then Butler College in 1920, the 
minority population at Butler has not 
been enough for Kappa Chapter to sus- 
tain their chapter — until now. The spring 
of 1991 brought many changes to Butler, 
one of those being the addition of the 
eighth sorority on campus, Alpha Kappa 
Alpha. A historically African-American so- 
rority, Alpha Kappa Alpha has a member- 
ship of over 120,000 college women. Al- 
pha Kappa Alpha is dedicated to 
improving college life for all women, and 

helping the community. Some of Kappa 
Chapter's activities this past year have 
been an Easter egg hunt for Building 
Blocks Academy, a research project for 
the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, and 
bowling to benefit Big Brothers and Big 
Sisters. Kappa Chapter does not have just 
one philanthropy, but prefers to donate 
money to a variety of charities, from Unit- 
ed Negro College Fund to Homes for 
Black Children. Butler can look forward to 
many more AKA's working to improve 
both themselves and the community. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 79 


Marie Mohr proves that she can 
smile through the most mundane of 
the day's tasks, including dealing with 
the Records and Registration 

Amy Mathew 

Jennifer Merrell 

Kim Mitchell 

Laura Nelson 

Krista Oldham 

Amy Pfaffmann 

Stacy Popowchak 

Laurie Riester 

Jennifer Rosen 

Kristin Runge 

Jennifer Schiemann 

Alicia Schmuck 

Rachel Scott 

Tawnee Shallenberger 

Dawn Speicher 

Elizabeth Spitler 

Carmen Voris 

Annette Wilson 

Stevie Young 

80 Alpha Phi 

Commuters Jennifer Hupp and 
Jennifer Millikan walk across 
the new parking lot towards 
their cars. 

The refreshing waterfall in 
Holcomb Gardens is a favorite 
place for students to go when 
they need a break from their 

Susan Bachert 
Frederick Bennett 
Camilla Branham 
David Brooks 
Michelle Bryant 

Brian Buckner 
Shawn Causey 
Barbara Chenoweth 
Antonette Conelis 
Tamara Couch 


Commuters 81 


Thomas Crawford 

Tricia Davis 

Loyce Gardiner 

Yumiko Hashimoto 

Donald Hawk 

Scott Herr 

Paula Hill 

Rashel Hopson 

Jennifer Janis 

Kimberly Johnson 

Tonya King 

Leon Kraus 

Douglas Lane 

Foreign exchange student from 

France, Eric Bayles becomes 

friendly with a pair of balloons 

at the SA All-Nighter. 

Spots in Holcomb Gardens 

prove Butler's reputation as 

one of the most picturesque 

campuses in the country. 

*2 Commuters 

Construction workers set the forms 
up as they prepare to pour the new 
curbs to the remodeled mall. 

Laura Liepnieks 
Patricia Mays 
Keith Miller 
Bret Nicley 
Karen Nitka 

Jeffery Owens 
Lina Pajunar 
Michelle Ann Paris 
Michelle Peters 
Frederick Peterson 

Jacquelyn Relitz 
Julie Richwine 
Deborah Seibert 
Julie Stante 
Cristie Weis 

Paul Wilmont 
Brian Wilson 
Jo Wingo 

Commuters 83 

Jacinda Beabout 

Nicole Beasley 

Tanya Dell 

Colleen Fianagan 

Penny Hapner 

Jennifer Hobbic 

Kimberly Johnson 

Amy Kenneck 

Dena Kerkhove 

Cathy Kudrak 

Delta Delta Delta 

Above: In traditional poses, the leads 

of The Nutcracker show some of the 

talent which makes the ballet a 

success, year after year. 

Right: Getting a little air between 

them and the court these girls give it 

their all at the Spring Sports 


84 Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta 

The Delta Lambda chapter of Delta Del- 
ta Delta was surprised to come back to 
school last August to find their house un- 
der construction. Because of delayed per- 
mits, the chapter was forced to put off 
construction of their new addition until 
late in the summer. Unfortunately, chap- 
ter members had to deal with hammering, 
sawing, a leaking roof, and construction 
workers during pre-rush week. Despite 
the inconveniences, the chapter had an 
excellent rush and were very proud of 
their new pledge members. Fall semester 
at Delta Lambda continued to go well 
when the new addition was completed in 
late October. The chapter ended their se- 
mester by making care packages for Butler 
students, an activity done at the end of 
every semester to raise money for their 
philanthropy, Cancer Research for Chil- 
dren. Approx. $4,000 was collected and 
the chapter was very pleased to present 

The James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for 
Children with their gift. 

When the chapter returned after winter 
break they were happy to find out that 
they had had the third highest grades on 
campus during the fall semester. Chapter 
members welcomed back Karen Sasveld, 
Rhonda Webb, and Amy VanMetre who 
had been studying abroad in England, 
Australia, and Spain, respectively. The 
chapter kicked off its spring open rush 
with the theme "Just Tri It" in March, and 
a few days later welcomed then the new 
pledge members into Tri Delta. Delta 
Lambda is looking forward to Fall '91 at 
Butler as they plan a Tri Delt all campus 
event, called Delta's Rockin' for Riley to 
be held on September 14, 1991. Tri Del- 
ta's continue to be an active part of But- 
ler's campus and look forward to return- 
ing in the fall to welcome Butler's new 

Anita La Fond 
Holly Lindberg 
Jolie Lindley 
Natalie Mann 
Darcie Mattick 

Michele Maybury 
Wendy Pacey 
Lynn Pearson 
Christi Penn 
Emily Phillips 

Amy Presley 
Leslie Reynolds 
Julie Sharpe 
Dawn Sommers 
Amy Van Metre 

Delta Delta Delta 85 

Angela Allen 

Kristin Baumgartner 

Kari Bellinger 

Rebecca Bischoff 

Kristen Bishop 

Amy Blackman 

Michele Boeckerman 

Gina Bramer 

Jodi Boyd 

Barb Davis, not pictured 

Julia Decker 


Delta Gamma was vey 
busy during the year. 
They achieved first in 
grades for the fifth 
semester in a row. 

The Delta Gammas 
were also active in other 
organizations on campus. 
The president of YMCA, 
Student Assembly, and 
editor of the Collegian 
were all Delta Gammas. 

Delta Gamma's all- 
campus event and fund 
raiser for their 
philanthropy, sight 
conservation and aid to 
the blind, was held in 

Five members of Delta 
Gamma were recognized 
as fraternity favorites and 
sweethearts during the 

Above: Year after year, Persephone 

proudly stands high over Holcomb 


Right: Jennifer Milligan is caught off 

guard by the camera as she works in 

the Lilly Hall Library. 

86 Delta Gamma 

Cathy Dimovski 
Cheree Dolby 
Michelle Eckhart 
Rachelle Ferrari 
Kerrie Freisner 

Amy Harkness 
Becky Herold 
Julie Hiatt 
Heather Himsel 
Tammy Hollis 

Jeni Huenemoerder 
Elizabeth Huff 
Jennifer Hufford 
Karla Johnson 
Deborah Keller 

Norma Kim 
Jennifer Lewsader 
Kellie McClade 
Julia McQuillen 

Zack Ridgeway, a Burns 
Security guard for the 
campus, makes his rounds in 
Jordan Hall. 

Delta Gamma 87 

Delta Gamma 

Lisa Medlock 

Amy Michel 

Angie Minch 

Elizabeth Moore 

Tina Neal 

Sitting comfortably on a couch, 

Tara Todd introduces the skits 

of Geneva Stunts. 

Below: Thousands of people 
poured into Indianapolis for 
the NCAA Final Four. Big John 
of Detroit said he was looking 
for tickets to the event priced 
around fifty dollars, (photo by 
Lori Ray) 

Gina Nicosia 

Amy O'Fallon 

Amy Pate 

Jennifer Planker 

Melinda Ponsot 

Anne-Marie Richmond 

Sarah Sroufe 

Rita Stein 

Julie Zver 

58 Delta Gamma 

Orchestra conductor Jackson 
Wiley talks with Anna Trull, 
this was Wiley's last year as 

To the loud rhythms of 
"Identity", Butler students 
dance and party at the SA All- 

Barbara Britton 
Melanie Buckley 
Shannon Carroll 
Laura Chandler 
Kristin Doss 

Michelle Engle 
Jennifer Grimm 
Julie Jones 
Traci Kuntson 
Jennifer Shapiro 

Kappa Alpha 

Kappa Alpha Theta 89 

Kappa Kappa 

The women of Kappa 
Kappa Gamma had a 
very successful year on 
Campus. They won 
overall in Sigma Chi 
Derby Days, at TKE Fall 
Fest, at Phi Delta's 
Halloween Hysteria, and 
at Spring Sports 
Spectacular. The Kappa 
Kappa Gamma's queen 
candidate at the TKE Fall 
Fest was also a winner. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 
was also very busy in 
community work during 
the year. They donated a 
great deal of time and 
money to their 
philanthropy, the Ronald 
McDonald House, and 
received an award for 
doing so. The Kappa's 
during the holiday 
season, sponsored a 
needy family and had 
them over for dinner. 
Finally, the Kappa's 
sponsored a penguin at 
the Indianapolis Zoo. 

Katy Coles 

Erin Daniels 

Meg Dietz 

Carrie Howard 

Amy Kennuk 

Cena Rhoades 

Amy Rohlfing 

Laura Samojlowicz 

Mario Scott 

Maria Stergiopoulos 

Kimberly Thomas 
Anissa Workman 

Computers were found not 

only in labs around campus but 

in many dorm rooms as well. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Above: Kerspatt! A watermelon 
splits open on the pavement 
during a watermelon-throwing- 
for-distance contest at the 
Lambda Chi house. 

Left: Greeting the day with a 
smile, Wendy Rust descends a 
Jordon Hall staircase to go to 
her next class. 

Scott Abraham 
Mike Baker 
Barton Brettnacher 
Keith Bush 
Brian Disney 

John Farrar 
Tim Gereno 
Tom Herndon 
Chip Keller 
Jason Lawson 

Lambda Chi 

The 1990-1991 school 
year was the seventy- 
fifth anniversary at Butler 
for Lambda Chi Alpha. 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
placed first among male 
housing units in grades 
and was competitive in 
intramural athletics. 
Many of its members 
also participated in 
intercollegiate athletics. 

Lambda Chi's 
participated in Butler 
University vocal groups 
as well as the Butler 
University marching 
band. In the fall of 1990, 
the Lambda Chi's and 
women of Schwitzer Hall 
won both the originality 
award and first place 
overall at Geneva Stunts. 
During the fall semester, 
Lambda Chi Alpha held 
Watermelon Bust, its 
annual all-campus event. 
Activities included 
watermelon volleyball, a 
seed-spitting contest, 
and a Melon Bust Queen 

With the help of the 
neighborhood, Lambda 
Chi Alpha fraternity and 
Alpha Phi sorority 
collected food for the 
homeless of Indianapolis. 
This week-long event is 
known as 'Pantry Raid'. 

Lambda Chi Alpha 91 

Edward Litchfield 

Todd Phillips 

Matthew Potochick 

Matt Reverman 

Kevin Schaus 

Joe Svetanoff 

Curtis Taylor 

James Trospen III 

James Zeigler 

Jeff Zbell 

Chi Alpha 

I Lambda Chi Alpha 

] The Lambda Chi Melon Bust gave the 
women a chance to show off their 
special talents during the queen contest. 

"It's a Wonderful Death" or is it? Just 
ask the members of Schwitzer Hall and 
Lambda Chi Alpha during their first prize 
performance at Geneva Stunts. 


Phi Delta 

Chris Becker 
Michael Cox 
Michael Dorris 
Mark Dresden 
David Dulhanty 

Chad Hayes 
Bryan Hoff 
Blayd Horrall 
Caleb Montgomery 
Dean O'Brien 

Jeffrey Reynolds 
Tom Shurman 
Robert Spurgeon 
Mark Ugo 

Phi Delta Theta 93 

Phi Kappa 

Richard Ascroft 
John Currier Jr. 

John Hummel 
Matthew Kaiser 

Bradley Lowell 

Michael Massick 

Mark Newman 

Jerry Perron 

Ronald Povinelli 

Edward Ruiz 

Aaron Schamp 

Schamp Summer 

Evan Tanner 

Steve Zetzl 

Clowes Hall at Geneva Stunts 

was packed with spectactors on 

the main floor, judges on the 

first balcony and contestants 

on the second balcony. 

Mud such as this was what 

caused some students to 

nickname the mall project, the 

"Great Butler Swamp Project". 

The destruction-contruction of 

the mall remained a 

controversial subject all year 


94 Phi Kappa Psi 

Above: Intramural sports are 
considered just as important as 
varsity sports to some, as 
shown by the determination on 
these faces. 

Left: The Black Student Union 
office is used not only for 
business, but as a place to 
socialize as well. 

Beth Arvan 
Maria Barber 
Brenda Bishop 
Christina Brew 
Angie Bullock 

Amy Carson 
Danielle Deyen 
Joni Ferneau 
Kara Giroux 
Christy Heiskell 

Pi Beta Phi 

The Indiana Gamma chapter 
of Pi Beta Phi had an exciting 
and successful year in 1990- 
1991. The Pi Phi's kept 
themselves active during the 
year, which earned the chapter 
and several individuals awards 
and recognition. 

The Pi Phi's started the year 
by winning the Spirit Award at 
Sigma Chi's Derby Days, and 
the banner competition at 
Watermelon Bust sponsored by 
Lambda Chi Alpha. At Geneva 
Stunts, the Indiana Gammas 
were given an award for the 
highest number of members 
attending a date rape lecture 
sponsored by T.R.U.S.T. In the 
spring of 1991, the Pi Phi's 
displayed their pride and spririt 
brighter than ever by winning 
Delta Tau Delta's Spirit Award 
at Trik-La-Tron for their 
donations to Riley's Children's 
Hospital, and they also placed 
second overall at the annual 
event, as well as another 
second place finish at Phi Psi 

Indiana Gammas not only 
excelled at Butler during 1990- 
91, but they also were 
recognized by their national 
fraternity. At Pi Beta Phi's 
annual State Day luncheon the 
Pi Phi's from Butler won four 
out of six awards. The awards 
included Most Improved 
Grades for an Indiana Chapter, 
Highest Grade Point Average 
for an Indiana Chapter, and 
individually Jodi Carlton won 
the Mu Provinces Chapter 
Service Award while Lori 
Davenport was named Pi Beta 
Phi's Outstanding Sophomore 
for Indiana. Marcie Pearish was 
Con'f on page 96 

Pi Beta Phi 95 

Pi Beta Phi 


Drift 100th Anniversary Drift 100th Annivers 

Did you know . . . 

In 1917, the Drift included a Junior Class 
listing, or gossip column with comments on 
every member of the class, such as this one 
about Cordelia Higgins: " 'Cordy' is care- 
free and light-hearted-except when the 
mailman doesn't arrive at the dorm on 
time..." 9 

.Anniversary Drift 100th A nniversary Drift 10 f 

Amy Hill 
Nancy Jones 
Tracey Kane 
Lauri Kuehling 
Heather Leach 

Martha Mayes 
Gina Mayfield 
Ann Marie McCarthy 
Pamela Naylon 
Michelle Olin 

Nikki Pless 
Jennifer Pribe 
Angela Pullum 
Jennifer Rosa 
Kristin Rudolph 

Kris Scannel 
Kathy Schrope 

Con't from page 95 
awarded Pi Beta Phi's Harriot 
Rutherford Johnstone 
scholarship award, which is 
presented to only one Pi Phi in 
the United States and Canada. 
In 1990-91 Pi Phi's put a lot 
of time and effort into helping 
their own philanthropies. 
Indiana Gamma's held a 
Halloween party for the 
children of Christamore House 
in Indianapolis, as well as a 
Christmas party in early 
December for the neglected 
children. In April, the Indiana 
Gamma's sponsored their 
second annual Founder's Day 
Walk/Run with all proceeds 
going to two of Pi Beta Phi's 
six national philanthropies. 

96 Pi Beta Phi 

Resco's cafeteria provides not only a 
place to eat, but a place to socialize and 
hold activities. 

tial Hall 

The first year for 
Resco to be filled with 
students proved to be a 
very busy one. In the fall 
the men and women of 
Resco paired up with the 
commuters to take 
second place in Geneva 
Stunts. In the spring the 
men and women were 
split up but that did not 
stop the men of Resco 
along with the women of 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
from taking first prize in 
Spring Sing. 

In the spring Resco 
sponsored it's first 
annual all-campus event 
called the Resco Road 
Rally. Even though the 
event was a little rained 
out, the students of 
Resco felt it was a 
success because they got 
it off the ground. 
Con't on page 98 

Dawn Ahles 
Tawnya Albright 
Dione Ashwill 
Amy Morgan Atkinson 
Angela Bannan 

Troy Barnes 
Amy Bartnick 
Beth Billmeier 
Lisa Bittner 
Mindy Bodin 

Heather Bogert 
Sidney Boquiren 
Rachael Bozzuto 
Jeffrey Braun 
Kurt Broderick 

Resco 97 

Sarah Brophy] 

Amy Bryant 

Rebecca Bryant 

Matthew Burridge 

Maureen Butler 

Lori Carlson 

Christopher Clephane 

Brooke Coomer 

Krissa Crawford 

Roger Cutshall 

David Dillon 

Shannon Evans 

Tom Gast 

Janet Gesell 

Roberta Graybeal 

Wendy Greenburg 

Jennifer Greenlee 

Alison Gulley 

Amy Guy 

Steve Hagberg 


During Spring Weekend 
Resco sponsored a concert 
featuring Prince Julius. Resco 
also co-sponsored the 
homeless campaign "Home is 
where ..." with YMCA. 

The students of Resco 
found an advantage to their 
housing unit: the faculty in 
residence. These faculty 
members provided 
programming. Among those 
programs were opportunities 
to attend plays and concerts 
and a "Book of the Month 

98 Resco 

The jury members fall in love with the 
beautiful bride as she pleads her case in 
the student produced operetta, Trial by 


Christopher Hamilton 
Robin Henderson 
Shelli Hesse 
Andrew Himelick 
Bill Holba 

Gail Hoick 
Jill Jacobek 
Glenn Johnson 
Jacinda Juday 
Eileen Kelly 

Tim Killilea 
Virginia Klover 
Laura Kolpin 
Loretta Kulaga 
Jeffrey Kurtz 

Resco 99 


Christine Langhout 

Lisa Latiak 

Sarah Leeds 

Stacey Lent 

Lisa Lower 

Sueann Lucas 

Mary Majewski 

Deborah Maka 

Jeffery Martin 

Teresa Mask 

Lisa Mason 

Caroline Maull 

Lee Ann McCandless 

Todd McDorman 

Jim McNabney 

Laurie Teeters and Becky 

Bryant brave the brisk autumn 

winds as the two head for 


100 Resco 


Dr. Osborne, a Dean at Lilly Hall, 
takes a break from his daily grind to 
smile for the camera. 

Kevin Meyer 
Jayne Miller 
Jeff Moehlenkamp 
Steve Moses 
Tara Murphy 

Kelly Murtha 
Brian Nice 
Holly Norrick 
Tammy Nowostawski 
Sue Ogrentz 

Amy Padgett 
Cady Pennington 
Christine Posega 
Marie Purmort 
Jeffery Quick 

Jennifer Quinn 
Gerri Rambis 
Christina Rand 
Julie Rathburn 
Travis Richey 

Resco 101 

Ronda Robertson 

Steve Rose 

Greg Sacha 

Angela Sander 

Sarah Schaefer 

Melissa Jo Scheidt 

Steve Schoo 

Heather Schuld 

Stacy Scott 

Deborah Silverstein 

Allison Simon 

Margaret Skibba 

Catherine Smith 

Katherine Smith 

Moira Smith 



1972 \l 

.HE DRIFl \961 

I ifcii 



102 ffesCo 

Prof. Bigelow shows that 
faculty know how to have fun 
at the Spring Sports 

Karen Sorg 
Amy Sporeitzer 
Dawn Stavitzke 
Kari Stutzman 
Laurie Teeters 

Delmar Terry 
Tracy Thomson 
Jennifer Thuma 
Lynn Tompkins 
Julie Tucker 

Denise Vanwynsberghe 
Dale Verkuilen 
Jamaine Walker 
Renee Wayt 
Melissa Weber 

Julie Welch 
Monica Wilson 
Daphne Wolfgang 
Michelle Young 

ResCo 103 

Mary Boles 

Jason Bottom 

Jennifer Bunch 

Rachelle Chaffins 

Gina Combs 

John Decker 

David Dimoplon 

Deborah Domingue 

Laura Dowell 

Jamey Duncan 

Ross Hall 

Above: Sophomore Brian Nice looks 

up the word "Weak," one of his 

common utterances. 

Right: A woman's basketball player 

tries to knock the ball out of her 

opponent's hands. 

104 Ross Hall 


Brian Dunten 
Tyrone Dye 
Todd Edwards 
Nicole Ehret 
Robert Evola 

Monica Eyrich 
Tyrone Fields 
Pamela Girard 
Wendy Hamm 
Trenton Haston 

Joseph Hatchett 
Dawn Hennig 
Daniel Heser 
Brad Houts 
Darrin Hubbart 

Luis Jimenez 
John D. Jones 
David Juday 
Mary Kalin 
Rochelle King 

Ross Hall 

Brian Nice enlightens Andy Himelick 
in the higher points of computer 
technology — computer games. 

Ross Hall 105 

Jeff Lang 

Stephanie Leslie 

Monica Linck 

Thomas Long 

Michelle Love 

Sharel McElwrath 

Stephen A. Miller 

Timiko Morgan 

Shannon Murphy 

George Najm 

Ross Hall 
co n't 

Above: During the Spring Sports 

Spectacular, President Geoffrey 

Bannister kicks around with the 

soccer players. 

Right: "Ticket please," asks one of 
the many ushers at Geneva Stunts. 

106 Ross Hall 

The C-Club is a popular spot for 
friends to get together, especiall' 
since it has been remodeled. 

Juliette Nehring 
Thomas Nemeth 
Eddie O'Neill 
Jeffery Papineau 
Jennifer Pfaffenberger 

Sabaea Pipkin 
Herman Polk 
Jane Prasse 
Kammie Pryor 
Tracy Rettig 

Kandi Richards 
Tom Schneider 
Brian Snell 
Will Sowers 
Michel Steiner 

Sara Sterk 
Tim Sweeney 
Stacy Teske 
Robert Warfel 
Matthew Wolf 

Ross Hall 107 


The women of Schwitzer 
Hall and the men of 
Lambda Chi Alpha spent 
many hours of hard work 
preparing their Geneva 
Stunts skit. This hard work 
not only paid off by 
bringing the duo a first 
place finish, it also brought 
new friendships and a new 
recognition to Schwitzer. 

Rhonda Hooper, a 
sophomore from Schwitzer, 
felt that winning stunts 
"made Schwitzer more 
visible on campus and 
being paired with Lambda 
Chi brought the Greeks and 
the residence hall closer 
together." To Allison 
Syrcle, a freshman, stunts 
was a "fun way to meet 
people and the way 
everyone worked together 
was great." 

The theme "It's a 
Wonderful Death" was 
director Julie Yancich's 
idea. Julie, who is a 
freshman, felt "it was hard 
being director as a 
freshman but everyone 
worked hard and that 

Ann Anderson 

Robin Ansley 

Amy Baehl 

Anne Baldeshwiler 

Peggy Barber 

Joann Bernardo 

Lisa Blonski 

Michelle Bolin 

Yvetta Bradburn 

Alicia Bruno 

Victoria Chadd 

Amie Charlson 

Kerri Clark 

Tiffany Clark 

Katie Claudy 

Doors, such as this one in 

Schwitzer Hall, prove to be 

good advertising space for 


108 Schwitzer Hall 

Schwitzer Hall 

Music students can aways be found 
practicing in Lilly Hall, any hour of 
the day. A Venezuelan exchange 
student works up a violin piece. 

Karen Cody 
Theresa Coffini 
Cynthia Collins 
Carole Cornman 
Velynda Cossey 

Stephanie Crayton 
Chris Crenchaw 
Doletta Danner 
Becky Dawson 
Gail De Witt 

Kristina Dorgan 
Doris Duning 
Elizabeth Ehrsam 
Angela Falke 
Angie Fetters 

Tricia Fuhrmann 
Michelle Gaines 
Michele Galvin 
Cara Garrison 
Lisa George 

Schwitzer Hall 109 


Heidi Gilbert 

Jennifer Givan 

Kim Gordon 

Rebecca Grant 

Cassandra Harding 

Lauren Hickey 

Christy Hobson 

Jennifer Hockersmith 

Rhonda Hopper 

Rachel Hudepohl 

Shannon Huneryager 

Katie Jacob 

Julie Johnson 

Veronica Josey 

Amy Kennedy 

Jeff Frost of Lambda Chi Alpha 

and Polly Jones of Kappa Alpha 

Theta enjoy their beverages as 

they socialize. 

Publicity supporting the many 

Homecoming Queen 

candidates filled the bulletin 

boards for many weeks before 


110 Schwitzer Hall 

Schwitzer Hall 

Walking throught the remains of 
Lambda Chi's Watermelon Bust, 
students inspect others' handiwork. 

Julie Krukemeier 
Bobbie Leckrone 
Heide Lehman 
Amy Loesche 
Pamela Lutz 

Jennifer Marks 
Angela McCormick 
Sandra McCee 
Domenica McPheeters 
Melissa Mehlhorn 

Karen Mellen 
Marie Morrical 
Rebecca Morris 
Kathy Muhleman 
Becca Nelson 

Nancy Nixon 
Heather Norton 
Michelle Novak 
Sandra Parrott 
Ann Paul 

Schwitzer Hall 111 


Wendy Pecyna 
Stacey Pierce 

Cassandra Pixey 
Crystal Posey 
Jill Rexwinkel 

Dana Rhodes 

Martha Riley 

Tymika Robinson 

Ingrid Rockstrom 

Junita Saruji 

Lisa Schaadt 

Traci Scheetz 

Kathy Schrope 

Angela Shaneyfelt 

Cheryl Shipp 

112 Schwitzer Hall 

Drift lOOtll Anniversary Drift TOOth flnnlv 

Did you know. 

The 1937 edition of the Drift included i section in the 
back referred lo as "Drip: The Yearly Newsmagazine". 
The title page of the section was designed after a Time 
magazine cover, with the Preseident of Butler. 
J. W. Putnam, as "Man of the Tear". * 

nry Drift 100th Rnnluersary Drift 100th anniversary Drl 

Tasting the fruit of the gods (or the fruit 
of the pineapple tree) isn't impossible 
for Kevin Sexton at the SA All-Nighter. 



co n't 

Jennifer Sleeting 
Jennifer Stettler 
Virginia Stevenson 
Bethany Swain 
Allison Syrcle 

Elizabeth Tabaka 
Keri Tilley 
Maureen Twomey 
Cami Warfield 
Cynthia Wedekind 

Jennifer Wible 
Stephanie Winzeler 
Michelle Witte 
Leslie Wolfe 
Mary Zang 

Schwitzer Hall 113 

rift IQOIh Anniversary Drift 

00th finniversary 



Did you know. . 


Phi Delta Theta, established here 

in 1859, and Kappa 

Alpha Theta, established here in 

1874, were the first 

fraternity and sorority on Butler's campus. 

■ ■ 


sary Drift lOOtli Dnniutersary 

ift 100th anniversary B 



— i 


Sigma Chi 

Henry Clark 
Mike Magan 


Drift SGOUi finn 

iversary Drift 100th anniversary 



Did you 

know. . . 

Ross Hall, built 

in 1954, was originally intended for use 

as housing for tt 

•ainees in the AFROTC program on 


■ ■ 



sary Drift 100th Bnnioersary Drift 100th anniversary Dri 

i . L 

114 Schwitzer /Sigma Chi 

Above: Ankle tatoos are not 
required by Delta Tau Delta, 
but many members volunteer 
to get them as a sign of their 
loyalty to their brothers. 

Left: The Sigma Chi House 
looks picturesque until one 
notices the toliet paper that 
has placed in the trees. 

Brian Dabeney 
Reto Guruswami 
Patrick Howard 
Richard Nance 
Steve Rumbaugh 

Frederick Schultz 
Andrew Wing 
Mark Wolf 

Delta Tau 

Delta Tau Delta 115 

Totally, 7 ^ 




Newcomers and Supporters 

When one recalls this past year in sports, we have seen 
some terrific progress and new innovations. Not only did we 
continue in the traditional games (basketball, football, 
etc . . . ), but we also saw the emergence of the Crew. 
Butler's rowing team, and the continuing saga of the soccer 
team's second season. These new sports did not hog up all 
the action, which can be verified from the raucous coming 
from the illustrious Dawg Pound. As the Butler students 
roared their team from victory to victory beneath the south- 
ern basket, opposing team coaches and officials questioned 
its legitimacy. In the end, the Pound proved to be number 

i gs 

116 Sports Divider 

Top: Cheese! The Butler cheer- 
eaders pose in the favorite cheer- 
ing section of Butler students — 
the infamous Dawg Pound. This 
year many students supported 
both the efforts of the girls and 
guys basketball teams from these 

Above: "We Love You Bulldogs!" 
proclaim two Butler students. This 
year the Top Dog game as well as 
others sported several banners 
supporting Butler football team. 
These banners were hung on the 
back of Hilton U. Brown Theater. 

Sports Divider 117 

Football Season Breaks Even 

The 1990 season was a bit of a downer 
for the Dawgs. Butler settled for a .500 
season, finishing with five wins, five losses, 
and one tie, after barely missing the divi- 
sion two playoffs a year ago. After winning 
three consecutive Heartland Conference 
titles, the Bulldogs finished 5-4-1 in the 
newly formed Midwest Intercollegiate 
Football Conference. 

The season was not minus some thrilling 
moments. In their lone tie for the season, 
the Dawgs were seemingly headed to- 
ward a loss at the Butler Bowl against their 
rivals in the annual Top Dog Game, the 
University of Indianapolis. Butler trailed 9- 
3 and had been unable to generate any 
sort of offense all day. But with just one 
minute to play, Todd Rehling received a 
punt, weaved his way down field and 
went 71 yards for a touchdown. The 4,660 
fans on hand went berserk, but Butler had 
to settle for the tie when the extra point 






N. Michigan 



St. Joseph 


Grand Valley J 









Wayne St. 





Ferris St. 









Saginaw Valley 


The season's other highlight game came 
when the Bulldogs knocked off 15th 
ranked Ashland 17-3, helped by defensive 
end Ron Baird's 82 yard interception re- 
turn for a touchdown. 

Senior linebacker Chuck Orban com- 
pleted a fantastic career at Butler by lead- 
ing the team with 181 tackles. Baird and 
team mate Jerry Pianto led the way in 
sacks with 11 and nine, respectively. 

On offense, Todd Roehling was usually 
the focus. He led Butler with 53 catches, 
699 receiving yards, 425 yards in kick re- 
turns, and 1,124 all-purpose yards. Wide 
receiver Eric Voss and running back Kevin 
Kimble led the Bulldogs in touchdowns 
with four apiece. Quarterback Ron Kiol- 
bassa threw for over 2,000 yards while 
completing better than 46% of his passes 
during the course of the season. 

Above: and sensing the opening, Austin finds 

daylight as he turns the corner against the Grey- 

Right: First year Head Coach Bob Bartolomeo and 
Assistant Ken LaRose inspect their team's play as the 
Dawgs roll to victory on Homecoming. 

118 Football 

Front row: Mark Phillips, Brian Pritchard, Dwayne 
Stubbs, Dave Macharaschwili, Chris Abel, Dave Per- 
kins, Todd Roehling, Dan Huber, Karl Kocur, Ron 
Kiolbassa, Jerry Pianto, K.C. Leffler, Chuck Ward, 
Chris Dirksing. Second row: Jamie Phillips, Shane 
Greer, Dennis Springer, Brad Steely, Kevin Johnson, 
Bernard Ringer, Ron Baird, Mike Cochran, Chuck 
Orban, Kevin Enright, Derek Shelton, Weylin Stew- 
art, Chris Herrmann, Delmar Terry, Ted Litchfield. 
Third row: Amy Adzia, Michelle Miller, Rob Norton, 
Ralph Reiff, Nick Shannon, Greg Maricher, Dan 
Shirey, Tom Joseph, Head Coach Bob Bartolomeo, 

Asst. Coach Ken LaRose, Asst. Coach Bill Sylvester, 
Asst. Coach Dan Roushar, Ron Roembke, Mark Al- 
lianson, Dick Lux, Dave Riggins, Jodi Carlton. Fourth 
row: Alex Locker, Joe Huber, Devin Sanders, Steve 
Austin, Rick Atkins, Kent Greer, Aaron Vermilion, 
Nick Melloh, Brad Cougill, Gene Austin, Andrew 
Young, Chris Herrmann, Don Decraene, Will Wei- 
siger, Tim Witmer. Fifth row: Gene Murray, Terry 
Bolen, Joe Casko, Matt Loux, Richard Johnson, Chad 
Nightingale, Chris Flowers, Todd Larson, Marc Sand- 
burg, Tim Walker, Dax Gonzalez, Mike Gillum, Ke- 
vin Kimble, Davin Isakson. Sixth row: Jon Hill, Chad 

Nightingale, Steve Rashevich, Gary Eldridge, Mike 
Schuler, Shawn Bays, Greg Lyons, Ranc Fouce, Greg 
Gauer, Eric Voss, Robbie Livingston, Todd Schaffer, 
Dave Kathmann. Seventh row: Brent Berglund, Tom 
Fuller, Rick Hunt, Ruben DeLuna, Joe Munoz, Tim 
Humphrey, Jeff Montague, Tim Russell, Chad Bot- 
ten, Shaun Beachy, Matt Hutt, Jim Allegretti, R.J. 
Cialdella. Back row: Kyle Ochs, Chris Baldwin, Dan 
Mangeot, Jason Stahl, Jeff Burks, Jeff Beck, Michael 
Banks, Bob Woodring, Paul Romanowski, Ron 
White, Erick Hill, Jim Roeder, Rori Chaney. 


1990 Bulldogs 

Women's Tennis 

The womens tennis team had a fabulous 
season, winning 13 and losing just three 
That also does not include the team's firsi 
place finish among the eight team field at 
the St. Mary's Tournament. The ladies 
won their first ten matches and wem 
through the first four losing only one indi- 
vidual match (35-1). At the MCC Champi- 
onship the Bulldogs finished third out ol 
seven teams. 

MVP Brandi Kohnle was the #1 singles 
player for the entire season and finished 
with an impressive 17-5 mark. In addition, 
she was 13-7 in doubles matches. 

Susie Momper won the team's Mental 
Attitude award. She had a 17-6 record as 
Butler's #2 and #3 singles entry. Playing 
the same role, Jennifer Grimm was 11-3, 
even more impressive was Grimm's 10-C 
mark as the #3 doubles player. Her team- 
mate for most of those matches was 
Heather Crown. Crown was 16-3 in dou- 
bles play and 20-2 as Butler's #5 and #6 
singles player. 

Jama Schitter, paired with Kohnle, was 
the team's #1 doubles team for most ot 
their matches. The combo was 11-7 
Schitter also was 19-3 as Butler's #4 anc 
#5 singles player. Wendy Butzoe compet- 
ed as the #3 and #4 player, finishing 16-4. 

Head Coach Cleve Brown's team was 
outstanding from top to bottom. The 
women probably were the most underat- 
ed team of all of Butler's sports program. 
Hopefully they will receive the notoriety 
they deserve for the outstanding accom- 
plishments they will continue to have in 
the future. 

Freshman Brandi Kohnle concentrates on a back- j* 
hand from her Bellarmine College opponent. 

Drift lOOUi Onniyersary Drift 100th anniversary Drift 10 

Did you know. 

In 1917, Butler was described as "affording for students 
a most desireable place of residence that is somewhat 
withdrawn from the distractions and yet enjoys all the 
benefits of the capital city"--the same reason why 
many students of 1991 chose to attend Butler. ^i 

sary Drift lOOth Bnniyersary Drift 100th anniversary Dri 

12 J Womens Tennis 












St. Mary's Invitational 
1st of 8 














St. Louis 




MCC Championship: 3rd of 7 

1990 Women's Tennis Team 

Women's Tennis 121 

"Quality, not quantity," was the theme 
for the 1990-91 campaign of the Butler 
swimmers. Six new school records were 
posted for the lady Bulldogs and 5 new 
records for the men. With this much suc- 
cess, one would think the team had an 
unblemished season record. Well, not 
quite. The men finished 3-8 on the year 
and the ladies 1-8. Why the new marks, 
yet a poor record? It's easy — The per- 
sonnel Butler has is very talented but 
there is no depth. Rookie Head Coach 
Stephen Maxwell only loses one senior on 
both teams to graduation and is looking 
forward to the construction of a new ath- 
letic facility which will include a new pool. 
"I've only seen the drawings," Maxwell 
said. "From these it looks like a tremen- 
dous improvement. This project should 
benefit recruiting and give Butler swim- 
ming more recognition. I'm very pleased 
with the approach taken by the Universi- 

The men were led all season by sopho- 
more Paul Newsome. Newsome trained 
hard all summer in Indianapolis and his 
work paid off. Newsome set school 
records in the 50 and 100-yard freestyles 
and was a member of 2 relays that also set 




Paul Newsome 




Paul Newsome 




Chris Van Kula 




Newsome, Farrar, 



Lowell, Van Kula 



Newsome, Farrar, 



Boyle, Van Kula 



Dyan Lodde 




Dyan Lodde 




Dyan Loddle 




Melissa Ramey 




Davis, Watson, 



Ramey, Thomson 



yRunge, Bodin, 



Davis, Lodde 


Butler Swimming 

school records. At the MCC champion- 
ship meet at Notre Dame, Newsome set a 
conference record in the 50 free (:21.52) 
and was named "Conference Swimmer of 
the Year." Chris Van Kula also had some 
amazing feats over the course of the year 
with a school record in the 500 freestyle 
and the 800 and 200-yard free relays. The 
800 free relay members also included 
Newsome, freshman John Farrar, and sen- 
ior Robert Lowell. The 200-yard relay had 
Newsome, Farrar, and junior Brian Boyle 
joining Van Kula for the school records. 
Freshman Jim Sweeney and sophomore 
Glenn Johnson improved steadily over 
the year and finaled at the conference 
meet in 3 events each. Lowell, the lone 
senior, contributed greatly over his 4 
years at Butler and in his final meet. He 
placed in every event in which he was 
entered. Maxwell said of the conference 
meet; "We scored more points with fewer 
men with no outstanding swimmers, 
Newsome wasn't expected to do as well as 
he did." 

For the women, Coach Maxwell be- 
lieves this team will be one to look out for 
in the future. "The women are about a 
year away from real success, we just need 

to get the numbers up." That success will 
be based on a group of swimmers who 
made some big waves this year. Dyan 
Lodde set 3 individual school records in 
the 100, 500, and the 1650-yard freestyle 
events. Lodde is only a freshman and was 
also on the 200-medley relay team with 
Mindy Bodin, Trish Davis, and Kristin 
Runge that set another school record. 
Sophomore Melissa Ramey established a 
new mark in the 400-yard individual med- 
ley and was joined by Davis, Sara Watson, 
and Tracy Thomson to set another record 
in the 200-freestyle relay. Newcomer Mi- 
chelle Hilary made good strides over the 
year and cut a full minute off her mile 
time. Carla Richie-lmel improved at the 
conference meet and with more training 
will contribute with points next year. 
Freshman diver Julie Funn gave the Bull- 
dogs valuable points in her two events. 
"With more confidence on the board, she 
should be very competitive come confer- 
ence time next year," says Maxwell. The 
ladies will lose no one and will only get 
better. Maggie Skibba and Diane Layton 
are expected to come back following a 
year off and recruiting will help improve 
the depth on the team. 

122 Swimming 

From left to right — Brian Boyle, Glenn Johnson and 
Paul Newsome prepare for takeoff in the 50 meter 
freestyle against the University of Indianapolis. 

Left: Members of the men and 
women swimming teams hang 
loose in their preparation for the 
day's events at the Notre Dame 

Below: Mindy Bodin, Tricia Da- 
vis, Kristin Runge, and Dyan 
Lodde display their medals after 
winning the 200 medley relay at 
the Notre Dame Relays. 

Women's Team Successful 












Wright St. 






W. Illinois 






Indiana St. 



Ball St. 



Chicago St. 



Cal.- Irvine 



Cal St.-N'ridge 



Notre Dame 






St. Louis 


















St. Louis 






Notre Dame 





















Notre Dame 

Front row: Brandi Kimble, Leslie Miller, Nikki An- 
derson, Mary Majewski. Middle row: Head Coach, 
3 aulette Stein, Asst. Coach Dawn Gentry, Lisa Olt- 
ans, Jill Roxwinkle, Asst. Coach Olivia Jones, 
• Cathy Peter, Scott Hatfield, Manager. Top 
elle Warwick, Angie Bohman, Wendy Al- 
jn Dielingen, Debbie Fuller, Angela 
Cotton. Not pictured, Caleb Montgomery, Manager. 

124 Women's Basketball 

The Butler University Women's Basket- 
ball Team completed their most success- 
ful season ever at the Division I level. The 
Lady Bulldogs finished 21-8 overall and 
10-6 in MCC competition as they reached 
the twenty win plateau for a second con- 
secutive year. 

It was an unforgettable season for the 
team, though sometimes being overshad- 
owed by the turnaround of the men's 
program, as the Lady Bulldogs raced out 
to a 10-0 start and were one of only five 
unbeaten Division I teams in the country 
by the time January rolled around. 

One of the most, if not the most excit- 
ing wins in program history occurred in 
Butler's second outing of the season. The 
Lady Bulldogs traveled to Nashville, TN to 
play in the O'Charley's Tournament. After 
defeating Furman University in the open- 
ing round, the "Dawgs" went up against 
Vanderbilt, the nation's number 12 
ranked team. Butler shocked the Vander- 
bilt home crowd by shooting an unbeliev- 
able 91% in the second half and coming 
from ten points behind at half time to win 

Butler finally began to receive national 
recognition by being ranked as high as 
#29 in the country. But Notre Dame, 
ranked in the top 25, proved again to be 
the team the Lady Bulldogs could not 
shake. Butler finished second in the MCC 
behind the Fighting Irish and lost three 
times to their nemesis, which had also 

prevented the team from being crowned 
champions the year before as well. Notre 
Dame provided Butler its only home set- 
back of the season and also defeated them 
in the MCC Tournament championship, 
though the "Dawgs" hung tough, trailing 
by just one point with less than four min- 
utes to play. Much to the dismay of Head 
Coach, Paulette Stein, Butler was left dry 
in their bid to gain a spot in the NIT. But 
the future appears bright and with the 
direction the program is heading, the 
NCAA tournament seems to be a possibil- 
ity for 1992. 

Sophomore Julie Von Dielingen was the 
star. She was a First Team All-MCC selec- 
tion and a Kodak All-American candidate. 
She led Butler with 20.2 points and 9.6 
rebounds a game, while shooting better 
than 53% from the field, Von Dielingen 
finished first in the MCC in scoring and 
second in rebounding. Nikki Anderson 
the lone senior, capped a brilliant career 
at Butler by finishing sixth on the school's 
all-time scoring 1st. She finished second 
in team scoring with almost 13 points a 
game. Both Anderson and Von Dielingen 
went over the 1,000 point plateau for 
their careers. Freshman Angela Cotton 
was named MCC Newcomer of the Year. 
Cotton contributed over 9 points and al- 
most 6 rebounds a game. As a team Butler 
finished first in free throw percentages, 
shooting 77%. 

First Team All-MCC Julie Von Dielingen takes it to 
the hoop in the MCC title game against Notre Dame. 
Von Dielingen was among the nation's scoring, field 
goal percentage, and free throw percentage leaders. 

'oint guard Mary Majewski looks to dish the ball off. 
"he sophomore finished first in the conference in 
teals and was among the leaders in assists. 

Bottom right: Senior forward Nikki Anderson plays 
in her final game in a Butler uniform, capping a 
brilliant four year career, as she goes up for one of 
her patented jump shots. 

Women's Basketball 125 

Senior John Karaffa drives the lane and goes up 
with the scoop shot in the MCC Tournament 
against Loyola. 

Men's Basketball 1990-91 

Coming off a 6-22 season the year be- 
fore, expectations were low for the Butler 
Men's Basketball Team heading into the 
1990-91 campaign. The Bulldogs were 
predicted to finish last once again in the 
MCC. They were a modest 2-2 after four 
games. But then something unusual began 
to occur. It started with a win over Notre 
Dame. The fourteen point win resulted in 
the students swarming the court, a sight 
which hadn't been witnessed at the Field 
House in years. Then came a double over- 
time win over Wisconsin from the Big 
Ten. The crowds were getting bigger, the 
cheers louder, empty seats scarcer, and 
the team began to become the talk of the 
campus. The 'Dawgs' then shocked Ball 
State, a team who had advanced to the 
Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament 
the year before and was eliminated by a 
basket by the eventual national cham- 
pions, UNLV. Conference wins followed 
over perennial powers Dayton, St. Louis, 
and Evansville. 

What was unthinkable before the sea- 
son started became a reality. Butler, guid- 
ed by second year Head Coach Barry Col- 
lier, was in first place in the MCC, 
unbeaten in the conference after eight 

jmes, and was listed in the USA Today at 

mid-season as one of the five most sur- 

teams in the nation. Suddenly 

there was talk of NCAA Tournament and 

the Field House was rocking once again. 

The Dawg Pound made life a living hell for 
visiting teams. The student section heck- 
led visiting teams like few other places 

At the end though, perennial NCAA 
Tournament participant Xavier would 
prove to be too strong. Xavier won both 
meetings against the Bulldogs down the 
stretch and Butler settled for second 
place in the MCC. In another loss versus 
Evansville at the Field House, many team 
and NCAA records were broken. Butler 
set a team record for most points scored 
(and also most given up) in a memorable 
136-128 double overtime loss that left fans 
clinging to the edge of their seats. Butler 
overcame an 11 point deficit in the final 
two periods combined to set NCAA 
records for most fouls (85) and freethrows 
(97) in a game. Ten players fouled out and 
Evansville only had five eligible players left 
by game's end. 

In the first round of the MCC Tourna- 
ment, Butler was upset by Loyola, but still 
reached post season play, settling for an 
NIT bid. In the first round match-up, the 
'Dawgs' traveled to the University of Wy- 
oming and lost a close affair, 63-61. 

Despite the end-of-season slump, But- 
ler finished 18-11 and there is extreme 
optimism heading into the 1991-92 sea- 
son. Guard Darin Archbold was MCC 
Player of the Year as a junior. Archbold 
scored over 30 points six times. He aver- 

aged 21.8 points per game, shot 46% from 
three point range, and led the nation in 
free throw percentage, shooting better 
than 91%. Ironically as a team, the men 
led the nation in free throw percentage, 
as did their women counterparts. 

Senior forward Brett Etherington daz- 
zled fans with his electrifying dunks and 
contributed 12.5 points and 6 rebounds a 
game. Another senior, John Karaffa, had a 
brilliant season as he pumped in 10.5 
points and grabbed over four rebounds a 
game. Center J. P. Brens proved to be a 
force in the middle. Only a sophomore, 
Brens led the team with seven rebounds a 
game. Freshman Jermaine Guice was 
named to the MCC All-Newcomer Team. 
Guice was a deadly three point threat in 
his freshman season and scored better 
than ten points a game. Point guard Tir 
Bowen directed the offense effectively, 
leading the team with almost six assists 
and over two steals a game. 

Head Coach Barry Collier was MCC 
Coach of the Year and deserved so. A 
turnaround from 6-22 to 18-11 with al- 
most the same starting five speaks for it- 

With the Butler program back in the 
limelight, even bigger and better things 
are expected from the Bulldogs in 1992. 
Stay tuned! 

126 Men's Basketball 

Front row: Asst. Coach Jay John, Asst. Coach Doug 
Mitchell, John Shoup, Chad Fordyce, Brett Ethering- 
ton, John Karaffa, Asst. Coach Randy Roth, Graduate 
Asst. Ed Kelly. Middle row: Tim Bowen, Michael 
Banks, John Taylor, Head Coach Barry Collier, Darin 

Archbold, Jermaine Guice, Mike Wilson. Top row: 
Student Manager Ed Sutkowski, Brian Beauford, 
Wade Cault, J. P. Brens, Danny Allen, Dave Ryser, 
Katara Reliford, Trainer Ralph Reiff. 








W. Illinois 



Indiana St. 






Cal St. F'ton 



Notre Dame 






Bowling Green 









Ball St. 



Georgia St. 






St. Louis 





















St. Louis 




























Darin Archbold goes up for one of his patent- 
ed jump shots against Loyola. The junior guard 
led the nation in free throw shooting. 

Men's Basketball 127 

Women's Track 

r. W-Track . 


L 120-49 Indpls 

4th of 4 Indpls Inv 

Purdue Inv 

W 92-33 St. Joe 

Tie 70-70 Taylor 

Wabash Rel 

3rd of 13 Little St 
7th of 7 Ind Intercol 
Ball St Relays 

No team scores kept 

W X- Country _ 


lUPU-Ft. Wayne 

3rd of 3 Butler Inv 
4th of 12 Taylor Inv 
2nd of 11 Manchester Inv 
L 20-42 Ball St 
1st of 7 Hanover Inv 
3rd of 18 Ind Little St 
6th of 8 MCC Champ 

No team scores kept 

128 Women's Track/X-Country 

Front row: Head Coach Brian Miller, Becky 
Dawson, ]anet Hoh, Amy Adzia, Stepha ri e 
Gatz, Laura Workman, Stacy Popechik. F ck 

row: Heidi Gilbert, Mary Seal, Deanna Kauff 
man, Karen Nitka, Beth Brooks, Shelly Brunei 
Bridgette Davis. 

Bottom row: Tim Swan, Eric Underwood, Dave Mike Homme, Curt Taylor, Brian Disney, Head 
Graves, Clay Jones, Ray Ball, Wes Navireaux. Coach Stan Lyons. Top row: Mike Baker, Joel 
Mefl S CrOSS COUntry Middle row: Brian Koppick, Vance Wessar, Pierson, Jim Ziegler. 


Butler Inv 
Ind Wesleyan 
Taylor Inv 
Manchester Inv 
Hanover Inv 
Ind Little St 
4th of 8 MCC Championship 
27th of 30 NCAA Dis IV Meet 


Senior Dave Graves and Junior Mike Baker 
clap hands for a first-place tie at the Butler 

Men's Track/X-Country 129 

Women's Volleyball 







Florida St 






E. Washington 




N. Ill 


Indiana St 


Ohio St 


Kansas St 




Wright St 








W. Ill 




Miami of Ohio 



E. Ill 






C. Michigan 














St. Louis 





Notre Dame 


Ball St 

















Notre Dame 




For the sixth straight season the Butler 
Women's Volleyball team finished with a 
winning record, racking up 23 wins 
against just 12 losses. They also ran their 
regular season MCC conference winning 
streak to 21 games, dating back to 1987, by 
finishing 7-0 in the MCC. After a slow 3-5 
start the Bulldogs began to find their 
stride by rolling to victory in matches in 
the Butler Tournament and later in the 
Butler Invitational. The going got tougher 
in the MCC Tournament, as the ladies had 
to settle for runner-up for a third consec- 
utive year, losing to Dayton in the finals. 

Seniors Beth Christiansen and Stacia 
Mellinger capitulated fabulous careers at 

Butler by each being named 1990 MCC 
Co-Player of the Year. In addition both 
were named to GTE Academic All-Ameri- 
ca Teams. Christiansen finished in the top, 
three in virtually every statistical category 
at Butler and set a school record with 
eight aces in one match. She was MVP ot 
the Butler Invitational and also gained All-i 
Tournament Team at the Buckeye anc 
Butler Invitationals. She finished first or 
Butler's all-time assist list and broke her 
own single match record by accumulating 
71 assists. Sophomore Jessica Taylor wa; 
named to the AlI-MCC Second Team anc 
led Butler with 367 digs. 

130 Womens Volleyball 

Front row: Christy Ward, Jenny Arentz, Carol Bra- 
den, Stacia Mellinger, Jessica Taylor. Middle row: 
Head Coach Jona Braden, Assistant Coach Mark 
Daniel, Beth Christiansen, Wendy Maat, Shelli Hesse, 

Trainer Cathy Peters, Student Manager Amy Smit 
Back row: Eileen Kelly, Michelle Leedy, Renee Way 
Kristen Kelly. 







Rose Hulman 


IUPUI-Ft. Wayne 





N. Ky 





Miami of Ohio 















Notre Dame 



Ohio St 



St. Louis 






N. Mexico 







1990 Men's Soccer Team 

ottom row: Scott Ceglia, Scott Lawler, Frank 
/tcKain, Chad Gabbard, Kris Case, Kyle Priest, Alex 
irinsky, Chris Mitchell. Middle row: Dave MacLar- 
n, Justin Dunckel, Tim Killilea, Jeff Kurtz, Jeff 
/loechlenkamp, Jonathon Simon, Noel Korowin, 
^en Urakawa, Jason Domenick. Top row: Mike Ros- 

coe, Bryan Kumler, Craig Koller, Stephen Peck, Dave 
McVay, John Cone, Sean Clements, Taylor Kimler, 
Scott Weiger, Matt Morgan, Head Coach Langdon 
Kumler, Assistant Coach Bryan Blitz, Assistant Coach 
Bob. Not pictured: Jason Ray. 

Men's Soccer 131 

Butler Golf 

The Butler Golf Team led by team 
MVP Chad Hutsell, finished a success- 
ful fall campaign which saw the season 
get off to a quick start. In their very 
first match the Bulldogs won the 14 
team Eastern Illinois Invitational. Hut- 
sell was the overall winner with a 73, 
tying for Butler's best individual score 
during the fall. Hutsell also shot a 73 
against Purdue and teammate Joe 
Chaille duplicated that same score at 
the Butler Invitational. 

Captain Doug Chase won the team's 
Mental Attitude Award. Chase shot a 
74 at Eastern Illinois, as well as Purdue. 
He also finished with a team best of 
158 over two rounds at the Indiana 
Intercollegiate Championship. 

Overall, Butler finished the fall por- 
tion of their season with an impressive 
56-41 record. 

132 Golf 

Front row (left to right): Trent Stuckey, Yancy 
Deering, Doug Chase, Joe Chaile, Tim Gerund. 
Back row: Coach Don Benbow, Chad Hutsell, 

Travis Richey, Scott Clevenger, Graduate Asst 
Mike Williams. 

Left: The Butler Bowl. 
Below: Hinkle Fieldhouse. 




383 Purdue 360 

414 Franklin 430 

E.ILL Inv.: 1st of 14 

TS: Chad Hutsell 73 

Indpls. Inv: 11th of 19 

TS: Joe Chaille 76 

St. Joe Inv: 4th of 9 

TS: Travis Richey 78 

Franklin Inv: 6th of 16 

TS: Chaille, Hutsell 75 

Butler Inv: 3rd of 8 

TS: Joe Chaille 73 

Ind. Champ: 8th of 16 

TS: Doug Chase 79-79 

Dayton Inv.: 6th of 6 

TS: Chad Hutsell 79 

Valpo Inv.: 3rd of 6 

TS: Travis Richey 79 

MCC Championship: 7th of 9 

TS: Chaille 78-83 

TS: Gerund 83-78 

TS denotes Top Scorer 


Golf 133 

1990-91 Men's Baseball Team 

134 Baseball 

"he cheerleaders fire up the crowd at a home 
ootball game. 

%1 % 

Cheerleaders 135 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Congratulates it's Seniors 

Susan Brooks 

Karynn Long 

Laura Burkey 

Anne Penny 

Michelle Carter 

Bryana Pierce 

Courtney Cook 

Christine Renz 

Jodie Crosby 

Charlene Forgione 

Ronda Rushton 

Diana Hatcher 

Kate Stubbs 

Jocelyn Hoffman 

Susie Wallace 

Harriot Johnson 

Alice Williams 

Carol Kolbus 

Jenice Korn 

Elaina Kuechenberg 

Karin Loisch 



to the women of 
Schwitzer Hall 
who have had a 

GREAT year! 

First place winners 

of Geneva Stunts 

and second place 

winners of 

Spring Sing! 


Schwitzer Hall Government 


Caroline Abeleda 

Jennifer Bartnick 

Leslie Benge 

Kirstin Carlstrand 

April Caton 

Mary Katherine Coppick 

Misty Easton 

Angie Giraff 

Lesle Lane 

Jeannie Lee 

Jill Lee 

Alison Long 

Emily Podmore 

Melissa Menzie 

Michele Miller 

Molly Moran 

Jynene Nussbaum 

Suzie Palmatier 


Janet Szydlowski 

Faith Thurow 

Tara Todd 

Kelli Walker 

Congrats, SENIORS! 

your Alpha Phi sisters 

Paige Weirich 
Kristin Wheeler 
Tracey Westmeyer 

136 Ads Divider 


The official 

yearbook photographers 

401 Elmwood Avenue 
Sharon Hill, PA 19079 
(215) 522-1338 

Ads Divider 137 

Edward G. Sutkowski 

And he left home, alone 
and as a wide eyed adoles- 
cent son, anxious to 
stretch and grow. Then 
later, much later and after 
the Butler diploma expe- 
rience, and to the button 
busting pleasure of his 
adoring parents, returned 
a man. 

Monique French 

God has blessed our lives 
with you. You are the love 
and joy of our lives. We 
have had our ups and 
downs but our love con- 
quered all. May God bless 
and keep you forever! 


\: fir! i 

Stephen Bradley Inge 



We're so proud — this is 
the beginning of great 

Much Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Katy Browne 


We're very proud of 


Lots of love always. 

Mom and Dad 

Hay dee Ramos 


We are very proud of 


We wish you the best, 

we love you. 

Dad, Mom, Carlos and 

Donna Maddox 

You light up our lives. 
We're so proud of you 
and love you very much. 


Mom and Dad 

Jill Goode 

You've come a long way 


Congratulations on a job 

well done. 

You set out to do it, and 

you did it. 

May you always keep 

that smile on you face. 

Love, Mom 

Frank Meyer III 

I miss the boy, but I'm 
proud of and love the 
man that you've become. 
Your little sister will al- 
ways think you're the 
greatest. You deserve the 
best life has to offer. 

Love, Mom and Tamara 

Ralston Simmons 

Congratulations for a job 
■k well done. God is blessing 

■^ you everyday. We are very 

proud of you. Great 
things are awaiting you in 

Love, Dad, Mom, Yolanda, 
~.y Yuette, Rutherford Jr. and 

^^ Ryan 

^ V 

Meredith Singleton Hapson 

Same hairstyle! God has 
been good to give us a son 
like you. We are so proud 
— this is not the end — 
only the beginning of 
great things. 

Love, Mom, Pops and 

Debbie Ringer 

We are very proud to 
have you as a daughter 
and sister. We know you 
have worked very hard. 
Through you, God has 
blessed us and many oth- 

Love, Mom, Dad and Da- 

Michael Tad el 

Thanks for the memories 
(#13). God couldn't have 
given us a better son. 
We're so proud of you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 



Nancy L. Hughes 

Five years gone and look 
what you have accom- 
plished. I know you 
thought that, that time 
would never come. Your 
Dad would be very proud 
of you; as I am. I love you. 


Rissi Kohlhagen 

You are a joy and a bless- 
ing to us. Congratulations 
on your outstanding col- 
lege career and we wish 
you every happiness in all 
that you do. 

Love, Mom, Jim and the 
whole family 

Joan Elise Hamblen 


I Congratulations, Joanie! 


"God's Gracious Gift", 

"little baklava", "Goddess 

ft m 

Extraordinaire!" We are 

very proud of you! You 

Bi ^ 

don't need a blue cup to 

^ r 

be a winner! 


We Love You Very Much, 

Dad, Mom, Julie, Jonny 


and Aunt Jean 

Ken Menser 

I am so proud of you. 
It's been a struggle, but 
you made it! 

Stay happy and enjoy 
the rewards of your hard 

I love you. 


Kristin Oeffinger 

Congratulations to a real 
winner. We're proud of 

Love you, 

Mom, Dad and Rich 

Tim Johnston 

Keep happy Tim. We love 
you very much and are 
very proud of you. 

Your family 

John Kress 

You always have made us 

proud of you and know 

you always will. 

May GOD be with you 


P.S. You have come a 
long way son. 

Love, Dad, Mom, Vonda, 

Karen King 


Congratulations on your 
Blue Ribbon performance 
at Butler! All those Rib- 
bons you won in grade 
school were an excellent 
foreshadow of who you 
have become! Praise the 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Kara Fitzgerald 

Twenty-two years ago the 
doctor gave you a 5% 
chance of living. Now, 
here you are, a college 
graduate! We are so very 
proud of you and love you 
very much. 

Your family 


Misty Easton 


We are so proud of you. 
You have been a real joy 
to us. Good luck in the fu- 

We love you very much! 
Mom, Dad, Andrew, 
Matt, Aimee 



, p ^ 

Thankful we are that God 

has blessed us with you. 

g**" ^ 

You are such an inspira- 

m m 

tion to all. We are very 


proud of you and your ac- 

*W ft* ', 

complishments. Great 

things are in store for you. 

v _ tf. 

You do make a difference! 


Mom, Dad and Barbara 

Suzanne Wade 

Your so dear to us. 
We're very proud of 


Mom, Dad, Richard, 


Anne Penny 

What a beautiful blessing 
you are and always will be 
to our lives. Our love and 
prayers are with you as 
you continue life's jour- 

Mom and Dad 

Joe Latty 

You were always told to 
do the best you can and 
you have. Continue al- 
ways to do your best. 
We are proud of you! 
May God Bless You Al- 

Mom and Dad 

Kathy Austin 

Daughter is another name 
for LOVE. Kooks Pooh!! 
We are very proud to 
have you as our daughter 
and sister. 


Mom and Dad, Dianna 

and Jeff 

Emanuele Trouillot 

Garde ton bel appetit de 

la vie. Merci pour tout le 

bonheur que tu nous 



Mom, Dad and sisters 

Susan Jamrozy 


Back at Age 3 thinking of 
what you will be — won- 
der no longer about your 
future. You have accom- 
plished a lot and we are 
proud of the person you 
have become. Good Luck 
and Congratulations! 


Mom and Dad 

Kelly Kohlhagen 

Since the day you were 
born, you've brought us 
nothing but happiness. 
Thank you for giving so 
much to us. We will love 
you forever. 

Dad and Mom 

Michaele Wilcher 


Congratulations! We are 

so proud of you!! God 

gave us such a blessing in 

you. Through you God 

has blessed us, and many 


We love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Teresa Dorenbusch 


Congratulations! May 
you know nothing but 
happiness from this day 
forward. Thank you for 
making us smile. We love 
Mom and Dad 

Mara McCabe 

Hooray ! ! 

On to the Pulitzer! 


Mother and Dad 

Drift lOOUs ftnrslf/ersary Drift 1 00th anniversary Drift 10 

Did you know. 

Even in 1922, the professors had to deal with their 
students reading the school paper in class. The Drift 
quotes Prof. Harris as having said, "Papers aside, please! 
I can't compete with the Collegian on Wednesday 

sary Drift 100th anniversary Drift ?D8th ftnniuersary Or? 
v — 

Drift IQGth Rnnivarsary Drift 100th Anniversary Bt\n 10 

Did you know. 

A brief history of our campus 
1928- -Butler moved to present location; Jordan hall built 
1942- -Robertson Hall constructed 
1950--Atherton built, Holcomb Gardens landscaped 
1951 --Pharmacy Building erected 
1953 --Holcomb Observatory raised 
1961 --Clowes Memorial Hall built 
1963- -Irwin Library built, books moved from Jordan 
1964- -Lilly Hall constructed 

1973_.Gallahue and Holcomb Research Institute built 
1990- -Residential College finished 

$ary Drift I 00th finniuersary Drift 100th anniversary Drl 


trift IQOUi Onniuersary Drift 100th anniversary Orift 10 

Did you know. . . 

On April 25, 1921, the Girl's Glee Club, as it was then 
called, presented "Trial by Jury", the same operetta 
performed this spring by JCFA students. 

sary Drift 100th anniversary Drift 100th Onnluersary Ori 

"Watch your step!" Many 
Butler students had to leave 
earlier for classes in order to 
make it on time. The mall was 
blocked off for several weeks 
while the heavy machinery 
went to work. 


Persian Gulf 

Tension was not only 
found in Persian Gulf during 
1990 and 1991, but on the 
campus as well. 

Throughout the entire 
school year the Gulf was an 
area of interest and concern 
for students. Iraq invaded 
Kuwait only a few weeks be- 
fore classes started and at 
the end of the year U.S. 
troops were still in Iraq. 

The conflict was the sub- 
ject of many lectures, de- 
bates and letters to the Col- 
legian throughout the year. 
A TV was placed in the C- 
Club, so students could 
watch the news coverage of 
the war. 

Students and faculty wore 
ribbons to show their feel- 
ings about the war: yellow or 
orange for support, black for 

Students also got in- 
Top: Flags were used as a symbol 
during the war by both supporter 
and protestors, as shown by this 
man at the Washington D.C. Peace 

volved. Protestors partici- 
pated in peace marches, not 
only in Indianapolis, but in 
Washington D.C. as well. 
Supporters wrote letters and 
sent care packages to sol- 
diers stationed in the Gulf, 
other students sacrificed 
even more, including Brett 
Nicely who had to withdraw 
from his fall classes when he 
received orders to go to the 

The war, although rela- 
tively brief, deeply affected 
the opinions and lives of ev- 
eryone and we were not 
spared the consequences 
simply because we were in 

Although students may 
have disagreed whether the 
United States was doing the 
right thing, all would agree 
that it changed the feeling of 
the school year. 

Above: Soldiers returning to Fort 
Benjamin Harrison from the Gulf 
War wave and give the "V" for vic- 
tory sign to their comrades. 

Right: Protestors in Washington 
D.C. carry effigies and signs down 
the streets. Some Butler students 
took a bus to Washington to join in 
the Peace March. 

144 Gulf War 

A Time Line 

facts from the Palladium- 
Item July 31, 1991 

August 2, 1990 — Iraq in- 
vades Kuwait 

August 7, 1990 — U.S. de- 
ploys combat troops to Sau- 
di Arabia in Operation De- 
sert Shield. 

Nov. 8, 1990 — Bush orders 
additional 100,000 troops to 

Nov. 29, 1990 — U.N. Secu- 
rity Council approves the 
use of force to oust Iraqi 

Jan. 9, 1991 — Talks be- 
tween Secretary of State 
James Baker and Iraqi fail. 
Jan. 16, 1991 — Operation 
Desert Sorm begins at 7pm, 

Feb. 23, 1991 — U.S. led al- 
lied ground offensive begins 
at 8 pm, EST. 

Feb. 27, 1991 — President 
Bush suspends offensive op- 

March 3, 1991 — Iraqi gen- 
erals and General Schwarz- 
kopf meet to discuss cease 

March 14, 1991 — Kuwait 
emir returns to Kuwait City. 
July 15, 1991 — Last U.S. 
troops leave northern Iraq. 

ndianapolis school children cheer 
ind wave flags for the Gulf War 
ioldiers returning to Fort Benjamin 

Students gathered in the C-Club 
watch a Persian Gulf journalist give 
his report in a gas mask. For the 
first time in years a TV was placed 
in the C-Club so students could 
watch the news. 

Gulf War 145 

Organization editor John Kress 
gives a big smile for the camera. 

Amy Bryant, editor of the Drift 
takes a break from work in the 
yearbook office. 

Gina West, Amy Bryant, and John 
Kress take a break from work by 
playing around with some of the 
props and costumes used for sen- 
ior and underclassmen pictures. 

5 € Drift 

1991 Drift 

Asst. Editor 
Organization Editor 

Amy Bryant 
Gina West 
John Kress 

An umbrella used by Carl Wolf stu- 
dios during pictures week be- 
comes a perfect place for assistant 
editor Gina West to strike a pose. 


Liz Fort 

Cara Garrison 

Caleb Montgomery 

Timiko Morgan 

Dana Rhodes 

Kristina Rogers 


Michelle Bolton 

Tom Gast 

Amy Ketner 

Tim Killilea 

Anne Penny 

Brian Nice 

Gerri Rambis 

Lori Ray 


Doug Oblander 
Candy Brady 
Karen Martin 

Melinda Alessi 
Bob Stalcup 

Drift 147 



Abeleda, Caroline 


Shelbyville, In 


Alpha Phi 

Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda 

Sigma, Blue Key/Chimes, Mortar Board, Rho Lambda, 

Homecoming Court, Phi Kappa Phi, Outstanding Student 

Nominee, Alpha Kappa Psi, APO, Circle K, Business Bylines 

— Editor and Writer; Gavel — Editor; Junior Achievement 

Business Basics Consultant, YMCA, Faculty/Student Round 

Table for SA, Entrepreneurship Club — Secretary; Senior 

Challenge, Senior Class Council, Indianapolis 500 Princess 

1989, Miss Congeniality 1991, Miss Indiana International, 

Miss Congeniality, Mrs. Beautiful 

Adams, Andrea 
Connersville, IN 
Political Science 
Alpha Phi 

Anderson, Nicole A. 

Greenwood, IN 

Speech Communication 

Women's basketball — Tri-Captain; FCA — Secretary; 

Spring Sing, Nominee for Outstanding Student 

Alhaddad, Monique 
Lansing, Ml 

Butler Ballet, Voice lessons, Jordan Jazz Singers, Sigma Rho 
Delta, Outstanding Performance Award with Butler Ballet, 
Dean's List, Choreographer for Senior/Graduate Dance Pro- 

Armstrong, Tina-Marie 
Cincinnati, Ohio 

Public & Corporate Communications 

Flip-Side — Publisher; Lutheran Campus Ministry, Hilton U. 
Brown Scholarship, Blue Key — Vice-president; Lecture's 
Chair of Student Assembly, Alpha Lambda Delta — Presi- 
dent; Resident Assistant, Who's Who Among College Stu- 
dents, Mortar Board, Butler Collegian — Editor-in-Chief, 
Corinne Welling Scholarship winner, SA, Outstanding Stu- 
dent nominee, intramural participant in volleyball, basket- 
ball, football, bowling and Softball; Schwitzer Hall represen- 
tative, Public Relations Student Society of America, 
Lutheran Campus Ministry 

Atkins, Kris 

Carmel, IN 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Softball, Indy Speedskating Club, Helen B. Tewksbury 

Award, Softball Mental Attitude Award, Athletic Training 



Baker, Jill 
Plainfield, IN 

Elementary Education 
Nontraditional Student Association, Student Education As- 

Barnes, Wendy Rae 

Michigan City, IN 

Mathematics/Secondary Education 

Delta Gamma 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Gamma — Pledge 

Class Officer 

Bates, Andrea J. 

Morgantown, IN 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Kappa Gamma — Recording Secretary and Panhel- 
lenic Representative; Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Frater- 
nity, American Pharmaceutical Association, Academic 
Scholarship, Dean's List 

Berry, Ron 

Indianapolis, IN 

Secondary Education/Speech 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Campus Crusade for Christ, Lambda Chi Alpha — House 

Director, Teeter-Totter Chairman 

Bishop, Melissa 
Hinsdale, IL 
Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Anchor Speech Chairman; Halftime Hon- 
eys, Varsity Cheerleader, Faculty Committee for Athletic 
and Community Affairs, Marketing Club, AMA member, 
Vice President of Special Events, Business Bylines, Dean's 

Borre, Lori Jean 
Indianapolis, IN 
Elementary Education 
Delta Delta Delta 

Mortar Board, Blue Key, Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Marching Band, Halftime Honeys, Student Assembly Schol- 
arship, Nominated Outstanding Student, Delta Delta Delta 
— Scholarship Chairman, Music Chairman, Reference 
Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Geneva Stunts, Spring 
Sing, Alpha Phi Omega, Dean's List 

Boucuvalas, Maria 
Englewood, OH 
Pi Beta Phi 

Phi Beta Phi Sorority — Panhellenic Representative; Kappa 
Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity — Historian; Rho Chi Honor 
Society, Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society, Phi Eta Sigma 
Honor Society, Student American Pharmaceutical Associa- 

Bower, Scott 

Coloma, Ml 

Secondary Education 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 

ResCo Hall Council, YMCA Direction Sports 

Bowman, Gerry Lynn 

Knox, IN 


Tau Beta Sigma, American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 

American Pharmaceutical Association 

Braden, Carol 
Greencastle, IN 

Secondary Education/Social Studies 

Varsity Volleyball Team — Mental Attitude Award; Fellow- 
ship of Christian Athletes, Coach of CYO Volleyball Team 

Brooks, Amy D. 
Greenfield, IN 

Public & Corporate Communications 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key — Secretary; 
IABC, WICI — Secretary, Treasurer; Butler Collegian — 
Writer; ResCo Review — Editor; First Place English Depart- 
ment Short Story Contest, Writer for Manuscripts, Spring 

Burkey, Laura 

Munster, IN 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Scholarship Chairman, Assitant Rush 

Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega — Secretary; Lambda Sigma, 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Chi, ASP, Dean's 

List, Outstanding Student, Outstanding Freshman Chemistry 

Award, Outstanding Freshman Nominee 

Burkhart, Annette 
Greensburg, IN 

Public & Corporate Communications 

Women in Communications — Secretary, Vice President; 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Blue Key, Freshmen English Essay Con- 
test — Third place, John Miller Chapman Speech Winner — 
Fourth place; Staffwriter for Collegian, Hilton U. Brown 
Journalism Scholar 


Cain, Jr., James N. 

Chicago, IL 


Sigma Chi 

YMCA Representative, Spring Sing — Director; Geneva 

Stunts — Director; Collegian Reporter, University Choir, 

Butler Chorale, Men's Glee Club, Dean's List, Indianapolis 

Children's Choir Assistant 

Campbell, Lynette 
Bourbonnais, IL 
Pi Beta Phi 

Mortar Board — Secretary; Academy of Students of Phar- 
macy — Treasurer; Lambda Kappa Sigma — Membership 
Coordinator; Phi Lambda Sigma, Rho Lambda, Peer Educa- 
tors/BACCHUS, Pi Beta Phi — Vice President of Moral Ad- 
vancement, Vice President of Mental Advancement; Blue 
Key National Honorary, Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Phi Eta Sigma — Secretary 

Carlton, Jodi L. 
Greenfield, IN 
Pi Beta Phi 

Pi Beta Phi — House Manager, First Runner-up for National 
Award; Peer Educators/BACCHUS — Committee Chair; Al- 
cohol Awareness Award, Designated Driver Program, Sports 
Medicine Staff, University Judicial Board, Lambda Sigma, 
Dean's List, Alumni Scholarship, Outstanding Student nomi- 
nee, Sophomore Class President, S A, Intercollegiate Soft- 
ball Team, Psychology Club, American Chemical Society, 
Nominated for Outstanding Senior Greek Woman in Cen- 
tral Indiana 

Carroll, Joseph B. 




Phi Delta Theta 

Football team, Track team — shotput, discus, Team Captain; 

Phi Delta Theta — Warden 

Chambliss, Stacey 
South Bend, IN 
Alpha Phi 

Academic scholarship. Alpha Phi — Social Chairman; Pan- 
hellenic Delegate, Panhellenic Council — Secretary/Trea- 
surer, ASP member 

Chase, Doug 
Plymouth, IN 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Tau Kappa Epsilon — President, Vice-president; Parent's 
Club Chairman, Dean of Admissions Search Committee 
Member, Golf team — Captain, Most Valuable Player, Men- 
tal Attitude, Four-year letter winner; Senior Challenge 
Committe Member, Admissions Resource Corps. 

Christiansen, Beth 

Roscoe, Illinois 

Elementary Education 

Butler volleyball, Mortar Board, Blue Key, Senior Challenge 

Committee, GTE Academic All-American (volleyball), MCC 

Co-Player of the Year (volleyball) 

Clark, Carolyn 
Zionsville, IN 

Public & Corporate Communications 
Pi Beta Phi 

Mortar Board, Women in Communications, Inc. — Presi- 
dent, Vice-president; Senior Challenge Committee, Blue 
Key, APO, Cripe Communications Group — Vice-presi- 
dent, Secretary 

Colson, Lance 
Hillsboro, IN 

Rhi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity — President, Vice-presi- 
dent; Pharmacy Class President, Pharmacy Student Advisory 

Senior Directory 

Group, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Lambda Sigma, ASP, Who's 
Who Among American College Students, Recognized as 
one of the "Top 100" Students at Butler, Dean's List, Reeve's 
Scholarship recipient, Spring Sing, Lutheran Campus Minis- 
tries, Appalachia Trip participant 

Coulson, Joelle 

Carbondale, IL 

Public & Corporate Communications 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Dean's List, Public Relations Student of America 

Cox, Gail 

Indianapolis, IN 


Dean's List, 1/2 Audition Scholarship in Dance, Phi Sigma 

lota, Who's Who Among American Students, Outstanding 

Performance Award in Dance, Scholarship in STEPS, NY, 

Scholarship to Martha Graham School of Contemporary 

Dance, Performed with Butler Ballet, Apprentice with 

Dance Kaleidoscope 

Davenport, Craig 
Plymouth, IN 
Phi Kappa Psi 

Most Outstanding Butler Male Student, Eisenhower Memo- 
rial Scholarship Recipient, Rho Chi Society — Secretary, 
Treasurer; Mortar Board; Blue Key, Lambda Sigma Society, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Council Presidential 
Affairs, Phi Kappa Psi, Senior Challenge Committee, Career 
Orientation Week Committee, Academy of Students of 
Pharmacy, Faculty Assembly/Student Assembly Committee 
on Student Affairs, Intercollegiate YMCA, Admissions Re- 
source Corp. 


Dell, Tanya N. 
Noblesville, IN 
Elementary Education 
Delta Delta Delta 

Student Education Association — founding member, corre- 
sponding secretary; Practice Health Discussers Secretary, 
Direction Sports Tutor, Wellness Task Force, Delta Delta 

Deuschle, Tom 

Elkhart, IN 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Lambda Chi Alpha — President; University Judicial Board 

Deutsch, Lisa 

Brookville, IN 


Marching Band, Basketball Band, Concert Band, Tau Beta 

Sigma — President, Treasurer, Social Chair; Rho Chi, Phi 

Delta Chi, ASP, Newman Center Council, Phi Kappa Phi 

Dickenson, Denise 
Paris, IL 
Delta Delta Delta 

Dean's List, Rho Chi Pharmacy Recognition Certificate, Del- 
ta Delta Delta — Librarian, Historian; Greek Rush Counselor, 
Homecoming Queen's Court 

Dillner, Eric T. 
St. Louis, MO 
Vocal Performance 
Phi Kappa Psi 

Jordan Jazz, Butler Chorale, Butler Madrigals, Starlight Mu- 
sical Award, First Place NATS Competition, World Youth 
Choir, Indianapolis Opera Company 

DiPalma, Marley E. 

North Tarrytown, NY 

Public & Corporate Communications 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Student Assembly, SA Committee Head for Homecoming, 

Butler YMCA, Geneva Stunts, Spring Sing, Kappa Alpha 

Theta Alumnae Relations Director, PRSSA 

Disney, Angela 
Danville, IN 
Pi Beta Phi 

Pi Beta Phi — Treasurer; Peer Educators/BACCHUS — Sec- 
retary; Lambda Kappa Sigma — Vice-president; Rho Chi, 
Lambda Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta — Treasurer; Phi Eta 

Sigma, Newman Center, Direction Sports 

Divish, William J. 

Scottsburg, IN 


Phi Delta Theta 

Dodds, Caryn 
Walkenville, Ml 
Actuarial Science 
Dean's List, President's List 

Dollens, Melissa K. 

Tipton, IN 


Pi Beta Phi 

Pi Beta Phi — President, Vice-president Mental, Social 

Chairman; Glee Club, University Choir, Dean's List, Mortar 

Board — First Vice-president; Graduate with Honors in 

Chemistry, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Nominee. 

Drapalik, Julie A. 

Martinsville, IN 


Lambda Kappa Sigma — Treasurer; Phi Lambda Sigma, 

Lambda Sigma, Academy of Students of Pharmacy, FCA 

Dryer, Richard 
Middletown, PA 
Music Education 

Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, March- 
ing Band, Butler New Music Ensemble, Basketball Band, 
Concert Band, Glee Club, Butler Band Staff, Rosemary Lang 
Woodwind Honor Award, Flip Side — Photographer; Butler 
Drift — Photographer 


Easton, Misty Darlene 

Bedford, IN 

Arts Administration 

Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi — Fraternity Education; Sigma Alpha lota — 

Chaplain, Assistant Recording Secretary, Recipient of Sigma 

Alpha lota Audition Scholarship; Butler Chorale, University 

Choir — President; Madrigals, Halftime Honeys, Dean's List 

Eckerle, Jan Renee 
Loogootee, IN 

Emens, Julie 
Elkhart, IN 
Delta Gamma 

Academic Achievement Award, Delta Gamma — Activities 
Chair; Dean's List, PRSSA, Collegian staff, Student orienta- 
tion Leader, Spring Sing, Geneva Stunts — Technical Direc- 

Emerick, Kimberly 
New Haven, IN 
Speech/Language Pathology 
Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Vice-president, pledge educator; SA, 
YMCA Freshman Weekend Counselor, President of 
NSSLHA, T.R.U.S.T., Geneva Stunts, Spring Sing, Outstand- 
ing Student Nominee, Who's Who Among American Col- 
leges and Universities, Dean's List 

Emrich, Melissa K. 
Edwardsville, IL 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Kappa Gamma — Rush Chair, Scholarship Commit- 
tee; ASP, Academic Scholarship, Honors program 

Essig, Leigh Anne 

Indianapolis, IN 

Music Performance 

Pi Beta Phi 

Symphony Orchestra, Sigma Alpha lota — Sargent at Arms; 

Concerto Contest winner, Butler Honor Recital Artist 

Euler, Karen L. 

Columbus, IN 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Women's Varsity Tennis Team, Kappa Kappa Gan 

Scholarship Committee, Finance Committee; Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Butler Outstanding Student Nominee, Edgar B. Seitz 
Memorial Accounting Scholarship Recipient, Dean's List 

Evans, Susan L. 
Hamilton, OH 
Elementary Education 
Delta Gamma 

Kappa Delta Pi, Senior Class Secretary, Homecoming Court, 
Outstanding Reading Student Award, Senior Class Council, 
Senior Class Challenge, Delta Gamma — President; Sweet- 
heart of Sigma Chi 


Fairbank, Deanna 

Des Moines, IA 

Elementary Education 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Kappa Alpha Theta — President; Mortar Board, Blue Key — 

Publicity Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi, Rho Lambda, Student 

Education Association, Dean's List, Butler Chorale, Spring 


Fisher, Jennifer 

Franklin, IN 


Phi Delta Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rho Chi, Academy of 

Students of Pharmacy, Dean's List, Rho Chi — recognition 


Flowers, James M. 

Cincinnati, OH 


Football, Sociology Club 


Foddrill, Patricia A. 

Washington, IN 

Elementary Ed 

Pi Beta Phi 

Alpha Phi Omega — Vice President 

Forgey, Clarissa 
Elkhart, IN 
Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta — Delta Force Leadership Committee; 
Marketing Club — Co-Founder, President; UP Program- 
ming, American Marketing Association — Student Mem- 
bers; Senior Challenging Committee, Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges, Outstand- 
ing Student, Alpha Kappa Psi — Chairman Prof. Programs, 
Chairman Scholarship; Delegate to Midwest Regional Lead- 
ership Committee, Dean's List 

Forgione, Charlene 
Allen Park, Ml 

Secondary Ed. Math/Psychology 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — House manager, Assistant Scholarship 
Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega — 
Secretary, Treasurer; Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Univer- 
sity and National Dean's List, Who's Who Among American 
Colleges and Universities 

French, Monique V. 
Kokomo, IN 

Pi Beta Phi — Pledge Vice President; Athletic Training Staff, 
Outstanding Student Nominee, YMCA house representa- 
tive, Butler Convenience Store Supervisor 


Gagnon, Paul 

Lynwood, IL 


Baseball Team, Theatre Production — Phaedra, 

Gabler, The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild 

Goode, Jill S. 

Indianapolis. IN 


Delta Gamma 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Academic Scholarship, 

Senior Directory 149 

Dean's List, Delta Gamma — House Manager, Foundation 
Chairman, Scholarship Committee; Spirit Club, Kappa Psi, 
Rho Chi 

Graff, Angela Chantel 

Bettendorf, Iowa 

Speech Communications 

Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi Omega, Indiana Speech and Hearing Association 

Graves, David A. 

Russiaville, IN 

History and Political Science 

Cross Country — Captain; Track — Captain; Most Valuable 

Award Winner — Track; Mental Attitude — Cross Country 

Grooms, Marcia Eileen 

Jeffersonville, IN 


Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta — Alumnae Relations Chairman, Public 

Relations Chairman; Alpha Epsilon Rho, Rush Counselor, 

WAJC — Producer of the Year; WAJC staff, WJRP — Music 

Director; Women in Communications, Inc., BACCHUS/Peer 


Guptail, Rebecca S. 

Elgin, IL 


Jordan College of Fine Arts Student Council — VP/Publica- 

tions Editor; Admissions Resource Corp, Rowing Crew, 

Mortar Board, Blue Key, Alpha Psi Omega, Outstanding 

Production Person, Outstanding Theatre Student, Study 



Hamblen, Joan Elise 
Carmel, IN 
Political Science 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Dean's List, Geneva Stunts, Spring Sing, Model UN Security 
Council — Best Delegation, 2nd Runner-Up Best Delegate; 
Alpha Chi Omega — Warden; Delegate to the National 
Model UN in New York, Most Outstanding Students nomi- 

Hatcher, Diana 
Greencastle, !N 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Historian, Rush-Day Chairman, Frisbee 
Golf Publicity Chairman; Alpha Kappa Psi — Master of Ritu- 
al; S.A. Representative, YMCA Freshman Camp Counselor 

Haw, Steven R. 

Scottsburg, IN 


Kappa Kappa Psi, Band Staff, Marching Band, Basketball 

Band, Concert Band, University Choir, Men's Glee Club, 

Jeanice Gartin Memorial Scholarship, Ross Hall Council 

Hendricks, Kendall 

Terre Haute, IN 

Elementary Ed. 

Phi Delta Theta 

Student Education Association 

Hewitt, Helen 
Greenfield, IN 
Greenfield, IN 

Alpha Phi Omega — Vice-president Service; Residential As- 
sistant, WAJC — Staff; University Choir 

Hillman, Judi 

Michigan City, IN 


Sigma Alpha lota — Editor; Symphony Orchestra, Marching 

Band, Geneva Stunts, WAJC, Producer of Concert Hall 

Hoffman, Jocelyn 
Valparaiso, IN 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Marketing Club, Student Assembly, Freshman Orientation 
Guide, Alpha Chi Omega — Social Chairman, Asst. Treasur- 
er; Dean's List 

Holloway, Bonnie R. 
Fort Wayne, IN 

150 Senior Directory 

Elementary Ed. 

Jordan Jazz Association, Theatre, Student Education Associ- 
ation, Kappa Delta Pi 

Holloway, Steve C. 
Pendleton, IN 

WAJC — Sports Director; Indy Sports Magazine — Produc- 
er, Host 

Housefield, John C. 
Indianapolis, IN 
Corporate Communications 
Phi Delta Theta 

Men's Crew — President; Freshman Weekend Director, 
YMCA Direction Sports — Director; Program Board — Re- 
creation Director; Delta Gamma House Favorite, Lutheran 
Campus Ministry 

Huber, Laura 

Greenwood, IN 


Phi Beta Phi 

Psychology Club — Secretary, Vice President; Alpha Kappa 

Delta, Rho Lambda, Panhellenic Delegate, Dean's List 

Huber, Lisa Jeanne 

Culver, IN 


Intramural Volleyball and Flag Football, Secretary of Prof. 

Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, Collegian 

Hufford, Bradley James 
Pittsboro, IN 
Phi Delta Theta 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Dean's List, Jesse Coch- 
ran Creative Writing Scholarship, Manuscripts Contributor, 
Phi Delta Theta — Secretary, Alumni Secretary 

Hughes, Nancy L. 
Hartford City, IN 
Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta — Philanthropy Chair, Sponsors Chair, 
Reference Chair, Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chair; Peer 
Educators — Treasurer; National Outstanding Student 
Award, Dean's List, Marching Band, Symphonic Wind En- 
semble, ASP, Tau Beta sigma, Kappa Psi, Spring Sing — 
Public Relations Chair 

Hume, Brian Eric 
New Ross, IN 

Psychology Club — Recruiting Committee; Ross Hall Gov- 
ernment, Ross Hall Staff, Peer Advisor, University Judicial 
Repeals and Appeals Board, Coed Volleyball, NRA 


Jay, James L. 
Indianapolis, IN 
Political Science 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

Lambda Chi Alha, Presidential Council of Affairs, Butler Judi- 
cial Board, SA — Spring Weekend Committee; Intramural 
Sports, Aide to Senator Richard G. Lugar 

Jennings, Cecile 
Rensselaer, IN 
Special Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Johnson, Brent Alan 

Wabash, IN 


Phi Delta Theta 

Psychology Club, Phi Delta Theta — Alumni Secretary; 

Dean's List 

Johnson, Harriot Aldrich 
Lillington, NC 
Elementary Education 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Vice President of Pledge Education, 
Rush Counselor, Recording Secretary, Pledge Class Chap- 
lain; Kappa Delta Pi, Education Honor Society, Rho Lambda 
— Secretary; Reliable Resources, T.R.U.S.T., Alpha Phi 
Omega, Student Education Association 

Kaelin, David 
New Albany, IN 

Kaplan, Betsy 

Huntington, WV 

Fashion Merchandising 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Kappa Gamma — Pledge Class Social Chair, Pledge 

Committee, All House Social Committee; Dean's List, New 

York Study Tour 

Karaffa, John 
Noblesville, IN 
Delta Tau Delta 

Delta Tau Delta — Vice President, Pledge Educator; Basket- 
ball — GTE Academic All-American; Interfraternity Council 
— Vice President; Honors Society Program, Dawghouse Edi- 
tor, MCC Honor Roll, W.O.R.M. Olympic Committee — 
President; Helen Tewksbury Award for Outstanding Junior 

Karunas, Michael 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 


Phi Kappa Psi 

Phi Kappa Psi — President; Mortar Board, Senior Council, 

Senior Challenge, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi 

Sigma lota — President: Blue Key — President; Lambda 

Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi — Secretary; Steinberger Award, 

Top Ten Outstanding Student, Dean's List, Student Assen- 

bly, Marching Band, Baseball 

Kelly, Jeanne Laurette 

Milford, IL 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Chaplain, House Corp., Treasurer; 

Kappa Psi — Treasurer; Phi Lambda Sigma, Butler Half-Time 

Honey, Dean's List 

Kennedy, Kelleen 

Hammond, IN 


Pi Beta Phi 

Peer Educators, T.R.U.S.T., Kappa Psi 

ASP, Campus Crusade for Christ 

Sergeant of Arms; 


Kerin, Scott 
Toledo, OH 
Political Science 

Rowing Crew, College Republicans — President; Collegian 
— Editorial Columnist; Debate Team — Captain, National 
Qualifier; Political Science Association, Student Govern- 
ment, Presidential Scholar, Mary Perna Debate Scholar, Tru- 
man Scholar Finalist, Rhodes Scholar Nominee, Dean's List, 
Phi Sigma Alpha, Honors Program 

Kilps, Rachelle Ann 
Washington, In 

Rho Chi Honor Society, ASP, NARD, Osco Drug Co. Schol- 
arship, K-Mart Corporation Scholarship 

King, Karen 

Griffith, IN 


Lambda Kappa Sigma — Secretary; Rho Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Mortar 

Board, Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Lutheran Student 

Movement, Glee Club 

Kinnavy, Michelle 
Chicago, IL 
Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Panhellenic Delegate, Social Chairman, In- 
tramural Representative; Rho Lambda — Treasurer; Kappa 
Delta Pi, Senior Class Council, Senior Challenge 

Kohlhagen, Kelly 
DeMotte, IN 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Kappa Gamma — Registrar, Marshall; YMCA — Giv- 
ing Tree, Co-Chairman Outstanding Freshman Selection; 
Lambda Kappa Sigma, Blue Key, Rho Chi-Vice-president 

Kolbus, Carol 
Indianapolis, IN 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Social, Intramural Chairman; SA Repre- 
sentative — Publicity Committee, Spring Sports Spectacular 

Volunteer; Board of Trustees Athlete Committee — Student 
Representative; Tennis, IABC — Vice-president 

Kress, John Frederick 
Terre Haute, IN 
Religious Studies 

Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Campus Crusade for 
Christ FCA, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, The Drift — Orga- 
nization Editor, Ross Hall Government, Spring Sing, Resi- 
dential Education Orientation Guide, Dean's List 

Kuechenberg, Elaina Marie 

Palatine, IL 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Student Assembly, Alpha Chi Omega — Social Chairman, 

Panhellenic Representative; Freshmen Weekend Counselor, 

YMCA/Newman Center Direction Sports Coach, Butler 

Honey, Geneva Stunts, Butler Greek of the Month 

Kurcinka, Laura 
Whiting, IN 

Swim Team — Captain, Most Valuable, Best Mental Atti- 
tude; College of Pharmacy Class Secretary, Treasurer; Chi- 
mes/Blue Key, Lambda Kappa Sigma — Vice President; 
Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Phi Lambda Sigma, 
YMCA Direction Sports Tutor 


Lacy, Brenda Leanne 
Valparaiso, IN 
Sociology Club 

Lang, Jeffrey Harris 

Troy, OH 


Dean's List, KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation Scholarship, 

ROTC Excellence in Leadership Scholarship, Outstanding 

Male Student nominee, Achievement Award, W.B. Howell 

HBC Scholarship, Resident Assistant, President of Ross Hall, 

Vice President of Ross Hall, Council on Presidential Affairs, 

RHA Delegate, Butler Judicial Board, ROTC, Blue Key 

Law, Cynthia D. 
Plymouth, IN 
Elementary Education 

Senior Class Vice-president, Outstanding Student nominee, 
Mortar Board, SA, Direction Sports Tutoring Program — 
Coordinator, tutor; Senior Challenge Committee, YMCA 
Giving Tree — Chairman; Council on Presidential Affairs — 
Administrative Assistant; ResCo Hall Government — Secre- 
tary; Kappa Delta Pi, Special Education Scholarship recipi- 
ent, Dean's List 

Leattall, Katrina 

Bremen, IN 


Dean's List, IABC Member, WICI Member, Collegian Staff 

Lee, Jill 

Bristol, IN 

Alpha Phi 

Rho Lambda — President; Peer Educators — President, Sec- 
retary; Mortar Board, Lambda Sigma, Outstanding Student, 
Alpha Phi — Vice-president, Philanthropy Chairman, Asst. 
Fraternity Educator 

Lim, Sung Cil 
Indianapolis, In 

Locknar, Sarah 

Elgin, IL 


Delta Delta Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Geneva Stunts Director, 

Dean's List, American Chemical Society, Delta Delta Delta — 

Asst. Treasurer, YMCA Representative, Social Chairman, 

Scholarship Chairman 

Loehrke, Angela Marie 
Highland, IN 

Rho Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma — Secretary; Student American 
Pharmaceutical Assoc, Lambda Kappa Sigma — Historian; 
Pharmacy Class President, Mortar Board, Varsity Cheerlead- 
er, Chimes/Blue Key — Secretary; Admissions Resource 

Corps, Lambda Sigma — Historian; Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Eta 
Sigma — President; Top Ten Outstanding Females, Home- 
coming Queen Nominee 

Loh, Najwa Miriam 
Noblesville, IN 
Vocal Performance 

Chorale, Madrigals, Sigma Alpha lota — Treasurer, Concert 
Competiton Winner, Butler Honor Recital Soloist, Opera 
Workshop, Pi Kappa Lambda, Matinee Musicale Scholarship 
Recipient, ACDA, National Association of Teachers of Sing- 
ing, Starlight Musicals Scholarship Recipient, Women's De- 
partment Scholarship Winner 

Loisch, Karin S. 

Elkhart, IN 


Alpha Chi Omega 

YMCA Representative, Alpha Chi Omega — Fund Raiser; 

Study Abroad 

Long, Karynn 

Indianapolis, IN 

Speech Pathology 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Half-Time Honey, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who's Who Among 

American Students In Colleges and Universities 

Long, Melissa 

West Chester, OH 


Butler Ballet, Sigma Rho Delta, Glee Club, Dean's List 

Long, Thomas R. 
Lombaro, IL 

Alpha Kappa Psi, Basketball, Volleyball, Lutheran Campus 
Ministry, Coopers and Lybrand Honored Scholarship, Resi- 
dent Assistant — Ross Hall; Butler University Scholar, Un- 
dergraduate Research Grant 


Maddox, Donna 

Gary, IN 


Schwitzer Hall Government, ResCo Hall Council, Halftime 

Honeys, Admissions Resource Corps 

Maertz, Ann E. 
Valparaiso, IN 

Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta — Fraternity Educator, Membership 
Chairman, Panhellenic Representative; Collegian, Manu- 
scripts, Swim Team, Peer Educators/BACCHUS, Spring Sing 
Overall Committee — Financial Director; Spring Sing, Ge- 
neva Stunts, Greek Week Committee 

Maginn, Christy 

Cincinnati, OH 


Dean's List, ARC, ASP, Newman Center Council, Phi Delta 

Chi — Pledge Master, Worthy Alumni Liaison 

Maloney, Brenna L. 
New Castle, IN 

Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honor's 
Program, Peer Tutor, Collegian, Butler Forensics — Individ- 
ual Events Team 

Manley, Kristen L. 

Round Lake, IL 


Alpha Phi 

Tau Beta Sigma, Lambda Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi, ASP, 

Marching Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, 

Pep Band 

Martin, Constance V. 
Indianapolis, IN 
Music Education 

Maus, Mary 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 
BA in Dance 
Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Vice President, Rush, Assistant Social; But- 
ler Ballet, Outstanding Performance Award, Sigma Rho Del- 
ta, Outstanding Student Nominee, Starlighter Award 

McCarty, Vincent 

Westfield, IN 


WAJC, Butler Television, Council on Presidential Affairs, 

Co//eg/an-Columnist, Campus Editor, Staff Reporter; Society 

of Professional Journalists, College Republicans 

McCoy, Jill Renee 

Anderson, IN 

Elementary Education 

Dean's List, Student Education Association 

McGraw, Shannon L. 

New Castle, IN 


Pi Beta Phi member (Freshman year) 

McGriff, Pamela Kay 
Marion, IN 

Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi, Mortar Board, Cavel — Co-Editor; 
Phi Lambda Sigma — Vice President; ASP, Dean's List, Hon- 
or's Program, Phi Kappa Phi 

McKenzie, Christina Lynn 

Roscoe, IL 


Staff Assistant, Resident Assistant — Schwitzer; Dean's List, 

Mortar Board, Rho Chi, Phi Delta Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, 

RHA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who's New Book Editor, 

Schwitzer Hall Government 

Menne, Scott 

Fort Wayne, IN 


Sigma Chi 

Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing Club, American 

Marketing Association, Indianapolis Entrepreneurship 

Academy, Indianapolis Lacrosse Club 

Meyer, Barbara 

Batesville, IN 

Early Childhood Education 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Education Association 

Miller, Michelle 

Shelbyville, IN 

Spanish/Athletic Training 

Alpha Phi 

Swimming — Captain; Sports Medicine Staff — Chaplain; 

Sigma Delta Pi, Honors Program 

Minassian, Laura 
Indianapolis, IN 

International Club, ECO, Circle-K, Butler Students for 
Peace, Mortar Board, Blue Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psy- 
chology Club — Secretary; Honors Program, Young Demo- 
crats, Food Committee Representative 

Mings, Scott L. 
Hope, IN 

Entrepreneurship Club — President; Professional Enhance- 
ments — Founder, President; University Video — Owner; 
Outstanding Student Nominee, Honor Roll, Dean's List, Al- 
pha Kappa Psi, Business Bylines — Editor 

Moran, Maureen (Molly) 

Thorntown, IN 


Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi — Treasurer, President; Alpha Kappa Psi, Entre- 

preneuership Club, University Appeals Board 

Morse, Holly 
St. Louis, MO 
Secondary Math Education 
Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Asst. Anchora (PR), Panhellenic Delegate, 
Recording Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Swim Team, Rho Lambda — President; Blue Key, Mortar 
Board — President; Kappa Delta Pi — President-elect, Presi- 
dent; Senior Challenge Committee, Admissions Resource 


Neper, Dave 
West Bend, Wl 

Senior Directory 15 "J 


Delta Tau Delta 

Delta Tau Delta — President; Admissions Resource Corps, 

Greek Week Chairman 

Nicoson, Kim 
Terre Haute, IN 

Nuckols, Holly Suzanne 

Fishers, IN 


Sociology Club — Secretary 

Nunemaker, Kristen Ann 

Glen Ellyn, 1L 

Fashion Marketing 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Butler Retail Organization, YMCA/Pride Student Fundrais- 

ing Chair, Student Achievement Award, Kappa Alpha Theta 

— Historian, Sportswear Chair, Rush Day Chair 

Nussbaum, Jynene 
Frankfort, IN 
Elementary Education 
Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi, BACCHUS/Peer Educators, Kappa Delta Pi, Reli- 
able Resources 

Nye, Rich 

Indianapolis, IN 


Campus Crusade for Christ — President, Vice President; 

WAJC — Sport Director, "Indianapolis Today" Producer; 

Butler TV — "Newsline Indiana" Technical Director, "Indy 

Sports Magazine" Co-anchor; Collegian — Sports Writer; 

Alpha Lambda Delta, Most Live Sports Broadcasts — WAJC; 

Highest GPA of Radio/TV Class 


Oeffinger, Kristin L. 

New Albany, IN 


Alpha Phi Omega, WAJC 

Staff; University Choir 

Ormiston, Lisa Renee 
Fort Wayne, IN 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Butler Ballet, Chorale, Madrigals, Jordan Jazz Singers, "Okla- 
homa!", Senior Vocal Recital, Sigma Rho Delta, Sigma Alpha 
lota — Sergeant-at-Arms, Publicity, Corresponding Secre- 
tary; Lambda Sigma, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Kappa Alpha The- 
ta — Hospitality Officer, Corresponding Secretary; Kappa 
Kappa Kappa Dance Scholarship, Starlight Musicals Dance 
Scholarship, Ballet Outstanding Performance Award, Peggy 
Dorsey Memorial Dancers, Dean's List 

Overpeck, L. Eric 

Jeffersonville, IN 

Speech Communications 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Phi Kappa Psi — Sergeant-at-Arms; Chorale 


Perry, Lisa 
Anderson, IN 

Pierce, Bryana 

Crawfordsville, IN 

Fashion Merchandising 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Asst. Pledge Trainer; Blue Key 


Resident Assistant, Pharmacy Class Vice-president, Phi Delta 
Chi, Student Assembly, ASP, Alpha Lambda Delta, Blue Key, 
SAG, Directional Sports, Dean's List, Phi Lambda Sigma, 
Outstanding Student 

Reedy, David 
Knoxville, TN 
Physics/Computer Science 

Reidel, Randy 

Grayslake, IL 


Marching Band, Rho Chi — President; Phi Delta Chi, Kappa 

Kappa Psi — President 

Renz, Christine 
Florissant, MO 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega — Chapter Relations Board, Vice Presi- 
dent Fraternity Relations, Personal Development, Scholar- 
ship Board, Social Board, Membership Development Board; 
Half-Time Honey, Alpha Phi Omega, Lambda Sigma — His- 
torian; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Geneva 
Stunts, Freshmen Skits, Dean's Scholarship, Dean's List, Han- 
nah-Keenan Scholarship 

Rice, Perry Joseph 
Fremont, IN 
Sigma Chi 

Council on Presidential Affairs, Senior Class Secretary, Sen- 
ior Class Challenge Committee, Mortar Board, Junior Class 
President, Top Ten Male Student, Top Five Greek Student, 
Homecoming Committee, Sigma Chi Province Balfour 
Award Winner, Dean's List, Who's Who Among American 
College & University Students 

Richards, Kandi 
Culver, IN 
Speech-Language Pathology 

Richards, William (Billy Ray) 
Indianapolis, IN 
Political Science 
Sigma Chi 

Political Science Association, Sigma Chi — Vice-president, 
Secretary, Social Chair, Rush Chair, Kitchen Manager, 
Pledge Chair, Ritual Chair, Editor Tribune; Children's Wish 
Foundation Derby Days — Chair; MADD "Light Up the 
Night" — Chair; American Cancer Society Volleyball Tour- 
nament — Chair 

Riggins, David 

Fairland, IN 

Political Science/History 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Manager Men's Basketball and Football teams, Spring Sing 

House Director, Fire Marshall and I.M. Director for Lambda 

Chi Alpha 

Ringer, Deborah K. 
Delphi, IN 
Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi — Rush Chairman; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Acade- 
my of Students of Pharmacy — Vice-president, Secretary; 
Lambda Sigma, Delegate to National Pharmaceutical Associ- 
ation Convention in Washington D.C. 

Robinson, Patricia J. 

Attica, IN 

Public/Corporate Communications 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Swim Team, Dean's List, Collegian, Blue Key, Kappa Kappa 


Rodgers, Jennifer B. 
Prospect Heights, IL 
Speech Communications 
B.U. Choir — President 

Rushnok, Rebecca A. 

Valparasio, IN 

Public/Corporate Communications 

Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Songleader; Class Officer, Collegian Writer, 


Ramsey, Michelle R. 
Rockford, IL 


Sattazahn, Marc 
Mahomet, IL 
Elementary Education 

Madrigals, Marching Band, Concert Band, Jordan Jazz Sing- 
ers, Dean's List 

Schofield, Crystal A. 

Frankfort, IL 


Rho Chi, Lambda Kappa Sigma 

Schuckman, Beth Ann 

Monroe City, IN 


Academy of Students of Pharmacy — Treasurer; Rho Chi, 

Indiana Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Phi Lambda Sigma, 

Counseled Homeless on Prescription Medication, Patient 

Counseling Competition Winner, Kappa Psi — Pledge 


Seal, Mary 

Mahomet, IL 

Actuarial Sciences 

Cross Country, Track, Circle K 

Servais, Carol 

Kokomo, IN 


Academy of Students of Pharmacy — President; Admissions 

Resource Corps., Phi Delta Chi — Secretary, Master at 

Arms; Rho Chi, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma, 

Newman Center 

Shaefer, Sandy 

Elkhart, IN 

Music Performance 

Pi Beta Phi 

Sigma Alpha lota — President, Sword of Honor; Pi Kappa 

Lambda, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, 

Pi Beta Phi — Membership Chairman; Dean's List 

Sidwell, Brad 

New Castle, IN 

Computer Information Systems 


Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Faculty Scholarship 

Spiher, Nancy 
South Bend, IN 
Pi Beta Phi 

Pi Beta Phi — Secretary; Kappa Psi — Vice President; Acade- 
my of Students of Pharmacy, Mortar Board, Phi Lambda 
Sigma, Lambda Sigma, American Chemical Society, 
Schwitzer Hall Representative, Rho Chi Achievement 
Award, Dean's List 

Stafford, Jennifer 
Columbus, IN 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

YMCA, BACCHUS/Peer Educator, Panhel, Council on Presi- 
dential Affairs, ASP, Mortar Board, Rho Lambda, Blue Key, 
Homecoming Queen, Outstanding Greek Student, Geneva 
Stunts Campus Overall Director, Rho Chi recognition, 
Dean's List, Kappa Alpha Theta — Chaplain, Rush Counsel- 
or; Intramurals 

Staton, Michael V. 

Warren, OH 


Delta Tau Delta 

Swim Team 

Stiller, Tereasa D. 

Floyds Knobs, IN 

Interior Design 

Delta Gamma 

Delta Gamma — Vice President, Assistant Vice President; 

American Society of Interior Designers, Dean's List 

Stock, Neal 
Michigantown, IN 

Delta Tau Delta 

Lambda Sigma — President; Homecoming Queen Contest 
Chair, Homecoming Committee, Spring Weekend Commit- 
tee, Trik-La-Tron Chair, Delta Tau Delta — Secretary, Asst. 
Pledge Educator, House Manager; Dean's List 

Stone, Robert Prevo 
Columbia City, IN 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

152 Senior Directory 

Symphony Orchestra, Men's Glee Club, Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha — Alumni Chair- 
man, Executive Committee 

Stoops, Suzanne 

Manilla, IN 


Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta — Chaplain, Rush Counselor, Nominating 

Committee Chair, Scholarship Committee Member; Lambda 

Kappa Sigma — Rush Chairman; Mortar Board — Historian; 

ASP/PhA, Rho Lambda, Rho Chi, Dean's List, Outstanding 

Student nominee, Alpha Phi Omega, Outstanding Freshman 

nominee, Alpha Lambda Delta 

Streight, Lisa 
Greenview, IL 

Alpha Kappa Psi — Pledge Class President; Hall Govern- 
ment, Student Assembly, Dean's List 

Stubbs, Dwayne 

Indianapolis, IN 

Business Administration/Marketing 

Football Team, Honorable Mention All-Conference 

Stubbs, Kate 
Shelbyville, IN 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Kaleidoscope — Editor-in-Chief; Butler Outstanding Stu- 
dent, Halftime Honeys, Sigma Tau Delta, Reliable Resources, 
Alpha Chi Omega — Communications Chair, Executive 
Board; Peer Educators, Manuscripts — Copy Editor, Con- 
tributor; BEMLA Writer's Conference Speaker; Study 
Abroad — England 

Szabo, Dawn M. 

New Lenor, IL 

Elementary Education 

Butler Crew Team, University Choir, Women's Glee Club, 

Fantasy Factory, Geneva Stunts, Spring Sing, Dean's List, 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Szydlowski, Janet Lynn 
Hammond, IN 
Alpha Phi 

BACCHUS/Peer Educators — President, Vice President, 
Secretary; Alpha Phi Marshal, Scholarship Chairman, Re- 
cording Secretary, Outstanding Pledge, Executive Council; 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Mortar Board, Rho Lambda — Vice Presi- 
dent; Blue Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Marketing Club, AMA Outstanding Marketing Stu- 
dent, Who's Who Among American Universities and Col- 
leges, Greek Week Chair, Business Bylines Reporter 


Taylor, Lawrence B. Ill 
South Bend, IN 
Phi Delta Theta 

American Students of Pharmacy, Newman Center, YMCA, 
Direction Sports, Giving Tree, Freshman Weekend Counsel- 
or, Butler Bulldog Mascot, Phi Delta Theta — Rush Chair, 
Secretary, President, Drunk Driving Awareness Program 

Thais, Brenda L. 

Vincennes, TN 


Biology Club — Treasurer; Outstanding Student nominee, 

Residence Hall Association, IM Volleyball, Homecoming 

Queen Candidate, Resident Assistant — Schwitzer Hall 

Thomas, Janet 

Hanover, IN 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Thompson, Leta 
Greenwood, IN 
Jordan Jazz Singers 

Thurow, Faith 

Marengo, IL 


Alpha Phi 

Alpha Kappa Psi — Vice President; Track Team 

Tichenor, Elizabeth 
Bloomington, IN 
Delta Gamma 

Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, 
Dean's List, Blue Key, Mortar Board — Treasurer; Delta 
Gamma — Treasurer, Assistant Songleader; Women's Glee 
Club — Treasurer; University Choir — Secretary, Treasurer; 
Marketing Club, American Marketing Association, Geneva 
Stunts, Spring Sing, Faculty and Student Affairs Committee, 
Student Government, Program Board Special Events, Home- 
coming Co-Chair, Spring Weekend Chair, Student Assem- 
bly — Vice President, Film Committee 

Todd, Tara 
Springfield, IL 

Arts Administration/Psychology 
Alpha Phi 

YMCA — Geneva Stunts Overall Technical Director, Gene- 
va Stunts Overall Director; Alpha Phi — Geneva Stunts 
Technical Director, Spring Sing Assistant Director; Chorale 
— Treasurer, President; JCFA Student Council — Secretary; 
Women's Glee Club, Senior Challenge Committee, Psychol- 
ogy Research Assistant, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Lambda Sigma, Blue Key, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho 
Lambda, Honor Society, Dean's List 

Tomlin, Michael J. 

Bluffton, IN 

Biology/Pre Med. 

Delta Tau Delta 

Cheerleading Captain, YMCA — Geneva Stunts, Overall 

Director; Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma, Phi Kappa 

Phi, Mortar Board — Vice-president, Honor Society, Delta 

Tau Delta — Director of Academic Affairs 

Trouillot, Emanuele 

Montmorency, France 


Senior Challenge member 


Underwood, Eric 

N. Manchester, IN 

U.S. History/Education 

Sigma Chi 

Sigma Chi — Alumni Relation; Cross Country and Track, 

Senior Challenge Committee, IFC Representative 

Underwood, Theodore Wayne 
Danville, IL 

Kappa Psi, ResCo Hall Council, Baptist Student Union, Cam- 
pus Crusade for Christ, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 
Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Tae Kwon Do Club, Boy 
Scouts of America, Order of the Arrow, Dean's List, Rho Chi 

Voss, David W. 
Milan, IN 



Walker, Kelli Ann 
Morris, IL 

Speech Communication/Theatre 
Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi — Fraternity Educator, Administrative Assistant; 
Chorale — Vice President, Librarian; Butler Madrigal Din- 
ner, Phi Sigma lota — President; Phi Kappa Phi, Outstanding 
Freshman, Outstanding Student nominee, BACCHUS/Peer 

Walker, Michele 
LaSalle, IL 
Kappa Psi 

Wallace, Patricia (Patty) 

Indianapolis, IN 

Elementary Education 

Marching Band, Direction Sports, Newman Center, Alpha 

Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi 

Walsh, Linda 

Merrillville, IN 


Phi Delta Chi — Pledge Master, Membership Committee 

Chair; Phi Eta Sigma, Chimes, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Lambda 

Sigma — President; Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Rho 

Chi, Dean's Student Advisory Group, Newman Center 

Wand, Cynthia L. 

Indianapolis, IN 


Alpha Lambda Delta — Vice President; Circle K, Honor 

Society, Phi Alpha Theta — Treasurer; Homecoming Queen 


Ward, Charles 
Chicago, IL 
Sigma Nu 
Football Team 

Ward, Christy 
Park Ridge, IL 
Elementary Education 
Volleyball Team 

Wargo, Mark A. 

Streator, IL 


American Chemical Society — Treasurer; Alpha Lambda 

Delta, Lambda Sigma, Dean's List 

Weeks, Gregory 

Indianapolis, IN 

History/Political Science/German 

Phi Alpha Theta — Vice President; Phi Sigma lota, Sigma Tau 

Delta, International Club 

Westmeyer, Tracy 

Columbus, IN 


Alpha Phi 

Academy of Students of Pharmacy 

Wilms, Todd 

Toledo, OH 

Speech Communications/Psychology 

Sigma Chi 

IFC — President, Greek Week Chairman, Rush Counselor; 

Sigma Chi — Pledge Trainer; SA — Committee Chairman, 

Alumni Chairman, Philanthropy Chairman, Outstanding 

Service Award; Outstanding Student nominee 

Wollert, Edwin D. 

Honolulu, HI 


Phi Kappa Psi 

Freshman Weekend Counselor, Reliable Resources, TRUST 


Young, Suzanne M. 
East, Moline, IL 
Lambda Kappa Sigm 

Pledge Trainer; ASP, ASHP 

Senior Directory 153 


Aaron, Ludovic 154 
Abel, Chris 119 
Abeleda, Caroline 18 
Abraham, Scott 91 
Adams, Andrea 18 
Adzia, Amy 119, 128 
Ahles, Dawn 97 
Albright, Tawnya 97 
Aldridge, Wendy 124 
Allanson, Mark 18 
Allegretti, Jim 119 
Allen, Danny 127 
Allen, Angela 86 
Allen, Gina 61 
Allianson, Mark 119 
Anderson, Ann 108 
Anderson, Nikki 18, 124, 

Ansley, Robin 108 
Archbold, Darin 19, 126, 

Ardizzone, Angie 18 
Arentz, Jenny 130 
Armstrong, Tina Marie 18 
Arvan, Beth 95 
Ascroft, Richard 94 
Ashwill, Dione 97 
Assebian, Aya 79 
Atkins, Kris 18 
Atkins, Rick 119 
Atkinson, Amy 18, 97 
Austin, Gene 119 
Austin, Kathy 18, 141 
Austin, Steve 119 


Bachert, Susan 81 
Baehl, Amy 108 
Baer, Juli 18, 42 
Baird, Ron 118, 119 
Baker, Mike 91, 129 
Baldeshwiler, Anne 108 
Baldwin, Chris 119 
Baldwin, Dan 40 
Ball, Deborah 76 
Ball, Ray 18, 129 
Banks, Michael 119, 127 
Bannan, Angela 97 
Barber, Maria 95 
Barber, Peggy 108 
Barnes, Troy 97 
Bartholomew, Keri 78 
Bartnick, Amy 97 
Barton, Vereen 18 

i54 Index 

Bates, Andrea 18 
Baumgartner, Kristin 86 
Baunel, Ann 76 
Bayles, Eric 82 
Bayless, Amanda 76 
Bays, Shawn 119 
Beabout, Jacinda 84 
Beachy, Shaun 119 
Beasley, Nicole 84 
Beauford, Brian 127 
Bechtold, Heidi 76 
Beck, Jeff 119 
Becker, Chris 93 
Beeson, Kathryn 18 
Bell, Tracie 79 
Bellinger, Kari 55, 86 
Benge, Leslie 18 
Bennett, Frederick 81 
Berglund, Brent 119 
Bernard, JoAnn 79 
Bernardo, Joann 108 
Berry, Phillip 18 
Berry, Ron 19, 140 
Bien, Suzanne 19 
Billmeier, Beth 97 
Bischoff, Rebecca 86 
Bishaw, Mirielle 79 
Bishop, Brenda 95 
Bishop, Kristen 86 
Bishop, Melissa 19 
Bittner, Lisa 97 
Blackman, Amy 86 

Bleill, Jennifer 61 
Blonski, Lisa 108 
Bodin, Mindy 97, 122, 123 
Boeckerman, Michele 86 
Bogert, Heather 97 
Bognar, Betsy 76 
Bohlander, Mindy 78 
Bohman, Amy 54 
Bohman, Angie 124 
Bohr, Daina 19 
Bolen, Terry 119 
Boles, Mary 104 
Bolin, Ken 19 
Bolin, Michelle 108 
Bolton, Michelle 147 
Boquiren, Sidney 97 
Borders, Norman 19 
Boslooper, Krista 9 
Botten, Chad 119 
Bottom, Jason 104 
Boucuvalas, Maria 19 
Bowen, Tim 126, 127 
Bower, Randy 42 
Bower, Scott 19 
Bowman, Catherine 79 
Boyce, Kathleen 19 
Boyd, Jodi 86 
Boyd, Sara 53 
Boyle, Brian 122 
Bozzuto, Rachael 97 
Bradburn, Yvetta 108 
Braden, Carol 19, 130 

Bramer, Gina 86 
Brando, Lara 10 
Branham, Camilla 81 
Brannan, Tricia 78 
Braun, Jeffrey 97 
Brens, J.P. 126, 127 
Brettnacher, Barton 91 
Brew, Christina 95 
Bridge, Scott 55 
Britton, Barbara 89 
Broderick, Kurt 97 
Brooks, Amy 19 
Brooks, Beth 128 
Brooks, David 81 
Brooks, Susan 19 
Brophy, Sarah 98 
Browne, Katy 138 
Brumfield, Denise 78 
Bruner, Shelly 128 
Bruno, Alicia 108 
Bryant, Amy 42, 98, 146, 

Bryant, Becky 98, 100 
Bryant, Michelle 81 
Buckley, Melanie 89 
Buckner, Brian 81 
Buhler, Kerrie 78 
Bullock, Angie 95 
Bunch, Jennifer 104 
Burkey, Laura 19 
Burkhart, Annette 19 
Burks, Jeff 119 

MENS TENNIS: Left to right: Luis 
Jimenez, Chris Murray, Slater Ho- 

gan, Rito Gurus Wami, Paul Feingt, 
Ludovic Aaron, James Ward, Rob- 

ert Patrick (captain), Head Coach 
Cleve Brown. 

Burridge, Matthew 98 
Burry, Todd 92 
Bush, Keith 91 
Butler, Maureen 98 
Butzow, Wendy 120 

Cain, James 19 
Campbell, Lynette 19 
Campbell, Robert 42 
Carlson, Lori 98 
Carlstrand, Kirstin 78 
Carlton, Jodi 20, 95, 119 
Caro, Luis 47 
Carroll, Joseph 20 
Carroll, Shannon 89 
Carson, Amy 95 
Carter, Michelle 20 
Case, Kris 131 
Casida, Jennifer 42, 76 
Casko, Joe 119 
Caton, April 20 
Causey, Shawn 81 
Ceglia, Scott 131 
Chadd, Victoria 108 
Chaffins, Rachelle 104 
Chaille, Joe 132 
Chambliss, Stacey 20 
Chandler, Laura 89 
Chaney, Rori 119 
Charles, Shashi 20 
Charlson, Amie 108 
Chase, Doug 20, 132 
Chenoweth, Barbara 81 
Christiansen, Beth 20, 130 
Cialdella, R.J. 119 
Clark, Carolyn 20 
Clark, Henry 114 
Clarke, Kerri 108 
Clark, Tiffany 79, 108 
Claudy, Katie 108 
Clements, Mark 3 
Clements, Lori 20 
Clements, Sean 131 
Clephane, Christopher 98 
Clevenger, Scott 132 
Cochran, Mike 119 
Cody, Karen 109 
Coe, Tami 76 
Coffini, Theresa 109 
Cohen, Brett 42 
Coker, Julianne 42 
Coles, Katy 90 
Collins, Cynthia 109 
Colson, Lance 20 
Colvin, Paul 20 
Combs, Gina 104 
Cone, John 131 
Conway, Robert 20 
Cooke, Jill 20 
Coomer, Brooke 98 
Cooper, Margaret 76 

Cornelis, Anjonette 81 
Cornman, Carole 109 
Cossey, Velynda 109 
Cotton, Angela 124 
Couch, Tamara 81 
Cougill, Brad 119 
Coulson, Joelle 20 
Cox, Gail 47 
Cox, Michael 93 
Crawford, Krissa 98 
Crawford, Thomas 82 
Crayton, Stephanie 5, 79, 

Creighton, David 20 
Crenchaw, Chris 109 
Crisp, Rian 42 
Crosby, Jodie 20 
Crosley, Leslie 78 
Crown, Heather 120 
Currier Jr., John 94 
Cutshall, Roger 98 


Dabney, Brian 115 
Daniels, Erin 90 
Danner, Doletta 109 
Darnell, Brian 20 
Davenport, Craig 20 
Davenport, Lori 95 
Davis, Barb 86 
Davis, Bridgette 128 
Davis, Lynn 79 
Davis, Thaddeus 47 
Davis, Tricia 82, 122, 123 
Dawson, Becky 109, 128 
Day, Glynda 42 
De Kanter, Elizabeth 20 
De Witt, Gail 109 
Decker, John 104 
Decker, Julia 86 
Decraene, Don 119 
Deering, Yancy 132 
Delisle, Theresa 21 
Dell, Tanya 84 
DeLuna, Ruben 119 
Desiato, Liliana 3 
Deutsch, Eric 42 
Deutsch, Lisa 21, 42 
Devitt, Monica 92 
Dewester, Kim 78 
Dewey, Leslie 55, 78 
De Witt, Jason 21 
Deyen, Danielle 95 
Dickerson, Denise 21 
Dielingen, Julie Von 124 
Dietz, Meg 90 
Dillner, Eric 21, 44 
Dillon, David 98 
Dimoplon, David 104 
Dimovski, Cathy 87 
DiPalma, Marley 21 
Dirig, Tracey 42 

Dirksing, Chris 119 
Disney, Angela 21 
Disney, Brian 91, 129 
Diuish, William 21 
Dodds, Caryn 21 
Dodson, Deanna 21 
Dolby, Cheree 87 
Dollens, Melissa 21 
Domenick, Jason 131 
Domingue, Deborah 104 
Dorenbusch, Teresa 142 
Dorgan, Kristina 42, 109 
Dorris, Michael 93 
Doss, Kristin 89 
Dougherty, Karen 53 
Dowell, Laura 104 
Drapalik, Julie 21 
Dresden, Mark 93 
Dryer, Dick 42 
Dulhanty, David 93 
Duncan, Jamey 104 
Dunckel, Justin 131 
Duning, Doris 109 
Dunlap, Leslie 76 
Dunn, William 21 
Dunten, Brian 105 
Durham, Brian 21 
Dye, Tyrone 105 

Easton, Misty 21, 140 
Eckhart, Michelle 87 
Edwards, Todd 105 
Egolf, Erica 42 
Ehret, Nicole 105 
Ehrsam, Elizabeth 42, 109 
El-Kukhun, Lina 21 
Eldridge, Gary 119 
Eletery, John 7 
Ellis, Ronald 21 
Emens, Julie 21 
Emerick, Kimberly 21 
Engle, Michelle 89 
Enright, Kevin 119 
Essig, Leigh Anne 21, 59 
Etherington, Brett 126, 127 
Euler, Karen 22 
Evans, Shannon 98 
Evans, Susan 22 
Evola, Robert 105 
Eyrich, Monica 105 

Fairbank, Deanna 22 
Falk, LeaAnn 22 
Falke, Angela 109 
Farr, Jana 42 
Farr, Raymond 22 
Farrar, John 91, 122 

Feindt, Paul 154 
Ferise, Todd 22 
Ferneau, Joni 42, 95 
Ferrari, Rachelle 87 
Fettes, Angie 109 
Fianagan, Colleen 84 
Fields, Tyrone 105 
Fillenwarth, Diane 22 
Filter, Leslie 22 
Fink, Lydia 42 
Fisher, Jennifer 22 
Fitzgerald, Kara 22, 140 
Fleck, Lisa 22 
Flowers, Chris 119 
Flowers, James 22 
Foddrill, Patricia 22 
Forand-Crawford, Tamara 

Fordyce, Chad 127 
Forgey, Clarissa 22 
Forgione, Charlene 22 
Fort, Liz 77, 147 
Fouce, Ranc 119 
Foxworthy, Michelle 22 
Freeman, Paul 49 
Freisner, Kerrie 87 
French, Monique 7, 22, 138 
Frey, Sue 22 
Frost, Jeff 110 
Fuhrmann, Tricia 109 
Fuller, Debbie 124 
Fuller, Tom 119 
Funn, Julie 122 

Gabbard, Chad 131 
Gagnon, Paul 22 
Gaines, Michelle 109 
Gaines, Nicole 79 
Gantos, Stephanie 23 
Gardiner, Loyce 82 
Garrison, Cara 109, 147 
Gast, Keith 23 
Gast, Tom 98, 147 
Gatz, Stephanie 128 
Gauer, Greg 119 
Gault, Wade 127 
George, Lisa 109 
Gereno, Tim 91 
Gerline, Jan 23 
Gerund, Tim 132 
Gesell, Janet 98 
Gesteland, Matthew 23 
Gilbert, Heidi 42, 110, 128 
Gillum, Mike 119 
Girard, Pamela 11 
Giroux, Kara 95 
Gits, Adrienne 50 
Givan, Jennifer 110 
Gonzalez, Dax 119 
Goode, Jill 138 
Gordon, Kim 110 

Index 155 

Gordon, Rhonda 79 
Gorman, Gail 23 
Gough, Garin 78 
Graff, Angela 23 
Grant, Rebecca 110 
Graves, David 23, 129 
Graves, Kandis 23 
Graybeal, Roberta 98 
Green, Delicia 79 
Greenburg, Mandy 17, 35 
Greenburg, Wendy 98 
Greene, Jeff 41, 42 
Greenlee, Jennifer 98 
Greer, Kent 119 
Greer, Shane 119 
Griffin, John Barton 23 
Grimm, Jennifer 89, 120 
Grooms, Marcia 23 
Guice, Jermaine 126, 127 
Gulley, Alison 98 
Gunn, Julie 78 
Guptail, Rebecca 23 
Guruswami, Reto 115, 154 
Guy, Amy 98 


Haedike, Sue Ann 78 
Hagberg, Steve 98 
Hall, Katrina 23 
Hallewell, Mason 42 
Hamblen, Joan 23, 139 
Hamilton, Christopher 99 
Hamilton, Lara 23 
Hamm, Wendy 42, 105 
Hapner, Penny 84 
Hapson, Meredith 
Singleton 139 
Hardin, Lyle 78 
Harding, Cassandra 110 
Harkness, Amy 87 
Harold, Meghan 76 
Harrington, Beth 77 
Hashimoto, Yumiko 82 
Haston, Trenton 105 
Hatcher, Diana 23 
Hatchett, Joseph 105 
Hatfield, Scott 6, 124 
Haw, Steven 23, 42 
Hawk, Donald 82 
Hayes, Chad 93 
Head, Gary 23 
Heiskell, Christy 95 
Helft, Carrie 23 
Hellman, Cindy 8, 41 
Helmuth, Kristina 23 
Henderson, Kelly 3 
Henderson, Robin 99 
Hendricks, Kendall 23 
Hennig, Dawn 105 
Hernandez, Casey 46 
Herndon, Tom 91 
Herold, Becky 87 

Herr, Scott 82 
Herrmann, Chris 119 
Heser, Daniel 105 
Hesse, Shelli 99, 130 
Hewitt, Helen 24 
Hiatt, Julie 87 
Hickey, Lauren 110 
Hilary, Michelle 122 
Hill, Amy 96 
Hill, Erick 119 
Hill, Jon 119 
Hill, Laura 78 
Hill, Paula 82 
Hill-Adkins, Jonna 24 
Hillman, Judi 24 
Hillquist, Laurel 78 
Himelick, Andy 99, 105 
Himsel, Heather 87 
Hobbic, Jennifer 84 
Hobson, Christy 110 
Hockersmith, Jennifer 110 
Hoff, Bryan 93 
Hoffman, Jocelyn 24 
Hogan, Slater 154 
Hoh, Janet 128 
Holba, Bill 99 
Hoick, Gail 99 
Hollis, Tammy 87 
Holloway, Bonnie 24 
Homme, Mike 129 
Hood, Robin 77 
Hook, Dawn 24 
Hooland, Becky 42 
Hooper, Rhonda 108, 110 
Hopson, Rashel 82 
Horrall, Blayd 93 
Housefield, Jennifer 24 
Housefield, John 24 
Houts, Brad 105 
Howard, Carrie 90 
Howard, Patrick 115 
Hubbart, Darrin 105 
Huber, Dan 119 
Huber, Joe 119 
Huber, Laura 24 
Huber, Lisa 24 
Hudepohl, Rachel 110 
Huenemoerder, Jeni 87 
Huff, Elizabeth 87 
Hufford, Brad 24 
Hufford, Jennifer 87 
Hughes, Nancy 24, 139 
Hume, Brian 25 
Hummel, John 94 
Humphrey, Tim 119 
Huneryager, Shannon 110 
Hunt, Rick 119 
Hupp, Jennifer 81 
Hushour, Jennifer 77 
Hutsell, Chad 132 
Hutt, Matt 119 

lllingworth, Kimberly 25 
Imel, Carla-Richie 122 
Inge, Stephen 25, 138 
Ingraham, Susan 77 
Isakson, Davin 119 


Jacko, Susie 25 
Jacob, Katie 110 
Jacobek, Jill 99 
Jamrozy, Susan 141 
Janis, Jennifer 82 
Jimenez, Luis 105, 154, 158 
Johas, Chris 40 
Johnson, DeMarco 25 
Johnson, Glenn 99, 122 
Johnson, Harriot 25 
Johnson, Julie 110 
Johnson, Karla 87 
Johnson, Kevin 119 
Johnson, Kimberly 82, 84 
Johnson, Richard 119 
Johnston, Tim 140 
Jones, Alica 79 
Jones, Andrea 42 
Jones, Clay 129 
Jones, Jarrod 25 
Jones, John 42, 105 
Jones, Julie 89 
Jones, Matthew 25 
Jones, Nancy 96 
Jones, Polly 110 
Joseph, Tom 119 
Josey, Veronica 5, 110 
Juday, David 105 
Juday, Jacinda 99 



Kaiser, Matthew 94 
Kalin, Mary 105 
Kallner, Bobbie 78 
Kane, Tracey 96 
Kapsa, Jocelyn 78 
Karaffa, John 25, 126, 127 
Kathmann, Dave 119 
Kaufman, Deanna 128 
Kaufman, Michael 25 
Keller, Chip 91 
Keller, Deborah 55, 87 
Kelly, Eileen 99, 130 
Kelly, Jeanne Laurette 25 
Kelly, Kristen 130 
Kelly, Sue 25, 42 
Kenneck, Amy 84 
Kennedy, Amy 110 
Kennedy, Kelleen 25 
Kennuk, Amy 90 
Kepschull, Tracy 8 
Kerin, Scott 25 

Kerkhove, Dena 84 
Ketner, Amy 147 
Kiel, Kelly 78 
Killilea, Tim 99, 131, 147 
Kilps, Rachelle 25 
Kim, Norma 87 
Kimble, Brandi 124 
Kimble, Kevin 118, 119 
Kimler, Taylor 131 
King, Chelle 42 
King, Karen 25, 140 
King, Rochelle 105 
King, Tanya 79 
King, Telegra 42 
King, Tonya 82 
Kiolbassa, Ron 25, 118, 119 
Kirts, Becki 25 
Klover, Virginia 99 
Kocur, Karl 119 
Kohlhagen, Kelly 25, 141 
Kohlhagen, Rissi 139 
Kohnle, Brandi 120 
Kolbus, Carol 26 
Koller, Craig 131 
Kolpin, Laura 99 
Kooreman, Harold 26 
Kooreman, Jack 26 
Koppick, Brian 129 
Korn, Jenice 26 
Korowin, Noel 131 
Kramer, Debbie 26 
Kratzer, Julie Anne 26 
Kraus, Leon 82 
Kress, John 24, 26, 140, 
146, 147 

Krinsky, Alex 131 
Krukemeier, Julie 111 
Kruse, Nate 42 
Kudrak, Cathy 84 
Kuechenberg, Elaina 26 
Kuehling, Lauri 96 
Kulaga, Loretta 99 
Kumler, Bryan 131 
Kuntson, Traci 89 
Kurcinka, Laura 26 
Kurtz, Jeffrey 99, 131 

La Fond, Anita 85 
Lacy, Brenda 26 
Lamb, Monica 26 
Lane, Douglas 82 
Lang, Jeff 106 
Lang, Jon 26 
Langhout, Christine 100 
Larson, Todd 119 
Lashly, Scott 26 
Latiak, Lisa 100 
Latty, Joe 141 
Law, Cynthia 26 
Lawler, Scott 131 
Lawson, Jason 91 

156 Index 

Layton, Diana 50, 78, 122 
Lazowski, Linda 26 
Leach, Heather 96 
Leckrone, Bobbie 111 
Lee, Jeannie 26 
Lee, Jill 26 
Leeds, Sarah 100 
Leedy, Julie 42 
Leedy, Michelle 130 
Leffler, K.C. 119 
Lehman, Heide 111 
Lent, Stacey 100 
Leslie, Stephanie 106 
Lewis, Kimberly 26 
Lewsader, Jennifer 87 
Liepnieks, Laura 83 
Lillard, Michelle 26 
Linck, Monica 106 
Lindberg, Holly 85 
Lindley, Jolie 85 
Lineweaver, Greg 48 
Litchfield, Edward 92 
Litchfield, Ted 119 
Livingston, Robbie 119 
Locker, Alex 119 
Locknar, Sarah 26 
Lodde, Dyan 122, 123 
Loehrke, Angela 27 
Loesche, Amy 111 
Loh, Najwa 27, 60, 61 
Loisch, Karin 27 
Long, Alison 27 
Long, Erin 77 
Long, Karynn 27 
Long, Thomas 51, 106 
Lopez, Lillian 78 
Loux, Matt 119 
Love, Michelle 106 
Lowell, Bradley 94 
Lowell, Robert 27, 122 
Lower, Lisa 100 
Lucas, Sueann 100 
Lutz, Pamela 111 
Lux, Dick 119 
Lyons, Greg 119 


Maat, Wendy 130 
Macharagschwili, Dave 119 
MacLaren, Dave 131 
Madden, Tamiko 79 
Maddox, Donna 27, 138 
Maertz, Ann 27 
Magan, Mike 114 
Magliola, Annette 27 
Majewski, Mary 100, 124, 

Maka, Deborah 100 
Maloney, Brenna 27 
Mangeot, Dan 119 
Manley, Kristen 27 
Mann, Natalie 85 

Manwaring, Dayne 27 
Maple, Mindee 78 
Mariacher, Greg 119 
Markisohn, Teresa 27 
Marks, Jennifer 111 
Marocco, Michelle 77 
Marshall, Anne Marie 27 
Martin, Constance 27 
Martin, Jeffery 75, 100 
Martin, Mike 75 
Martorano, Christopher 27 
Mask, Teresa 100 
Mason, Lisa 100 
Massick, Michael 94 
Mathew, Amy 80 
Mattick, Darcie 85 
Maull, Caroline 100 
Maybury, Michele 85 
Mayes, Martha 96 
Mayfield, Gina 96 
Mayhill, Joni 27 
Mayhill, Julie 27 
Mays, Patricia 83 
McCabe, Mara 142 
McCandless, Lee Ann 100 
McCarthy, Ann Marie 96 
McCarty, Vincent 27 
McCleary, Megan 51 
McClure, Michelle 79 
McConnell, Michele 60 
McCord, Paul 27 
McCormick, Angela 111 
McCoy, Jill 28 
McCuIlough, David 42 
McDonald, Michelle 28 
McDorman, Todd 100 
McElwrath, Sharel 106 
McGee, Sandra 111 
McGinnis, Kathleen 28 
McGlade, Kellie 87 
McGraw, Shannon 28 
McGriff, Pamela 28 
Mcintosh, Rosonia 79 
McKain, Frank 131 
McKenzie, Christina 28 
McKnight, Karen 28 
McNabney, Jim 100 
McPheeters, Domenica 111 
McQuillen, Julia 87 
McVay, Dave 131 
Medlock, Lisa 88 
Mehlhorn, Melissa 111 
Mellen, Karen 111 
Mellinger, Stacia 130 
Melloh, Nick 119 
Menely, Ron 28 
Menne, Scott 28 
Menser, Ken 28, 140 
Menzie, Melissa 28 
Merrell, Jennifer 80 
Merrill, Betsy 28 
Metcalf, Shea 72 
Meyer III, Frank 139 
Meyer, Barbara 28 
Meyer, Kaarina 77 

Meyer, Kevin 101 
Michel, Amy 88 
Michel, Nikki 42 
Miller, Jayne 101 
Miller, Keith 83 
Miller, Krista 28 
Miller, Leslie 124 
Miller, Meg 28 
Miller, Michelle 28, 119 
Miller, Stephen A. 106 
Milligan, Jennifer 86 
Millikan, Jennifer 81 
Minassian, Laura 28 
Minch, Angie 88 
Mings, Scott 28 
Minor, Andy 28 
Mitchell, Chris 131 
Mitchell, Kim 80 
Moehlenkamp, Jeff 101, 

Mohr, Marie 80 
Molina, Deanna 28 
Moll, Lori 29 
Momper, Susie 29, 120 
Montague, Jeff 119 
Montgomery, Caleb 93, 
124, 147 

Montgomery, Lori 77 
Moore, Elizabeth 88 
Moran, Maureen 29 
Morgan, Matt 131 
Morgan, Timiko 106, 147 
Morrical, Marie 111 
Morris, Rebecca 111 
Morrison, Mike 42 
Morse, Holly 29 
Moses, Steve 101 
Moulds, Teri Sue 42 
Muhleman, Kathy 42, 111 
Munoz, Joe 119 
Murphy, Mike 54 
Murphy, Shannon 106 
Murphy, Tara 101 
Murray, Chris 154 
Murray, Gene 119 
Murtha, Kelly 101 
Myers, April 29 


Najm, George 106 
Nance, Richard 115 
Naviaux, Wes 129 
Naylon, Pamela 96 
Neal, Tina 88 
Nehring, Juliette 107 
Nelson, Becca 111 
Nelson, Laura 80 
Nemeth, Thomas 107 
Neper, David 29 
Newbill, Amanda 46 
Newman, Mark 94 
Newsome, Paul 122 

Nice, Brian 101, 104, 105, 

Nicely, Brett 42, 83, 144 
Nicosia, Gina 88 
Nicoson, Kimberly 29 
Nightingale, Chad 119 
Nine, Theodore 29 
Nitka, Karen 83, 128 
Nixon, Nancy 111 
Norrick, Holly 101 
Norris, Daniel 29 
Norris, Lori 77 
Norton, Heather 111 
Norton, Rob 119 
Notestine, Carmen 78 
Novak, Michelle 111 
Nowostawski, Tammy 101 
Nuckols, Holly 29 
Nunemaker, Kristen 29 
Nussbaum, jynene 29 
Nye Jr., Richard 29 


O'Brien, Dean 93 
O'Brien, Erin 29 
O'Fallon, Amy 88 
O'Neill, Eddie 42, 107 
Oberting, David 11 
Ochs, Kyle 119 
Oeffinger, Kristin 29, 140 
Ogrentz, Sue 101 
Oldham, Krista 80 
Olin, Laura 29 
Olin, Michelle 96 
Oliver, Brooke 76 
Oltmanns, Lisa 124 
Orban, Chuck 29, 118, 119 
Orlandi, Jenise 29 
Ormiston, Lisa 29, 44, 45, 

Overpeck, Eric 29 
Owen, Michelle 77 
Owens, Jeffery 83 

Pacey, Wendy 85 
Padgett, Amy 101 
Pajunar, Amy 30 
Pajunar Una 83 
Palmatier, Suzie 30, 78 
Papineau, Jeffery 107 
Paris, Michelle Ann 83 
Parker, Kristi 30 
Parrott, Sandra 111 
Pate, Amy 88 
Patel, Jaimini 30 
Patrick, Robert 154 
Paugh, Lisa 77 
Paul, Ann 111 
Paul, Jane 30 

Index 157 

Pearish, Marcie 95 
Pearson, Lynn 85 
Peck, Stephen 131 
Pecyna, Wendy 112 
Peiver, Kevin 41 
Penn, Christi 42, 85 
Pennington, Cady 101 
Penny, Anne 30, 44, 64, 
141, 147 

Perkins, Dave 119 
Perron, Jerry 94 
Perry, Robin 42 
Peters, Cathy 130 
Peters, Mabel 79 
Peters, Michelle 83 
Peterson, Frederick 83 
Pfaffenberger, Jennifer 107 
Pfaffenberger, Julie 30 
Pfaffmann, Amy 80 
Phillips, Emily 85 
Phillips, Jamie 119 
Phillips, Jennifer 30 
Phillips, Mark 119 
Phillips, Michele 30 
Phillips, Todd 92 
Pianto, Jerry 30, 118, 119 
Pickett, Kathy 77 
Pickett, Mark 42 
Pierce, Bryana 30 
Pierce, Stacey 112 
Pierson, Joel 129 
Pipkin, Sabaea 107 
Pixey, Casey 42 
Pixey, Cassandra 112 
Planker, Jennifer 88 
Pless, Nikki 96 
Plunckett, Brad 35 
Podmore, Emily 30 
Poi, Laura 30 
Polk, Herman 107 
Polman, Mary 30 
Ponsot, Melinda 88 
Poor, Richard 42 
Pope, Denise 30 
Popechik, Stacy 80, 128 
Posega, Christine 101 
Posey, Crystal 112 
Povinelli, Ronald 40, 94 
Pozsgai, Linda 42 
Prasse, Jane 107 
Presley, Amy 85 
Preston, Dale 42, 43, 73 
Pribe, Jennifer 96 
Priest, Kyle 131 
Pritchard, Brian 119 
Pryor, Kammie 107 
Pullum, Angela 96 
Purmort, Marie 101 


Quick, Jeffery 60, 101 
Quinlan, Jennifer 77 
Quinn, Jennifer 101 

158 Index 

Radcliff, Richard 61, 46 
Rains, Susanna 76, 77 
Rambis, Gerri 101, 147 
Ramey, Melissa 122 
Ramos, Haydee 138 
Ramsey, Michelle 30 
Rand, Christina 101 
Rashevich, Steve 119 
Rathburn, Julie 101 
Ray, Jason 131 
Ray, Lori 30, 147 
Rayls, Katrina 30 
Reber, Kim 6, 77 
Reece, Thomas 30 
Reed, Gina 79 
Reedy, David 30 
Reese, Luke 59 
Reeves, Lisa 79 
Rehling, Todd 118 
Reidel, Randy 31, 42 
Reidy, Johanna 31 
Reiff, Ralph 119 
Reliford, Katara 127 
Relitz, Jacquelyn 83 
Reller, Amy 31 
Renz, Christine 31 
Rettig, Tracy 107 
Reverman, Matt 92 
Rexwinkel, Jill 112 
Reynolds, Jeffrey 93 
Reynolds, Leslie 42, 85 
Rhoades, Gena 90 
Rhodes, Dana 112, 147 
Rhymes, LaSalle 42 
Rice, Perry 31 

Richard, Christopher 44, 58 
Richards, Kandi 107 
Richey, Travis 101, 132 
Richmond, Anne-Marie 88 
Richter, Jon 50 
Richwine, Julie 83 
Rickel, Stephen 31 
Riebe, Laura 31 
Riester, Laurie 80 
Riggins, David 31, 38, 119 
Riley, Martha 112 
Ringer, Bernard 119 
Ringer, Debbie 31, 139 
Ritterskamp, David 42, 43 
Robins, Jennifer 31 
Robertson, Ronda 102 
Robinson, Patricia 31 
Robinson, Tymika 112 
Rockstrom, Ingrid 70, 112 
Rode, Chris 31 
Rodgers, David 42 
Rodgers, Jennifer 31 
Rodgers, Kathleen 42 
Rodnick, Stephanie 3, 42 
Roeder, Jim 119 
Roehling, Michael 31 
Roehling, Todd 119 

Roembke, Ron 119 
Rogers, Kathleen 31 
Rogers, Kristina 147 
Rohlfing, Amy 90 
Romanowski, Paul 119 
Rosa, Jennifer 96 
Roscoe, Mike 131 
Rose, Steve 102 
Rosen, Jennifer 80 
Rowlen, Beth 31 
Roxwinkle, Jill 124 
Rudolph, Kristin 96 
Ruiz, Edward 94 
Rumbaugh, Steve 115 
Runge, Kristin 80, 122, 123 
Rushnok, Rebecca 31 
Rushton, Ronda 51 
Russell, Pat 17 
Russell, Tim 119 
Rust, Wendy 77, 91 
Ryser, Dave 127 

Sacha, Greg 102 
Samaniego, Shane 59 
Samojlowicz, Laura 90 
Sandberg, Marc 119 
Sander, Angela 102 
Sanders, Devin 119 
Sanders, Laura 31 
Sandlin, Amy 31 
Saraogi, Mudit 32 
Saruii. lunita 112 

Sasveld, Karen 85 
Sattazhan, Marc 32 
Scannel, Kris 96 
Schaadt, Lisa 112 
Schaefer, Sarah 102 
Schaeffer, Todd 119 
Schamp, Aaron 94 
Schaus, Kevin 92 
Scheetz, Traci 112 
Scheidt, Melissa Jo 102 
Schelle, Katie 46 
Schiemann, Jennifer 80 
Schitter, Jama 120 
Scbmttt, Amy 39, 42 
Schmuck, Alicia 80 
Schneider, Tom 107 
Schofield, Crystal 32 
Schoo, Steve 102 
Schroeder, Lori 32 
Schrope, Kathy 96, 112 
Schuckman, Beth 32 
Schuld, Heather 102 
Schuler, Mike 119 
Schultz, Frederick 115 
Scott, Deanna 42 
Scott, Julie 32 
Scott, Mario 90 
Scott, Rachel 80 
Scott, Stacy 102 
Seal, Mary 32, 128 
Seawright, Tara 79 
Seibert, Deborah 83 
Seibert, Katrina 32 
Servais, Carol 32 
Sexton, Kevin 113 

Freshman Luis Jimenez has the best 
singles record going into confer- 

ence winning 13 of his matches 
and losing 6. 

Shaefer, Sandra 32 
Shallenberger, Tawnee 80 
Shaneyfelt, Angela 112 
Shannon, Nick 119 
Shapiro, Jennifer 89 
Sharpe, Julie 85 
Shelton, Derek 119 
Shipp, Cheryl 112 
Shirey, Dan 119 
Shomber, Kevin 32 
Shoup, John 127 
Shurman, Tom 93 
Shutters, Amy 61 
Silverstein, Deborah 102 
Simmons, Ralston 32, 139 
Simon, Allison 102 
Simon, Jonathon 131 
Simon, Noah 44 
Skibba, Margaret 102, 122 
Slater, Kathy 42 
Sleeting, Jennifer 113 
Smith, Amy 130 
Smith, Catherine 102 
Smith, James 46 
Smith, Katherine 102 
Smith, Moira 59, 102 
Snell, Brian 107 
Snodgrass, Teresa 42, 43 
Snyder, Kevin 42 
Sommers, Dawn 85 
Sorg, Karen 103 
Sowers, Will 107 
Speicher, Dawn 80 
Speicher, Melissa 32 
Spiher, Nancy 32 
Spitler, Elizabeth 80 
Sporeitzer, Amy 103 
Springer, Dennis 119 
Spruitenburg, Susan 77 
Spurgeon, Robert 93 
Sroufe, Sarah 88 
Stafford, Jennifer 32, 38 
Stahl, Jason 119 
Stanley, Amy 32 
Stante, Julie 32, 83 
Stavitzke, Dawn 103 
Steely, Brad 119 
Stein, Rita 88 

Stein-Simmonds, Brenda Jo 

Steiner, Michel 107 
Steinman, Wendy 32 
Stergiopoulos, Maria 90 
Sterk, Sara 107 
Stettler, Jennifer 113 
Stevenson, Darren 32 
Stevenson, Virginia 113 
Stewart, Weylin 119 
Stiller, Teresa 33 
Stock, Neal 33 
Stone, Robert 33 
Stoops, Suzanne 33 
Storey, Elesha 79 
Stout, Tamara 33 

Stowers, Melvin 33, 42 
Streight, Lisa 33 
Stubbs, Dwayne 119 
Stubbs, Kate 33 
Stuckey, Trent 132 
Stutzman, Kari 103 
Suh, Leslie 33 
Summer, Schamp 94 
Sussman, Scott 51 
Sutkowski, Edward G. 127, 

Svetanoff, Joe 92 
Swain, Bethany 113 
Swan, Tim 129 
Sweeney, Jim 122 
Sweeney, Tim 64, 107 
Syrcle, Allison 108, 113 
Szabo, Dawn 33 
Szydlowski, Janet 33 

Tabaka, Elizabeth 113 
Tabben, Renee 64 
Tadel, Michael 139 
Tanner, Evan 94 
Taylor III, Lawrence 33 
Taylor, Curtis 92, 129 
Taylor, Jessica 130 
Taylor, John 127 
Taylor, Tasha 79 
Teeters, Laurie 100, 103 
Templin, Brock 117 
Terry, Delmar 103, 119 
Teske, Stacy 107 
Thais, Brenda 33 
Thomas, Aimee 33 
Thomas, Kimberly 90 
Thomas, Kristina 33 
Thomas, Mandy 42 
Thomas, Wendi 79 
Thompson, Kerry 33 
Thomson, Tracy 103, 122 
Thorvic, Anne 42 
Thuma, Jennifer 103 
Thurow, Faith 33 
Tichenor, Elizabeth 33 
Tilley, Keri 113 
Tilton, Dee 33 
Todd, Tara 33, 48, 78, 88 
Tomlin, Michael 34 
Tompkins, Lynn 103 
Trospen III, James 92 
Trouillot, Emanuele 34, 141 
Trull, Anna 89 
Tucker, Julie 103 
Twomey, Maureen 113 

Underwood, Eric 34, 129 
Underwood, Theodore 34 
Urakawa, Ken 131 

Van Kula, Chris 122 

Van Metre, Amy 85 

Van Ness, Sam 44, 45, 64 

Vanwynsberghe, Denise 


Verkuilen, Dale 103 

Vermilion, Aaron 119 

Von Dielingen, Julie 124, 


Voris, Carmen 80 

Voss, David 34 

Voss, Eric 118, 119 



Ugo, Mark 93 

Wade, Suzanne 141 
Wagner, Dawn 34 
Wahl, Stephanie 34 
Walker, Jamaine 103 
Walker, Kelli 34 
Walker, Michele 34 
Walker, Tim 119 
Wallace, Patty 34, 42 
Walsh, Linda 34 
Walsh, Terri 34 
Walther, John 34 
Wand, Cynthia 34 
Ward, Brad 92 
Ward, Christy 34, 130 
Ward, Chuck 119 
Ward, James 154 
Warfel, Robert 107 
Warfield, Cami 113 
Wargo, Mark 34 
Warren, Gayle 34 
Warwick, Michelle 124 
Washington, Raquel 34, 79 
Watson, Sara 122 
Wayt, Renee 103, 130 
Webb, Matt 54 
Webb, Rhonda 85 
Webdell, Troy 42 
Weber, Melissa 103 
Wedekind, Cynthia 113 
Weeks, Gregory 18, 34 
Weiger, Scott 131 
Weis, Cristie 83 
Weisiger, Will 119 
Welch, Julie 103 
Wessar, Vance 129 
West, Gina 77, 146, 147 
Westmeyer, Tracey 34 
Wheeler, Kristin 35 
Wheeler, Nancy 77 
White, Ron 119 

Whorwell, Kimberly 35 
Wible, Jennifer 113 
Wilcher, Michaele 35, 141 
Williams, Alice 35, 44, 45, 

Willig, Daniel 35 
Wilmont, Paul 83 
Wilms, Todd 35 
Wilson, Annette 80 
Wilson, Brian 83 
Wilson, Mike 127 
Wilson, Monica 103 
Wince, Yvonne 35 
Wing, Andrew 115 
Wingo, Jo 83 
Winzeler, Stephanie 113 
Witmer, Tim 24, 119 
Witte, Michelle 113 
Witter, Courtney 46 
Wolf, Mark 115 
Wolf, Matthew 107 
Wolfe, Leah 59 
Wolfe, Leslie 113 
Wolfgang, Daphne 103 
Wollert, Edwin 35 
Woodring, Bob 119 
Word, Alesha 42 
Workman, Anissa 90 
Workman, Laura 13, 128 
Wyatt, Kathy 35 

Yancich, Julie 53, 108 
Young, Andrew 119 
Young, Michelle 103 
Young, Stevie 80 
Young, Suzanne 35 

Zang, Mary 113 
Zbell, Jeff 92 
Zeigler, James 92, 129 
Zetzl, Steve 94 
Zimmerman, Diane 114 
Zver, Julie 88 

Index 159 




Did you Know 

Throughout the year the fate of the Speech 
Pathology Department was debated? The 
speech lab helped several students and com- 
munity members with speech problems, as 
shown by this photo of a speech major teach- 
ing a local boy. However, some administra- 

tors felt that the program was unnecessary 
for Butler. The debate was not settled by the 
end of the school year. This issue is just one 
example of the many changes that the school 
and the students went through as they tried 
to discover what was TOTALLY ESSENTIAL. 

160 Closing 

REF LD701.B85 D7422 1991 

The Drift / 


D UflO OmilflD S